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Kessil A150 LED Aquarium Light

Kessil A150 LED Aquarium Light - Available in four models
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  • Kessil A150 LED Aquarium Light - Available in four models
  • Kessil Shimmer Effect
  • Kessil A150 LED Color Spectrums

Kessil A150 LED Aquarium Light

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Deep Ocean Blue - Actinic
SKU: 207963
Earn 224 Reward Points
Ocean Blue - 15000K*
SKU: 207962
Earn 224 Reward Points
Sky Blue - 10000K*
SKU: 207961
Earn 224 Reward Points
Amazon Sun - 6700K*
SKU: 207964
Earn 224 Reward Points
  • Just What I needed By Dion on 12/14/2014

    I got the Ocean blue for my BC29 during the BRS Black Friday sale. I had just restarted my nano and I did not what to put the old hood and PC lights back on. When looking for a good LED replacement, I compared Kessil, AI and Ecotech. I chose to buy the Keesil almost immediately because of the sale. Although not dimmable, like the 160, the 150 looks great in my tank. It's actually not as blue as some have said, so if you like it blue go deep ocean blue. I have no corals yet but my cinnamon clown who was in a 6 bulb Ati t5 is hiding from this new Kessil. The shimmer is insane. If you don't need to dim your light and you can get this for a good price, go for it.
  • Awesome By Jason on 12/8/2014

    I received my Amazon sun model a little over a week ago and let me say this light is great. I put it on my refugium and my cheato and caulerpa are growing like crazy. I believe that they have nearly doubled in size in a matter of a week dropping my nitrate and phosphate considerably. Its an expensive option for a fuge light but its working out great so far and i'm really happy about it.
  • great light By mike on 10/24/2014

    Have had the ocean blue a150w on a biochemical 29 for a while and the colors and shimmer are amazing. The best part about the light is the growth of my corals. softies, LPS and sps all doing great and colors pop
  • Overprice and lasts just past warranty By Drew on 6/7/2014

    This product has stunning reviews but they will find out it is a consumer item that will last just past warranty, followed by lip service customer service.

    They really just wanted sell me another one. Return has been sitting in California for two week with bla blah blah coming back from them and no lamp. I canceled replacement and putting 10 year old sunpod in garage back in use.

    BRS usually has excellent products to pick from. This is not one of them. Kessil needs to find another customer!!!!
  • Update amazon sun By Robert on 3/9/2014

    After 3 months switched from planted tank to 30 gallon reef tank, looks amazing, still super quiet, i wont buy any lights but kessil from now on
  • Awesome By Will on 3/4/2014

    Bought a pair of the ocean blues for my 55G and they're awesome. I'm switching from a T5 fixture and metal halid/cheap experiment and its worlds better. The shimmer is perfect. Highly recommend!!
  • Amazing Light By Kristopher on 3/3/2014

    I changed my biocube from the standard lights to a rimless version with the Kessil Sky Blue with a gooseneck. The light is amazing, easy to install, and looks sleek and runs super quiet. My wife even commented that the light made the tank look "less like a salty crusty thing" and more like "a sophisticated piece that looks like it belongs in here". I highly recommend, my corals showed greater polyp extension even after only an hour under the lights.
  • Good Bang For Your Buck By Justin on 2/6/2014

    I have JUST ONE of these over a 29 gallon reef with soft and lps corals that THRIVE! Very nice coloring and the corals love it. I've had it for over a year no problems with any of my corals. Highly recommended!
  • Very Bright and small,Okay Spectrum By Chezare on 1/30/2014

    Got the LEDS about a month ago. They are very bright and coral seemed to enjoy them. I found pendants were the way to go because of the odd shape of my 92 Gallon Corner tank. But if your looking at the sky blues don't get them, get the ocean blues. The sky blues are simply too blue. If i could i would return the sky blues in exchange for the ocean blues. Another thing the lights are a little loud. The fans can be heard when there is no other noise in the living room. Overall the lights are very bright but are to white and loud.
  • Great Light By Ezra on 1/27/2014

    I have a mix of this kessil and metal halide on my 65 gallon the growth rate on the side with the LED is great. I also have to say the shimmer is outstanding. These light run quiet and i have had no issues with the light.

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