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AFS Automatic Feeding System - Neptune Systems

SKU: 207979

  • Not bad! By SL on 8/13/2014

    I used the included rubber feet to place this on top of my canopy with the drop chute positioned over a canopy vent. After fiddling with placement so the food drops where I want, I marked the correct spot with some blue painter's tape. This makes it easy to check the amount of food left as well replenish the food bin.

    - Super easy to program from the Apex
    - Can coordinate feeding with other activity in the tank (eg. turn off/down water flow)
    - Dead simple installation (one aquabus cable)
    - No batteries!
    - My Anthiases have never been happier!

    - Much noisier than I expected
    - Lots of mounting options, but none really worked well inside my Marineland canopy. Works great up on top, though.
  • Apex can do better By Jt on 8/1/2014

    Like others have mentioned, easy to instal and program. My problem is you must remove the entire feeder to remove the food housing. If you do not and try to pull the housing out, the top comes off and any food inside falls into the tank. Also this feeder is very loud. I've used the eheim feeder before and the sound difference is huge. I still stand behind the apex aqua controller as there is none better. The feeder just needs a little work. I was hoping it was just an auger that turns to move the food forward and drop out of the bottom. that would work for pellets, flakes, and plankton with more accuracy.
  • good By Josh on 7/13/2014

    Nice to have when going out of town. Works flawlessly. Another great product from neptune
  • Unit stopped working, front fell off and dumped all food By Jmardis on 6/24/2014

    This feeder was easy to hook up and program. After three months unit stopped working and would not run even with the power light on. The USB port looks to be rusted out. I do not think cheap USB connectors are meant to be above a saltwater tank.

    While trying to trouble shoot no feed problem the front cover fell off and all the food dumped in my tank. The fish loved it my corals not going to like it for sure.

    This unit was great when new but needs an improvement for the connector to avoid rusting.
  • Be careful By Jaws on 6/3/2014

    The unit seems to do what is advertised to do. The programing was pretty easy and didn't take much time. I did exactly what someone said below though. I was trying to adjust the amount of food that falls and the cover accidently fell off and dumped the whole barrel of food into the tank. Wasn't fun getting all that food out of the tank the night before I was going on a trip. My advice there would be to make sure you take it off the tank before trying to fill or adjust, otherwise you end up with a mess. It is also noisy, but not sure why that upsets people because its short lived, cranks the food out then it stops. The amount of food adjustment could be better. I too have a 29 gallon and the lowest setting is finicky at best. Sometimes it drops just a few pieces and other times it drops the correct amount. If I bump it up 1 setting it puts way too much in. Other than that it shuts everything down, feeds, then starts everything back up in the correct time delay (that's using the apex controller).
  • Excellent addition By Gregory on 5/30/2014

    I am super happy with my AFS. It was a breeze to program and integrate into my existing Apex system. It took me a few days to get the amount of food per rotation just right but with a little trial and error I'm happy. A big shout out to Neptune Systems for releasing another great product!
  • Not has Good As I would expect! By Dansbak on 5/10/2014

    I would not recommend this feeder to a friend. It is very difficult to set up a program if you want to setup a delay feed. A delay feed of 2 minutes would allow the main tank overflow to stabilize so the food would not go over the overflow into the sump. It makes a loud noise as the auger comes out and rotates. The front cover is very flimsy and cheaply made. The front cover will come off if you are not careful and dump all the food in the drum out in your tank. One design flaw is you cannot adjust the amount of food dispensed without pulling the food drum out. I do not expect this feeder to last very long because of the orange wedge connector that holds the food drum in place. I foresee problems with it in the future. This was a waste of my money for the price. I expected a better product from Neptune Systems. I could have build a DIY feeder just as good for less money and I plan to! On a positive note, the food does keep dry and does not clump like other automatic feeders. I do like the fact it is integrated into the Apex webpage for manual feeding.
  • Love these feeders By Brandon on 4/1/2014

    I waited months to get this product and the wait was worth it. I no longer stress that my neighbors may forget to feed or even over feed my tank. Also, it was previously stated that these feeders are loud, I don't think they are any louder then other feeders I've tried.
  • LOVE IT!!! By Dr. Chad on 2/7/2014

    Just like everything else for the Apex... Seamless integration! That is assuming that you understand and grasp how to fully program your apex. I was able to set up virtual outlets and have it running in 15 minutes! The supplied food seems to be going over very well too! I might have to pick up some extra!

    My only complaint, as said by one of the other reviews; it is very LOUD!!! It gets the job done, but I can hear it from my living room which is on the other side of the house!

    It's so great to have another piece added to the automation puzzle!
  • Well worth it! By Juan on 2/6/2014

    Easy set up! I no longer have to rely on someone to feed my fish when I'm away. The noise doesn't bother me. I have it inside my canopy so it isn't bad, plus I set it up to feed when no one is around the tank or to busy to notice it working.

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