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SpeedWave DC Pump - 2640 GPH
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  • SpeedWave DC Pump - 2640 GPH
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SpeedWave DC Pump - 2640 GPH

SKU: 207806

  • Get what you pay for By Daniel on 3/21/14

    I first installed this product on 3/20/14. Want to comment now and in about a year or so. The product does seem a little brittle, but not too bad. The manual says the power cord is non-replaceable, so be careful with it. The pump is not silent. It is quieter than others I have had, but it has a constant hum that gets louder as the pump is turning faster. It comes with three different fittings, all for barbed fittings. I was trying to prevent it from pulling debris into the pump and dropped a pebble into the inlet, [figures], and it went all the way through with out any noise at all. Seems cool that something that large could pass through it, so I think any type of pods should have no problem IMO. I soaked it in RO water and a little PRIME because it smelled funny at first. Good pump. Many applications...
  • junk! >:( By reefer on 10/2/13

    Transformer burned up after only 2 months use. Manufacturer doesn't have a replacement to send me for 1-2 weeks. Now I need to buy another pump to get me by. Transformer got so hot it warped and cracked the plastic, when I picked it up it literally fell apart in my hands. Circuits inside are blackened. I'm lucky there wasn't anything flammable next to it! I will have a replacement transformer coming but its going to end up being a very expensive back up pump, because I can't trust the transformer.
  • is just what needed By sojiuxs on 8/3/13

    At first impression the box looked bad ( poor quality )but is the inside product that counts,so everything was there I put everything together,and,put it to work. Then powwwww I felt in love with it,it's just perfect for a beginner or a pro reefer,I definitely recommend it guys,good job.
  • Excellent product for the Price By Jkot on 7/18/13

    I own one of these pumps. it is approx. 400 gph/per increase/setting.
    no issues for 8 months at all. i honestly wish i could aquire the pinwheel impeller thats actually made for this, but ive hit nothing but dead-ends. not a big deal as it is pushing through a mazzei injector on my DIY RK2 mockup skimmer. Everything works well on it. Be wary as the input and output threads are Not tapered and you will ruin the threads on the housing trying to get a standard thread coupling on it. i run mine maxed out on 250 gallons of volume and can feed 6-8 times per day w/out issues of Po4 rises. This pump would also work perfectly on a closed loop or return, or anything else you could think of tossing it at. no heat issues also. being dc you dont have to worry about stray voltage. so many pros to a few cons of what you get for this price of a serious output pump. no brainer for me as long as parts stay avail. HTH

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