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Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer

SKU: 207957

  • Great product By Joel on 3/29/14

    I got this skimmer during the Black Friday sale and have had it going now for about 5 months. This skimmer is extremely quiet and very well built. The one thing I would caution is that depending on the bioload of your tank it may be a bit challenging to dial in. I'm currently running a 60g cube with 4 fish. I went with this skimmer as I'm using bio pellets and GFO as my main filtration setup. The skimmer works great but with a low bio load like I have it is a bit challenging to dial in. Right now I have it at 6.5 inches and I get a tea colored skim mate. I usually empty the skimmer cup every other week. I think those that get much thicker and darker skim mate have a higher bio load. As it stands now I have the bubble line below the neck whacks works fine. Due to the bio load it doesn't foam constantly into the collection cup. I like it as it will work well for my next tank upgrade which should be coming in about a year to 18 months. I normally don't write reviews but I felt with this skimmer it was worth the time.
  • great skimmer By Jason on 3/15/14

    Arived in three days. The build is solid as advertised. I had a nice foam. Head in 20 minutes. I set it in 6 inches of water to start and no over flow problems its been running for 4 days now seems to have settled down i raised the water depth to 6 and a half inches so far so good very happy with this skimmer
  • great product By ryan on 3/3/14

    well built and good looking
  • WELL WORTH THE MONEY! By Ryan on 3/1/14

    I pick this up over the Black Friday sale for a 40 gallon to a well stock 75 gallon upgrade. After following the break-in instructions it's working great. It has no problem handling the bio load of my tank. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!!
  • Update from 3 star review on the 2nd of Feb 14 By Raymond on 2/23/14

    This skimmer has completely settled down and is pulling black skimmate. Very happy with this skimmer now I guess it just took time to break in on my system.
  • Well built hard to dial in. By Raymond on 2/2/14

    I'll start with the good; well built, silent. IMO the not so good; very long break in period even at 7' water height, very hard to dial in. Every time I tried to get the bubble break at the bottom of the skimmer cup it would over flow within a few hours. There is way too much turbulence in the skimmer body. After more than a month it is pulling only tea colored skimmate. I will see if it gets any better over time. I don't think you should have to modify a piece of equipment to get it to work properly. This skimmer is on a 75gal RR tank.
  • Left Me Satisfied By Preston on 1/6/14

    Let's see it says it operates best in water that's at a depth of 7"-9". I had mine at 8.25" for the longest time and it overflowed for a good 6-7 weeks. So finally I got around to making a one inch stand out of acrylic for it and that seemed to be the difference maker.

    It's now at a depth of 7.25" and it's skimming like a mad man. It also feels really well built and you can certainly tell it's made out of high quality acrylic. This being the first skimmer I have ever owned, made for a little learning curve as far as knowing what to adjust. The riser tube is the long red tube with a PVC T-pipe attached at the bottom if any first timers don't know what the heck they are referring to in the manual.

    The manual that comes with the skimmer isn't very helpful so I pretty much put it together looking at the pictures of a completed unit here on BRS. Box was well packaged. Everything has been working perfectly.
  • Outstanding By Chris on 12/30/13

    great skim mate almost immediately. Found it works best between 6.5 and 7" of water.
  • Update, Great! By Higgyreef on 12/20/13

    Still too powerful in 8" water even with wedge wide open; so I made a shelf to raise the skimmer and pump up 1" - and now it works perfectly. For me this skimmer needs to set in 7" of water in order for the wedge pipe to be able to control the foam level. This is the best skimmer made (in this size) that I know of!
  • Great By Higgyreef on 12/19/13

    Fit in small Eshopps RS-75 reef sump... The fit was a bit too tight so I cut down the silicone connection between the pump and skimmer and cut back the red tube to skimmer, this shortened the widest area needed for the skimmer. The foam output was too much even with the wedge pipe wide open, so I removed the sound dampening foam from inside the silencer, this allowed more air input to the pump and lowered the amount of water pushed up the skimmer body. Seems to be dialed in great now. I attached the included small red tube piece to the skimmer cup drain silicone line and hooked up some additional tubing to run to a 1 liter container to hold the skimate overflow, this makes cleaning the cup easier (by disconnecting the line so you can unscrew the cup). The skimmer pump is silent, my drain water noise is all is hear... Very nice skimmer!

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