Maxspect 60W Nano R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture

Maxspect 60W Nano R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture
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  • Maxspect 60W Nano R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture
  • Maxspect 60W Nano R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture

Maxspect 60W Nano R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture

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60W - 10000K
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  • Awesome Light! By Brian on 2/23/2015

    Super Easy to use, Powerful Led light! Programming is a breeze! Love the color the 16,000K puts out, and my corals love it! Corals colored up real nice and look amazing under Actinics as well! I highly recommend this light if your looking for a quality light on a budget, especially for a cube shaped tank.
  • Great Light By lmay2024 on 12/28/2014

    I bought this light to replace the t5s over my 25 gallon nano cube. Easy to program super clean modern look hard to beat for the price. The 16k has a blue under water look to it if you prefer whiter light you'll probably want the 10k model.
  • Fantastic light! By matt on 12/5/2014

    Bought this light for a 20 gallon tall.. Was very skeptical about not being able to control every color. Doesn't matter, the color is perfect, and the light looks great. My corals are growing pretty consistently, even my sps. Having a weird situation with stray voltage on the heat sink, but its getting replaced by maxspect currently.
  • Great bang for buck By steven on 10/30/2014

    Bought this for my IM Nuvo 16 and as said before it covers the tank perfectly. Real clean looking led with lots of programmable features. Went with the 16k version and wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Great Light, awesome value! By Jeff on 7/17/2014

    I have the 16K over my 28 gallon JBJ. I bought this to replace the awful lighting that comes on the 89w pro version of the tank after it failed with only two years of use. Its been a couple weeks now and the corals seem to be thriving more than ever. The spread of the light seems perfect for this tank which is about 2 foot wide. As others have mentioned the polyp extension is more than I ever saw with the previous lighting setup. I was going to integrate it into the hood but I cant bring myself to cover the light up it looks great the way it is with the provided mount. All in all excellent product especially for the price definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new light for their nano cube.
  • AWESOME LIGHT By corey on 4/23/2014

    i bought this light for my nuve 16 people are saying the spread is only
    20 in. it has some power love and will but another great product high quality and a great bang for your buck when it comes to budget. thank you brs.
  • Great Product and Delivery By Dan on 3/6/2014

    First I would like to give BRS an A++ for delivery. I received my 16000k version a day earlier than expected which was awesome! The care taken by BRS in packaging the light was exceptional as well.

    Now for the light: I bought the light to go over a Biocube 29 that I am in the process of setting up and so far it looks great. The build quality is top notch, the programmability is easy, and the light coverage is perfect for the Biocube.

    Overall a great buy so far.
  • Good LED light for the money By Joseph on 12/16/2013

    I've put together a few DIY LED multichips lights over my DT (total of 340 W), but I thought I'd try out a commercial version over my converted 10 gal refugium with this Maxspect. While I could probably put together a 60 W DIY for $150, it wouldn't be as adjustable as this unit (and it wouldn't look quite as nice), so overall I'm pretty happy with it.

    With 100% on in both channels, the 16000 K unit looks good, but it does get pretty blue when channel A drops below channel B. I'd be interested to see what the 10000 K unit would look like, but that comparison will not happen soon.
  • Nice Polyp Extension By Andrew on 8/1/2013

    Previous on my biocube 29 HQI I had the standard 150 watt MH light. As I didn't want to shock my corals I started the light around low 30% intensity & have moved up gradually from there. Currently, I'm up to 45%. The 16K light is just a little too blue for me, even with the blue lights on channel B off. For my next tank I will go with the 10K MaxSpect.

    Overall, a huge improvement from the MH light, water stays cool & my electric meter no longer looks like a UFO spinning out of control.
  • Great LED light By Michael on 7/15/2013

    I got the 16000k version over my Nuvo 16g aquarium. Easy setup and the spread covers the tank perfectly. Three different programs to choose from, I went with the Auto, simple clicking of the dial to set this up. I've read about the size of the power supply being too big, but it's the size of any LED I've owned. Overall the unit is light, looks super sleek over my tank. Can't wait to get some sps corals in there.

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