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ReefKeeper Elite Titanium Plus - Digital Aquatics
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  • ReefKeeper Elite Titanium Plus - Digital Aquatics

ReefKeeper Elite Titanium Plus - Digital Aquatics

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  • Titanium Package great value By janesmw on 3/7/14

    I thought this was easy to set up and basically had running in less than an hour. I added float control to my Skimmer collection cup to shut off skimmer in case of overflow. Also added high/low level float alarms to the sump. For $299 you get a full feature device minus the internet, but I don't care about that feature anyway (I had it on my Apex and rarely used it). Soooo, yup nice product and I have experience with the "other brand" as well. Mike
  • Great product By Rafael on 2/22/14

    Very easy to set up but instructions that came with reef keeper where not helpful when programming, if it wasn't for BRS videos I would have been lost. Once it was up and running I had no problems and it was a great investment.
  • Great By Tom on 12/31/13

    Got this a week ago, was easy to set up and seems to be working great. I have a technical background so it was easy for me, but I could see if you are not technically savvy how you could run into issues, but BRS has a ton of great videos to walk you through the set up.
  • Reefkeeper Elite for BioCube 29 By Mark on 11/6/13

    I know the "Lite" product line would have been a suggested product for the smaller 29g nano size tank I have but I wanted all the bells and whistles of the Elite product. I am extremely glad I did. I am using all the included probes along with the ALC module I purchased to control my Steve's LED light kit for my BioCube. The ability to control the lighting, pumps and see the effect of all those with the MYReef product is very informative and it is a security blanket for me to know that my system is being monitored and I can tweak the settings easily.

    A "controller" is a MUST to me for any aquarium setup - especially a salt water system. This was one purchase I was willing to spend the money without any regret and I am fully satisfied with the product now.
  • horrible support, unreliable By Bobwan on 10/31/13

    I have the Elite with Net. ORP is 150 higher than my ozone controller, tried swapping probes. brown outs cause random alarms like low temp and low ph. plugging in usb to computer causes erratic ph and orp readings even with probes in an isolated cup of water. this sets off alarms.
  • Bad Product were is customer service By James on 9/12/13

    I actually bought it with the net witch was a pain to get to work with no help to there customer service and when it did fail (did get to work) so i ran it it with out the net 7 months latter and many headaches latter and customer service being not much help the system reboots constantly and keeps changing my temp up and down was told to buy a new upgraded temp probe and did after and still wan't working then i sent the head unit back to be fixed and waiting for its return and waiting when getting it was told it was fine to replace the sl1 and did yet another fail there still try to get me to replace piece but I'm done
    being that i have 3 120gl and a 90 i bought this with intent to hook up the other tanks was going to see how it work before i up grade and bought all the other pieces I'm glade at less i didn't make the mistake of buying the whole thing and at less can cut my lose now i try a different brand
  • A++ By Hen on 9/9/13

    Good product reliable
  • Faulty product, poor/non existent customer service By Sunfun on 7/16/13

    Ordered over $1,200 worth of the system. Attempted to set it up piece by piece. Worked ok until adding the third module then constantly started loosing time. Sent in head unit for replacement. Received replacement, system constantly rebooted itself. Attempted to contact customer service, their response will always be disconnect EVERY module then start adding them back one at a time until the reboot happens. Good idea unless you have 12 modules and the reboot is only happening intermittently. System now reboots constantly and DA refuses to replace it. Piece of junk, not worth the time. Highly suggest you don't purchase.

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