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Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer

SKU: 207957

  • Terrific Skimmer By Sean on 9/6/2014

    I have had the Vertex Omega 130 since it came out about a year ago and it is well built and performs well.

    The skimmmer builds up a nice dark skimmate with sludge on the cup lid and sides (I carbon dose). I found it works best at 7" depth. I am running the venturi at minimum air intake in a 27g system. Even in my nano system, it can keep a solid head of foam.

    It does take a while to quit overflowing and break in though a vinegar bath will greatly reduce the break in period.
  • High Quality but Very Temperamental By tarheel on 8/8/2014

    This feel this is a very well built with high quality skimmer but personally think that is Very hard to dial in. I have been running mine for 2 months and all i have been able to pull out is light tea collared skimmate do to all the turbulence in the skimmer body.
  • Agrivating, but skimms like crazy. By David on 7/31/2014

    Wow, that's a lot of bubbles. The inside of this thing looks violent with foam. Skimms like crazy, once its dialed in. This thing drove me nuts trying to adjust it. Many many nights i would wake up to hear a strange tapping noise coming from the stand. It was the lid of the skimmer dancing around as foam and bubbles poured out and back into the sump. I would empty it, then adjust it ever so slightly down... days later, no skimmate. One TINY adjustment back up and it would overflow again. Reading other reviews i decided to raise the skimmer 1 inch and try again. After 2-3 more days of mini adjustments i finally got this sucker dialed in. I clean it once a week and its nasty dirty, exactly what we all hope for in a skimmer. I would give it a full 5 star if it wasn't such a pain to dial in.
  • Very Tempermental By Jason on 7/23/2014

    The best way to describe this Protein Skimmer. Be prepared to fight a constant battle with it. If my ATO deposits even one fluid ounce over the line drawn on my sump the skimmer goes ballistic. It is very specific about the water level. This skimmer does not tune well at all, don't even plug it in for two days after you change the water. Past skimmers SWC, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus, Tunze, the build quality is very good with this skimmer and it is stylish. I am just not certain they went for something that would work. Can't say it is worth the headache.
  • BEST materials and craftsmanship yet !!! By Mitch on 7/13/2014

    Out of the dozen or so protein skimmers I've owned this is the BEST HANDS DOWN !!!
  • Great skimmer, crap manual/quality control By B roll on 6/22/2014

    1st the good - a great skimmer, after a 2 day break in and some water level tinkering , followed by 2 days of wet skim; it is not consistently producing a thick dark brown non transparent skimmate. The bad - the manual is crap besides the 3 lines of break in instructions. This skimmer does not work properly at any level above 7.5 inches, and that is a generous statement. If you want fully control it needs to be at 6.5" as everyone else on here states. Why they waste our time saying otherwise is nuts and leaves me to believe that the skimmer was not tested enough under various circumstances during development and pre-market release. 2nd, for a high end company the QC is crap. I don't know if the rubbery white parts were mold-formed or not, but they all have .5" across sections that look all tore up from either sloppy mold process or some sort of melting during the production process. I've spent too much time dialing the unit in to return it but in hindsight I definitely should have. How these sloppy manufactured parts made it to assembly is beyond me. If it weren't for the crap instructions and sloppy manufacturing I would have given this skimmer a 5/5. Functionally it works great if you ignore the instructions and keep it at 6.5-7".
  • quiet and looks great By troy on 5/17/2014

    this is a very functional and great looking skimmer. its super quiet and very sturdy..
  • Great skimmer...but you must have patience. By Jimbo662 on 4/17/2014

    I'll agree with everything everyone else has said. I set it up based on the instructions. It ran for right at two weeks with a constant overflow. At two weeks I began trying to make small adjustments to get it dialed in. I had it between 7" - 8". I finally saw some reviews where it was set at 6 1/2". I made this change too (water line is about 1/8" above the stand pipe outlet, stand pipe full open and the volute about 3 turns open. And within15 min it began skimming. I've only got my CUC and two small clowns and it's pulling dark tea colored skimmate. Like Joel mentioned it doesn't foam up constantly. After two days the collection cup was about 1/5th full.
  • Great product By Joel on 3/28/2014

    I got this skimmer during the Black Friday sale and have had it going now for about 5 months. This skimmer is extremely quiet and very well built. The one thing I would caution is that depending on the bioload of your tank it may be a bit challenging to dial in. I'm currently running a 60g cube with 4 fish. I went with this skimmer as I'm using bio pellets and GFO as my main filtration setup. The skimmer works great but with a low bio load like I have it is a bit challenging to dial in. Right now I have it at 6.5 inches and I get a tea colored skim mate. I usually empty the skimmer cup every other week. I think those that get much thicker and darker skim mate have a higher bio load. As it stands now I have the bubble line below the neck whacks works fine. Due to the bio load it doesn't foam constantly into the collection cup. I like it as it will work well for my next tank upgrade which should be coming in about a year to 18 months. I normally don't write reviews but I felt with this skimmer it was worth the time.
  • great skimmer By Jason on 3/14/2014

    Arived in three days. The build is solid as advertised. I had a nice foam. Head in 20 minutes. I set it in 6 inches of water to start and no over flow problems its been running for 4 days now seems to have settled down i raised the water depth to 6 and a half inches so far so good very happy with this skimmer

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