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Hydor Smart Level Controller Auto Top Off

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  • Hydor Smart Level Controller

Hydor Smart Level Controller Auto Top Off

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  • Great ATO By James on 3/23/2015

    I decided to go with this one over making my own and i am very happy with it. The only thing to be aware of is that when you turn it on after doing maintenance it will still give high water alarm for a few seconds to a minute as the temp of the sensor normalizes so that it accurately senses water level is lower than the alarm level. Give it time and alarm will stop.
    There is a switch on the unit so you can turn it off when needed with out having to unplug it.
    Also I use it with a dosing pump so it fills slow and have the sensor in my return chamber so it is only about a 1/4 gallon between the two min/max sensors to help with stablitiy.
  • Not the best auto-top-off on the market. By Luke on 3/10/2015

    The hydor smart level controller is something I bought out of necessity when my Tunze ATO stopped functioning properly. I don't particularly like Hydor because most of their products seem big and clunky like the Koralia Wave Maker for example.
    One major design flaw I noticed with this ATO is that the power cord on water level sensor is positioned horizontally. The problem with this is that when you run the wire up and over your sump it has a tendency to pivot the sensor 90 degrees so that all three water sensors are facing down, thus becoming ineffective at measuring the waters level. I had to zip-tie the chord to the sump using a stick-on bracket so the sensor wouldn't pivot.
    The second problem I had with this ATO, which many others have, is the alarm function. While it is nice to have an alarm to warn you when the sump is too full, I thought it was rather annoying whenever I did a water change or other maintenance. Usually when I do a water change I am not exact on replacing the water volume, usually 1/2 to 1/4 of a gallon off. When I filled the tank with this much extra water my ATO would alarm me for hours until that much water evaporated. I would end up unplugging the ATO until the water was below the sensor.
    Overall I think Hydor could make some easy adjustments to improve this product.
  • Love it - hope this one lasts By bigtang1 on 3/8/2015

    Does a great job My only issue is that this is my second one I bought one as soon as they were released and it failed recently I bought another one but if this one goes I'll move on
  • Simple and efective By James on 2/19/2015

    I have mine connected to a 55 gal. reef tank. I have a canister filter so the sensor is in the tank. I adjusted water flow from the top up tank with a ball valve so as to give the sensor more time to detect temperature change. Right now the pump turns off when the water reaches half way up the max level sensor there by giving me added distance from the alarm sensor so as not to cause a false alarm from wave action.
  • Love it By David on 2/10/2015

    An accurate ATO. What I like about this product is that if it is left in the "on" position for more than a couple of minutes it will beep. A great fail-safe addition!
  • Great product By Eric on 2/8/2015

    This is my first ATO after using an unreliable gravity drip system for the past 10 years. Easy to set up and operate. Love not having to worry about float switches sticking. I am using the Tom Aqua Lifter pump which provides the perfect flow rate and quiet operation. The only complaint I have is that the volume of water between the low and high point sensors is on the high side in my current un-baffled sump. My new sump, that is under construction, has a smaller return pump chamber and will fluctuate volume faster thus keeping salinity more constant.
  • Works like as advertised. No problems. By Ron on 1/27/2015

    Using the Hydor to top-off my sump from a small bucket that is sourced from my ro/di system, Using a float valve to control the ro/di input to the bucket adjacent to the sump
  • Great sock By Jordan on 1/19/2015

    This was my first automated addition to my tank, and works great. Setting up took only a few minutest and has been very reliable. Adjustments are easy and I plan on adding one to my other tanks.
  • Love it mostly By Dennis on 12/29/2014

    I got this because I needed something that didn't have a mechanical switch that constantly went off and on (I hate noises). This is great because it waits til it drops to a certain level, then pumps in water until it reaches another level. The only issue I have is there is a min. pump time that has to run and since my evaporation compartment in my sump is small, it constantly reaches the third sensor which sets off an audible alarm... I may just disconnect the speaker but other than that I love it. Not really a design flaw, if you have a big enough evap compartment you will be fine, mine is just small. It would be nice if it didn't have a min pump time however.
  • A+ By Fred on 12/13/2014

    Great product. best design on the market. Low profile,sleek designand highly efficient. I had been searching for an ATO and hated float switches and bulky sensors. As soon as i saw this, i jumped on it. Glad i Did! works flawlessly.

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