Omega 130 Protein Skimmer - Vertex

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Omega 130 Protein Skimmer - Vertex

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  • Best skimmer I've ever owned By on 7/25/2016

    Had a reef octopus SRO 1000 internal skimmer and wasn't happy with the performance. Did more research through BRS and decided on a German made product. Best decision ever! Build quality espectional, performance-like a beast! Set up is in 7 inches water
    If not, pump will pull water through that port if OZONE hose isn't installed or pull more air if the hose is not capped causing erratic performance.
    Once that is set all you to have adjust is the Venturi and water outlet tube.
  • Excellent product By on 6/25/2016

    I know people are having a hard time getting this thing dialed in, but it didn't take long for me to figure out how to dial this thing in. The valve on the air intake is key. I like that it is easy to adjust without getting your hands wet. Very quiet once adjusted. I just like how this skimmer looks and feels too. Quality. I would buy another one if I needed it.
  • Well built By on 6/15/2016

    Would have 5 stars if the manual wasn't so poorly written with diagrams you could barely read. also, getting a $100 off coupon for it from bulk reef the very day it was delivered (after paying full price) was like a slap in the face to a loyal customer.
  • Very high quality By on 5/21/2016

    I can't find anything to complain about with this skimmer. I just did a new tank build and spent a lot of money on some very high end accessories and equipment for my build. Out of everything I bought, this was the product that most impressed me with the overall build quality, performance, look, and packaging. On top of that, I bought it for BRS's black friday sale as a door buster which made it even more of a sweet deal. Thanks BRS! I am a new reefer and did not have any problems with this skimmer. To avoid potential issues I would recommend a couple things. First, I read that running this skimmer in a vinegar bath for 24 hours prior to use would cut down on break-in time. I did this and I think it helped and is worth doing. Second, I would recommend getting a skimmer stand in order to get the proper water level. This skimmer seems to like a very low water level. I would definitely recommend this product!
  • Awesome skimmer so far By on 4/5/2016

    Just hooked up a new 130 today. 7 inches water depth. No problems at all. This thing is a beast and 3 hours later its starting to skim. This skimmer seems twice as powerful as my Reef Octopus Classic 110. And I loved that skimmer. Keeping it for a back up. So far no problems at all with skimmer........................READ THE DIRECTIONS FOLKS!!!
  • Awesome By on 2/28/2016

    I am not sure why some people complain here, skimmers are very simple. I set it up at 6.5" started skimming in 2 days no issue since. if you have a new tank with no bioload any skimmer will act up.
    Mine went on a 72gal that was set up for 2 years went from octo to this will not look back. best skimmer I used in the past 6 years of reefing
  • Best quality skimmer available By on 1/28/2016

    So I read a lot about this skimmer overflowing constantly. Please read the manual! Most Skimmers will behave this way when new. Running it on my brand new 85 gal build during cycling. Yes it overflowed non-stop for the first week...this is the breakin period. After 10 days it calmed down and is now an incredibly efficient skimmer. Patience is key in reefing...and skimmer setup!
  • pump problem and tuning issues By on 1/18/2016

    i had this product for a year and a half. the quality of the body is great, but my pump stops working on me. this is priced way to high for this to happen especial if you in the same boat as me and don not have a lot money to though around.
  • Too complicated for a noob By on 12/29/2015

    I'm new to reefing, but I do my research. For the life of me, I can't get this thing to not overflow. I've read a lot online, done all the tricks I could find, and it seems that the consensus is that this is a GREAT device if you can get it tuned, but it's not great for inexperienced or new reefers.
  • Does not work properly out of the box By on 12/27/2015

    Beautiful construction, and very high quality build. The skimmer is well constructed, and everything is very solid. I bought this skimmer partly because of the pump that it uses, a Sicce built pump.

    Unfortunately, the pump is WAY overpowered for this skimmer body. It overflows instantly, no matter what depth/water level it's placed. I tried everything from having the outflow just barely under the water, all the way to 8-10" deep, and everything in between. You can adjust the water level via the water exiting the stand pipe, and the water/air level coming in through the pump, and neither prevent the overflowing of the container.

    Turns out that the only way I was able to dial this thing in was by installing a ball valve on the air-line, and restricting the airflow into the venturi by about 75%. This reduced the amount of air, which reduced the amount of bubbles, which prevented the overflow of the skimmer. It still bubbles and creates a good foam head, but is controllable. It's now performing very well, and pulling out thick, dark skimmate. The mod does make this thing fairly loud, even with the silencer hooked up.

    With a cheap, quick mod, this thing works like a champion, but it's disappointing that it doesn't work like it should right out of the box. This is an engineering defect, which should have been discovered on the first trial of this product.

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