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  • How to: Set up a Frag Tank for Stony Corals - EP 3: Coral Propagation

Frag Tank Kit with Sump for Stony Corals

  • Wanting to start my own little business with this. By Christopher on 9/29/2014

    I got this item in the mail, set it up, and considering I haven't dealt with aquariums for years, and never with sumps, also know little to nothing about plumbing, I was able to set it up with little effort. I filled it to the level I wanted with 45 gallons, that's what I would say the capacity is for this kit, and am currently in the cycling stage. I would, however, recommend buying a thin threaded rod and drilling at a higher part of the sump a small hole to insert the rod, with 2 nuts and washers at the outer side to give support to the middle wide part of the sump, which does tend to curve a bit outwards from the water weight. I got these at home depot for about 3$.

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