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  • Kessil Shimmer Effect

Kessil A350 / A350W LED Aquarium Light

  • Awesome By AJChurch on 12/18/13

    I have been using this light for about a month now. I love the color blending aspect of the Kessil's. I also have a A150W sky blue and love it too. the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is why does the controlled version cost a whole extra 100 dollars. that is just unneeded. other than that love the light.
  • Awesome Light! By Greg on 12/4/13

    I have had 2 A 350w's on my tank for a year now and I LOVE them! As time goes by and the more tanks I see (in person), the more I like them too. I have many SPS pieces in my tank and all are doing just fine including a green bali slimer, ORA Purple Stylophora, ORA Ponape Birdnest, Green birdsnest, and much more. Great light with perfect color!

    Again, the more tanks I see in person, the happier I am about this light because of the way my corals look in comparison to others.
  • Many Pros, Many Cons By jwestwood on 11/7/13

    I researched long and hard before purchasing 3 of the 350W's for my 155 gallon 6' reef. Compared to the price of Radions and other high end LED's, these seemed like a better deal. In hindsight, I would have chosen different lights for my set-up but this is not to say they are bad.

    1) The best feature is the shimmer effect. No other LED comes close to the Kessil shimmer, even better then HQI's. One caveat that I learned is that if you use a glass or acrylic lid, the drops of water gather on the bottom and greatly reduces the effect. I cut holes in my acrylic lid (6" x 8") under the kessils and the shimmer is back.

    2) Great coverage. No other LED provides this uniformity in light due to the ultra-wide lense. No dark shadows, except under corals/rocks.

    3) Great color. The blues and whites produce a great color that I would say is close to 15K. It would be nice to have the extra power to add a boost of blue.

    1) The biggest drawback is the intensity. Yes they are bright, but I learned that 3 350w's would NOT be enough light to support most SPS corals. LPS & softies are fine, but I would need at least one more 350w to achieve this. Frankly, I would rather have bought 3 Radions for the $1600. They are NOT equal to a 400 watt halide. To me, they are just under a 250 watt. I have no choice but to run them at 100% power which may shorten their live span. I contacted Kessil prior to ordering and they claimed that 3 350's over 6' of water would be sufficient. They were correct in terms of the visual coverage but as stated, the intensity is quite lacking. I am supplementing with 2 Par38 bulbs.

    2) No mounting hardware included. I mounted mine to the ceiling (I have a fish room) and it wasn't a big deal but Kessil could have included a mounting kit costing them only pennies. The outdoor hanging plant chains from Wal-mart work well.

    3) No mounting possibilities on power supplies: I wanted to mount these on the wall but no holes, hooks, are included. I had to mount/build a panel on the wall, drill holes in it, install zip-ties, and then zip-tie the cords to the wall- what a pain.

    These lights will work well for certain tanks but if you want to keep SPS, you will need either the 350's or multiple 350w's placed closely togethor.Don't plan on keeping SPS in a 24" long tank with one of these. Yes they cover the area, but the PAR is quite low. These are nice lights but aside from the shimmer effect, don't provide anything magical to your tank unless purchasing several.
  • one word AWESOME By Cory on 10/18/13

    I absolutely love these lights. I have two of them on a 90G reef with the gooseneck mounts. I own another LED light that is popular and very controllable, I use it as an accent light now (moonlight). After comparing the two I think the quality of the light produced by the Kessil is visibly better than the other. The Kessil's are powerful and clear, I was shocked at how much light they put out for their size. The shimmer effect that you hear about with Kessil's is not just marketing mumbo jumbo, the shimmer is amazing. The fact that my wife noticed the shimmer was huge. The 350 is not controllable, but I have my on a Reefkeeper to go on and off at set times. My other LED is controllable and to be honest it was cool to play with, but in the end on and off works just fine for my fish and corals and I personally tend to set the color spectrum and leave it. My fiddling with the controllable LED led to good and bad days for my corals.
  • Fantastic Light By Stazitto on 9/20/13

    I have had the Kessil A350W since January of 2013 and could not be happier with the LED. I have one of these hanging over my 57 rimless and can't wait to purchase another. I have successfully grown a large assortment of LPS and SPS corals under this light and have a red bubble tip anemone who is doing great as well. As for looks these lights are very sleek and looks great hanging from the ceiling where I mounted it. The only reason I gave this light a 4 out of 5 was controllability, and although it would be a nice feature, it is not a must. You and your live stock will be very happy with your purchase.

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