Super Reef Octopus LX-2000s Hang-on-Back Protein Skimmer

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Super Reef Octopus LX-2000s Hang-on-Back Protein Skimmer

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  • great product By joseph j on 4/6/2014

    I've had this skimmer over a year. A couple of very helpful tips. Its extremely hard to prime. The easiest way to prime is to detach the air hose from the silencer and place it in the tank water. No easier way.. as it only takes 2 minutes. Another option would be installing an air valve in the air hose and cutting air to create suction.
    Another tip. Place the collection cup in the tank backwards with the drain right over the skimmer opening. When I started out I put a hose on the drain.. which is a waste of water and time when you're simply just trying to break it in. Also, you will prevent any floods when its pulling out not just waste but tank water.
  • Nicely done By Kungpao on 2/14/2014

    Pertaining to the item description, the unit does indeed come with a drainage elbow in the top of the collection cup. It's glued, but comes with a plug and hose. (It can lead to the skimmer body/input to prevent flooding)
    So one of the pictures is correct on this page.
    The pump listed is also incorrect as it's the previous model.
    The pump that comes with it is the HY-2000S Bubble Blaster. (250gph, 960lph, 30w)
    Also it's hard to see, but the air silencer is mounted inside the unit under a splash/noise guard that lays down over the in-tank side. It's a pretty decent feature.
    The unit did not want to start the siphon originally. I removed the collection cup overflow hose from the water in the skimmer, had to bend the air hose towards the pump and hold it tight, then turn on the skimmer a few times.
    This was not the case when I pulled the plug after a few hours, water did stay in the tube and the siphon started off right away when turning the power back on.
    Overall it's a nicely done design. 4 points of failure are the body seams, the pump input connection, the pump output connection, the pump cover piece over the impeller(4 screws). I did not take apart the pump yet, I assume there's an oring there, then the 2 for the other connectors.
    Very happy to see a flood fix for the collection cup and airline (it's mounted above the water returning to tank) as compared to just about every other skimmer. I'm coming from a garden hose skimmer (the pro-s is indeed very nice) so I really placed reliability and design to prevent flooding, above performance. Luckily this model brings that to the table, but as we all know since it has the Bubble Blaster pump, performance isn't in question.
    Solid construction, fairly thick acrylic. Overall 99% perfect construction, though there are a couple slight crack marks where the collection cup lid fits on. Though it seems they're very minute and won't actually every be a problem, more of a blemish.
    Instructions suck. Doesn't even give you steps to put it together, you have to look at the pictures of the diagram and figure it out. Not too hard though, just remember the 2 black orings are the gray connectors to the skimmer, the clear oring is the pump down center.
    Max volume of just the bubbles that are created is about 330, 4" x 7.5" x 11" is the area that is dense with bubbles within the bubble chamber. This is quite large compared to any other hob skimmer.
    Wish it was a little cheaper, but this was only about 100$ more than my preferred skimmer. The BB pump and 30w was a great appeal. Also since this is an external pump, there are concerns of longevity raised because of that, but even wrapping my hands around the pump after it's been on 24 hours, any warmth is barely noticeable.
    Also it seems that the sponge included for the output flow, is just a little too dense, it quickly impedes flow and then the flow into the center chamber in the front, starts to flow a little over into the input and the output chamber, skipping the intended route. Though this could be viewed as a recirculation feature.. :)
    Overall I would suggest it, people give hob skimmers grief, but if you don't want a sump, this model fits the bill. It definitely performs just as well as a cone skimmer or external model. I would wager the actual volume of the bubbles is about the same until you get to much larger models.
  • Impressive By eddie on 1/17/2014

    135 gallon salt fish only with previous Ro BH 2000 protein skimmer now with Sro LX 2000. First of all very happy with BH 2000 as I thought I did not need a protein skimmer as the tank was always perfect with 4 canister filters(Eheim 160/90, Fluval 406/FX6) but the BH 2000 made my water look like the fish were swimming in air. I purchased the LX 2000 as the numbers were almost double that of the BH 2000. As a physician with a science background the numbers really do not mean anything as there are many other factors. I wish some of these protein skimmers had some real scientific testing and not just subjectively looking and feeling this seems better than another product. Subjectively both skimmers are about the same size other than the larger 4 inch stack of the collection cup and the large surface skimmer device in the aquarium. The BH 2000 water aquarium component is more compact and less noticeable with only 2 large pipes in the aquarium vs the LX 2000 which has a large water box that is placed in the aquarium. Both are extremely well made and heavy duty. I wondered if I only purchased the bubble blaster 2000 pump and placed it on the BH 2000 if I would have the same results realizing the collection device on the BH 2000 is smaller. Anyway the LX 2000 assembled in 5 minutes with teflon tape. I fired her up and a small leak immediately developed on the outside cover of the bubble blaster pump itself which was not part of the assembly. I tightened the screws and all was well. Pump is very quite about the same as the BH 2000. Skimmate starting forming in about 2 hours which continued to progress the rest of the day. I was amazed how the 4 inch stack was crammed full of stuff so fast. I feel this is scavenging more skim mate in a shorter time and hopefully more vs the BH 2000. Just the higher gph makes it worth the new device. I have had many protein skimmers in the past and for the money Reef Octopus makes some nice products and I feel comfortable purchasing any of their products. I gave it a 4 star because of the leak on the pump itself which was not part of the assembly.

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