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  • IM Nano 16 Nuvo Aquarium

Nano 16 Nuvo Aquarium
Innovative Marine

  • Absolute Junk By Nitzanah on 11/22/2014

    My tank made it 4 months before it too sprung a leak. My initial review was, obviously, before this happened. I called the local fish store where i bought it and the owner told me that his rep at InnovativeMarine told him they were AWARE of a defect that was causing these tanks to leak! Fortunately I caught my leak in time but not before it drained over 2 gallons of salt water onto my carpet. My LFS replaced the tank with the IM20 and so far it's good.

    Bottom line: DO NOT BUY THIS TANK. IM knows the 16gallon seamless tanks leak yet they're still selling them.
  • sweet tank By jim on 9/3/2014

    Had it up for a year now. Family loves it
  • Great Beginner Nano Tank! By Nitzanah on 8/27/2014

    I've had my tank setup for about three months and it's running great. It's small enough to fit on my dresser yet big enough to have a nano reef. Maintenance is easy. The filter sponges are easy and inexpensive to replace and the back overflow is designed to hold your heater and protein skimmer so they're out of sight.

    Not sure why the other reviewer's tank cracked but mine is doing great and I love it! The only few cons I have are the lid which is glass so using an autofeeder means leaving the lid off or buying a new screen lid and the pump gets loud when the overfow is low
  • Garbage By Erick on 7/30/2014

    Cracked and dumped contents all over my floor 3 months in.

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