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Kessil A360N / A360W Controllable Aquarium LED Light
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  • Kessil A360N / A360W Controllable Aquarium LED Light

Kessil A360N / A360W-E Controllable LED Aquarium Light

  • Kessil Delivers By Jordan on 4/13/14

    It's been about a month since I've switched from T5s to the Kessil A360W-E. The corals that I've noticed doing much better under the Kessils are those located closer to the sandbed which is most likely due to the increased light penetration. The clarity of the water seems better, the shadowing from fishing swimming over rocks and corals is very neat (which doesn't happen on T5s), and the shimming is great. I've read some reviews on other sites about there being too much shimmer, however that is only relative to the amount of surface agitation your tank has and can easily be toned down by not aiming your powerheads right at the surface.

    It seems like one of the main complaints is the lack of control when compared to some other higher end LEDs. However, when purchasing this light you should know beforehand what you are going to get with this light if you read the descriptions. So for what Kessil states about the functioning, durability, and effectiveness of this light, they knock this one right out of the park.
  • A360W-E is perfect for a Biocube By Andrew on 4/11/14

    The A360W-E is a perfect fit for my Biocube 29. The lighting is awesome and works just as I hoped with the Apex
  • Great Lights By KEITH on 4/9/14

    My wife purchased two of the 360WES lights for me and they do a spectacular job of bringing out colors of Crals and fish.
  • Very happy! By Michelle on 3/28/14

    I switched out my Hydras for the Kessil 360W's and couldn't be happier. I am running 4 over my 135 long and it is MORE than enough. (probably a little overkill)
  • great product! By reef geek on 3/14/14

    i just purchased these lights about two weeks ago and my corals are loving it and have really became very vibrant colored and have almost doubled in size on some of my small frags already plus all the local fish stores that i go to is the main light that they run!!!
  • Beautiful Lights By Kristoffer on 3/4/14

    I put two of these on my 75 gallon reef and they look unbelievable. I also have them connected to my Neptune apex jr and I have ramping ability and weather abilities. These are the best LED lights for the money.
  • Great Shimmer By rboutin on 12/27/13

    I've had this light for about a month now. It's an upgrade from another LED fixture. The shimmer on this light is very natural. I love having shadows from my fish as well. One thing I wish Kessil would come out with is a battery backup. Other then that I am very happy with his light and so are my fish and corals. The colors of some of my corals have come out even more with this high quality fixture. So glad I finally purchased it.
    I have one fixture over my 29 gallon cube.
  • overall By Robert on 12/19/13

    Good quality and are easy to use. They really give the tank a high def look with shadows from the fish above and caves. The colors popped on the corals and noticed them growing fuller
  • Excellent Light, Bright, and Glimmers like a Champ By Micah O on 12/17/13

    I went from running 3 250W Halides to 3 A360 Wide's over my 225 Tank and myself and my coral couldn't be happier. The color options are excellent and hooking it up to my Neptune Apex was simple plug and play (programing the lights were another story but that's more a Neptune thing then Kessil thing).

    I would advise not using the hooks the Kessil comes with. A little bump of the light would knock it off and into your tank. I used a closed eye screw and just opened the eye up a bit with some pliers to allow a small stainless steel chain I used to hang the Kessil through.

    My only real beaf with the Kessil A360 is that you can only go as low as 14% intensity before the lights just shut off. So if you have any hope to also use these as a moon light, forget about it. 14% is way to bright for that.
  • Best Full Spectrum LED By Brad on 11/17/13

    Coming from T5 and then 2 colour LED strips, I am amazed by this lights output. The shimmer is amazing, the most realistic you will find anywhere. The installation was easy, with the Gooseneck. The tuning of Spectrum and Dimming is very easy. I plan on controlling the A360W with the Neptune Apex and can't wait to share my experience.

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