Super Reef Octopus CR7000D 9" Calcium Reactor

Super Reef Octopus CR7000D 9" Calcium Reactor
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  • Super Reef Octopus CR7000D 9" Calcium Reactor

Super Reef Octopus CR7000D 9" Calcium Reactor

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  • Replace the gaskets immediately By Saltwatershark on 1/14/2015

    I purchased this unit a few months ago but just recently set it up. Upon setting it up I was impressed with the quality of the acrylic including the seams, the use of schedule 80 plumbing within the unit, and The recirculating water pump. All of these aspects suggest a high-quality product. Another feature, or build design feature, that I think demonstrates a high quality unit is the fact that The internal media racks within each chamber fit perfectly such that the racks will hold the calcium reactor media in place without allowing the media to fall through the racks. In other words the diameter of the racks fit perfectly within the chamber. So,why am I giving this product for stars instead of five? The reason is simple. When I turn the unit on it began to leak ever so slowly, in when subject to any back pressure the slow leak became a quick leak. I removed the tops of both chambers to inspect to make sure no sand or Cal Sarus material was sitting on the lid or gasket. Also I applied gasket lube to both gaskets, yet both chambers continued to leak. What I realized is that the groove on the chamber where the gasket seats is ever so slightly deeper then the thickness of the gasket. Practically, what this means is that the gasket is too thin and does not make a proper watertight seal. BRS does not sell replacement gaskets that fit this unit. And, since it is a brand-new unit, I found it very frustrating that it leaked. Fortunately, I reached out to the manufacture, identified the serial number, and also showed them my receipt of purchase from BRS and within five hours or so of my emailing the manufacture, a customer service representative confirmed that it appropriately sized gaskets were included with this unit, but that the manufacture would send me the correct gaskets at no charge. Although I have not yet received the replacement gaskets, I have no reason to believe that I will not receive them in the near-term. So, while initially this is frustrating, the build quality really does seem salad so I would still recommend this product. I would also recommend using the extra coarse calcerous media in the first chamber, in a medium to large calcerous media in the second chamber. The reason is simple, because the CO2 enters the first chamber and will begin to deteriorate the media in this first chamber. The second chamber will have a higher pH in there for the media will dissolve less quickly. Another important point, you have to use a pH probe and controller. The probe holder on this unit works perfectly for any standard size pH probe. Personally, I use the Neptune Apex lab grade pH probe, but I'm sure any other standard size probe should work just fine.

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