CPR Nano Tumbler Media Reactor

CPR Tumbler Nano Media Reactor
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  • CPR Tumbler Nano Media Reactor
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CPR Nano Tumbler Media Reactor

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  • slim fit quiet..easy to clean and put back in fuge By on 12/19/2014

    I have 3 of these now. BioPellets upgade pump (rio 200)
    Phosguard (rio 200)
    Carbon (rio 180)
    It comes with a rio 90..
    they are worhing great. Would recomend immediate
    pump upgrade just go with the 200. Yuo can always turn it down
    everything tumbles nicely you cant hear anything
    if you use the fine media sponge or nets cleaning will be every week to every other week. Takes like 5mins.
    would recomend highly....good luck
  • Needs a bigger pump By on 10/22/2014

    If you're tight on room this reactor is perfect. Super narrow, but nice and tall so you can still get a fair amount of media in it. It could use a slightly larger pump since a little gunk in it will slow the flow way too much. For some reason this company seems to be getting the junkiest Rio pumps they can get because they make a ton of noise. I replaced mine with a different Rio pump and it is silent and works great. I suggest widening the holes a little bit with a drill bit to prevent gunk from building up. I have this one and the one size up. I have pellets in the bigger one and carbon in this one and they work great for the price.
  • Nice little tumbler By on 7/1/2014

    I have it in the back of my Nuvo 38 gal. Slim design, low flow. Other reviews are accurate. It works well but can have trouble with smaller media. The thin design does work well for sliding into the back of smaller tanks/ refuge.
  • Could be better By on 2/3/2014

    I used this for BioPellets on a 14 gallon BioCube. The stock pump wasn't strong enough to keep a minimal amount of BioPellets tumbling. I replaced the stock Rio Plus 90 with a Rio Plus 180 and it resolved the problem. Since it already ships with a flow control valve it would be better off they shipped it with a Rio Plus 180 from the start..
  • Nice little media reactor - within limits By on 10/14/2013

    All of us reefers trying to emulate the ocean in a teacup of a nano tank are constantly striving to keep things stable. Small form factor media reactors are a lifesaver, but can also be a bit of a boat anchor. The CPR Nano Tumbler is a case in point.

    I bought 2 Nano Tumblers for a 16 gallon SPS tank.

    This is a typical, quality-assembled CPR product. Its simple design is well thought out and is intended to be used immersed in a filter chamber of an all-in-one nano system (or for the lucky, a nano sump.) Water flows in from the bottom, is diffused into the media chamber, and exits via the grate/screen orifice at the top, then re-enters the aquarium by flowing down the outer surface of the reactor.

    Right out of the box, it's apparent the Nano Tumbler was designed for large pellet media - like nitrate reducing bio-pellets. The diffusion plate and bottom chamfer of the media chamber tumble them nicely. The little Rio pump with control valve dials in flow rate easily. The pump is quiet under load.

    When using other media the unit's performance varies. (To be fair, most all media reactors start suffering as the media becomes finer grained.)

    Large pellet carbon is no problem.

    Small pellet carbon and GFO require additional sponges and screening that are not included. CPR sells a small media kit for a few bucks, but when I ordered them from CPR for the Nano Tumbler, I received kits for the larger Mini Tumbler. These don't fit the Nano without re-cutting and fitting. The medium porosity sponge and top screen kit work fine for media like BRS carbon and standard GFO (and others too, no doubt, but that is what I tested.)

    The Nano Tumbler fitted with CPR fine media kit was an abject failure in my ultimate media reactor torture test - fluidizing Seachem Purigen. Purigen is a great product, but the super-small, slippery balls are a pain to contain. When loaded into the Nano Tumbler with fine media kit installed, Purigen blew right through the sponge and ended up jammed against the top fine media screen. An extremely low flow rate will allow this stuff to stay suspended in the media chamber, but once the unit is turned off and it settles onto the bottom sponge and works it's way through to the pump volute. Eventually, Purigen found it's way into the display tank. A much finer pore sponge would certainly help here. Also a fine media kit purpose-cut for the Nano would be a blessing.

    One other struggle I had was specific to my setup, but others may be impacted as well. I was hoping this unit would fit into my Innovative Marine Nuovo 16 filter chamber. Mounted on the Rio, the unit is about 1 1/2" too tall. I mounted it on a Tunze Universal pump Mini (5024.04) and the height was perfect. I know I could have gone with the IM marketed media reactor, but just didn't want to spend twice as much. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet here.

    All in all, this is a nice, simple media reactor that is easy to set up and load media - as long as it's not too fine. It's quiet and fairly easily to maintain. The media fluidizes nicely and circulates through the reaction chamber in a nice co-current / counter-current motion.

    I'm keeping one for a GFO reactor, but this tank doesn't need a nitrate bio-pellet reactor, so the 2nd one is going back.

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