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RowaPhos Phosphate Remover

  • fantastic By Jimsreeftank on 2/11/14

    i went from phos of .5 to .2 in 18 hrs!!
  • good product works great ... By Ocean11 on 2/8/14

    I just started using this product for a couple of weeks now and have brought my Phosphate readings dow from...0.50 to 0.07 good stuff
  • good product By VAL on 2/7/14

    my phosphate levels were .50, i have now got it down to .07 in only a couple of weeks great product, in one of the reviiews above it says to rinse it are not suppose to rinse it according to the instructions...
  • Algae disappears markedly after adding By Laura on 1/27/14

    This is a great product, but make sure you rinse it thoroughly before you get it going in your tank!
  • Proven Po4 Remover By Jared on 11/15/13

    This product is worth every penny. I am using it in a Pass through filter style system, with the included bag. getting ~250GPH on a 60 Gal Setup. when phosphate gets to .01 its time to replace. They recommend replacing a lesser amount more often. Depending on your phosphate levels.
  • My favorite By PMK on 6/17/13

    I've run Rowaphos for about 6 years now and have always liked its results. You know when its time to replace when you see some hair starting or levels of phosphates show up in your testing. Its downside is price but you can really run rowaphos a long time and not have to worry about leaching. So you get its moneys worth. I'll be running it for more years to come I'm sure.
  • Great product By Todd on 5/24/13

    I have been using this product for about 6 months and has always kept my phosphates reading 0. It is very dirty when you first fluidize but clears up pretty quickly. A little bit goes a long way. I change mine about every 3 months, it could possibly last longer but I change it before the phosphates start reading.

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