Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer

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Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer

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  • Built well, not and ideal skimmer though By Rahul on 8/13/2015

    This skimmer is not a skimmer I would honestly recommend, due to the fact that I've spent 2-3 months of tinkering with this thing to finally get the skimmer to skim properly without overflowing every minute. I cant give this skimmer lower than a 4 star since it does what the product is supposed to do. The only thing I can say is that its very frustrating to get it dialed in.
  • Would NOT recommend to a friend! By shawngt2 on 8/7/2015

    This skimmer is built like a tank (1 star), super powerful (2nd star), but the other 3 stars needed to categorize this skimmer as a "knock out of the park" are missing. So many people are having issues and that includes me. Did not realize the issues until after I purchased it and put it in my tank. Even in an area of my sump that is always level and at 7" this thing overflows, then completely low level and doesn't appear to foam. You can't even adjust it because one minute it works then an hour or so it overflows again. IMHO you need to learn where the overflow level normally is worst case and adjust the height of the skimmer accordingly until you are covered. This however is not easy. The wedge pipe doesn't seem to do anything unless it is 75% closed or more and the outlet T is fixed to the wedge pipe so it is not easy to just rotate the wedge pipe, you need to also hold or fix the outlet T to make an adjustment. Many online are even restricting the airflow to the skimmer with success, so may try that at one point. Going on vacation for a week and put my Hydro Performer 405 back in the sump so I don't go a week with overflows (basically not skimming). When I get back I will try again but if I can't get equal or greater skim within 2 weeks vs my Hydor, this PITA is going for sale!
  • Awesome By Andrew on 7/13/2015

    After 2 months this thing is skimming better than I thought possible. Installing the Vectra this evening will review that in a month or so.
  • Very temperamental, but amazing once dialed in By Brady on 6/10/2015

    This skimmer is build like a tank. Great build quality and very quiet. Only ding against construction is the ozone nipples and tubing. I'm guessing they chose pex tubing to not get degraded by the ozone, but it does make it very stiff and hard to fit and stay on the nipples.That said, this thing is very temperamental when you're getting it dialed in. Make 100% sure the chamber you put this in has a constant water level, remember to adjust the volute on the pump, and if it keeps over flowing, raise it a bit and try again.

  • Just awesome By Stan on 5/16/2015

    Love this skimmer. Very quiet. I had no problems tuning it like others have. skims like a beast on a 90g tank. I would highly recommend it.
  • Long Break in By Andrew on 5/12/2015

    I will give a partial review now. I have had this running for over a week and it still is breaking in and overflowing. I understand that good skimmers take a while, but think this is a little excessive. Will provide another review when break in complete
  • Very finicky skimmer. Dead after 1 year. By ReefMaster on 5/11/2015

    This skimmer is very hard to dial in and has a long break in period. It is mostly well built except the ozone nipples commonly break off. After one year the motor stopped spinning when I plugged it in. PVC welding also broke for the part connecting to the motor. This is easily fixed.

    Pros: It runs very quiet. And now that it is not working, even more quiet.

    I had great hopes with this skimmer, but I could never dial it in. I also have the 150 version for my other tank, which skims great so I am happy with it, but is a little louder and still has similar build issues. They must have just scaled down the other one for the 130 without really thinking about how the dimension changes affect performance.

    For the price, I'd recommend going with a different skimmer that will last you, or get something cheaper that will skim better and last just as long.

  • Vertex Omega 130 is awesome By San Diego Reefer on 4/29/2015

    This skimmer is awesome. It runs better at 6.5 to 7 inches of water. Had a bit of an issue breaking it in but once a I ran it in a 3 to 1 vinegar solution overnight it worked like a champ. Ignore break in instructions and run it in a the vinegar solution to break in faster. Turn the volute on the pump until it seats then back up 1 whole turn and you are there. The only thing that will need to be adjusted after that will be the water level. This skimmer is made of great quality acrylic and pvc. Way better than Reef Octopus well worth the money.
  • Ditto what Tony said By kirsten on 4/21/2015

    This skimmer is built like a tank. Very high quality. And full disclosure- it didn't fit my sump well. Once I wrangled it into the sump it was very temperamental. I followed the break in instructions to the letter and after a couple of days it was still acting crazy. One minute fine- the next minute bubbling over and spewing spray everywhere. I also found there to be too many moving parts. When you go to adjust the pipe- the whole muffler confraption moves as well. The silicone tube that connects the pump to the skimmer is easy to accidentally disconnect. Maybe I'm just not advanced enough for a skimmer like this. I went back to my old cadlights.
  • Excellent Product! By Tony on 4/12/2015

    The Omega 130 is an amazingly built Skimmer, build quality of Vertex is second to none. However, there are a few things that make me knock it down 1 star. The good, Super quiet, Great build quality, looks awesome! The bad, it is SUPER picky about water level, you have to stay on the low end of the "recommended" level, the break in time is crazy long and almost have to keep a constant eye on it, the adjustment are hard to make and get it tuned in.

    I have actually sold off my Omega 130 to a buddy that has a sump better set up for it and i will be going with another option.

    it is a great product but i would suggest looking on Vertex's website at the instruction before you set up a sump for one, that was a fail on me.

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