AFS Automatic Feeding System - Neptune Systems

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AFS Automatic Feeding System - Neptune Systems

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  • Dumps Food; Noisy; Inconsistent By Kurt on 1/30/2016

    I have just about every Apex product they make and love them all.


    The feeder is an epic fail. The lid is so difficult to pop off that dumps some to all the food on the floor or in the tank 75% of the time; even when disconnecting and being as carful as possible.

    It's unnecessarily noisy - as if Apex added noise ok purpose.

    The food dispensing is inconsistent at best.

    Worst design ever. I wish I could return it.
  • feeds inconsistently. buggy software. By Kram on 1/26/2016

    I hope nobody is naive enough to put this right on their tank. I recommend testing it over a bowl or something first. If you do that, you will find that it has up to 800% of error. Said differently, you'll see anywhere from 1/4 the food you expect it to output, to 4 times more than you expect. Hence 800% variation. Then when you look at how it is designed, you'll understand why. There must be better designs out there. Hopefully Neptune comes up with something better. So make sure you take that into account when designing your feeding schedule. It is really tough though since you don't know what you are going to get.

    Secondly, the feeder is buggy. If you configure your schedule to start feeding at midnight, it will freeze the feeder forever and it will never feed. After spending over an hour each night for a couple days with Neptune tech support, I learned about this bug.

    Note: I was happy that Neptune answered my question, but note that it was very very hard for me to get answer from them. I wouldn't have gotten an answer if I wasn't persistent. They kept keep giving me the run around and wouldn't answer my question, which was..... "why won't my feeder work. What am I doing wrong? Or what is wrong with code that was auto generated by their tool (Fusion)." It wasn't until I asked to talk to an engineer many many times that the Tech Support Manager put me on hold for another 30 mins and came back with an answer from engineering. And note that he said previously he already talked to an engineering about this. Now that I know what the issue was, I'm fairly confident that nobody even looked at the code that was generated. If they had, they would have found it in the first 5 mins of the phone call, which would have saved me and Neptune systems man hours of time.

    So in a nutshell, my experience so far has not been good. So please take this info and do as you please. Hope this helps.
  • Waste of money By Larry on 11/30/2015

    Didn't work out of the box. Had to send it back to factory. Have not received it back yet. Hoping it works this time. Given another chance would certainly chose a stand alone feeder.
  • feeds is LOUD! By Stumpedin06 on 11/14/2015

    easily set up to the apex base unit, filling food cup is cumbersome but not rocket science.Food dispenses good.
    It is very loud but only feeds twice a day so not a deal breaker.
  • Catastrophe waiting to happen By CJ on 11/2/2015

    Added food, installed the feeder, tested it, and noticed that I needed to adjust the amount of food coming out. Went to remove the food cartridge but only the lid popped off, and I ended up dumping the entire thing into the tank. There is no way they tested this design prior to shipping. I just ended up spending the entire day mixing water and cleaning the spill. Seriously flawed design: Do not buy.
  • Great but not perfect By MJ on 10/19/2015

    As others have mentioned there is some room for improvement such as the adjustment of the amount dispensed, removing and refilling, and lack of monitoring of food level. But it integrates well into the Apex system and does what it says it will (feed fish automatically). The noise isn't that big of deal and really not that loud, but I could see some concerns for people that were trying to have a dead silent tank all of the time.
  • Does the job, but not perfect By bl95 on 9/24/2015

    The fact that this feeder can be programmed with the Apex unit is the biggest plus for this unit. As other users have said, it is fairly easy to dump food in the tank when removing the food compartment for refill or adjustment. Need a better mechanism for regulating amount of food dispensed as well. Pretty easy to overfeed small pellet food.
  • ok By mquinn1 on 8/24/2015

    The product is ok nothing special needs a sensor to montor food levels and an electronic way to adjust food amounts
  • Great product!! Easy to setup and configure By Kenneth on 8/18/2015

    I love this product!! Was easy to configure out of the box. I am no longer worried when I travel with work. You do have to becarefull when removing to add food as it is easy to pull front off and dump the remaining food into the tank by accident. I typically hold a plate under the feeder when removing the hopper. Would have gave it a 5 star rating if it had a latch to keep top on.
  • It does the job... By Patrick on 7/15/2015

    It is loud the first time I heard it I got scared because I thought it was breaking. The sound really isn't an issue for me it's not like it runs for hours at a time it takes about 2 mins to feed and it is done. I can handle 2 mins of noise. I really like that it turns off the pumps and feeds and gives me the option of two feedings and adding as much food as I need. It truly is a great product for vacations and if you just don't feel like feeding the fish. I use it mainly for vacations or when I run out of mysti shrimp.

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