Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food

Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food - 2 Sizes
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  • Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food - 2 Sizes
  • Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food - Package and Contents
  • Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food - Contents

Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food

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2 oz. Nano Reef-Roids
SKU: 207803
4 oz. Reef-Roids
SKU: 207802
  • Amazing Results By on 8/30/2016

    I have only used Cyclopeeze or Ocean Nutrition Frozen Reef cubes in the past and decided to buy the Nano Reef Roids on the recommendation of my lfs. WOW!! My zoas are loving it as well as my gsp and various other frags. I think my favites brain coral has shown the best improvement in color, growth and overall appearance. The zoas though, wow! spread wide open, happy and full. none are all pinched up at all. we will see over time how the colors blossom, but so far, I have been very impressed. Highly recommend this product.
  • great By on 2/1/2016

    so far corals are loving it
  • @@@@@ By on 12/4/2015

    My wife said it best when I asked her how the tank took to the roids
    You know how are dogs act when they get human food well that's what the corals are looking like right now!!
  • Love it By on 12/24/2014

    I mix 1/2 a tsp in a cup of water and then use a turkey baster to gently feed my zoas and general area of my clams. Everything else in the tank gets to catch it out of the water column. With my zoas there is an instant reaction when the Roids drift by. When I consistantly use it I've seen my zoas expand rather well, a frag colony went from on the plug to 5x the size of the original plug in about 8 months....good growth for me.
  • Massive PE By on 11/9/2014

    This food combined with Reef Chili gives me the most polyp extension of any food I have used to date. Great stuff!
  • rapid growth in my corals By on 10/13/2014

    This stuff is magical. I've been using it for about two months and i've seen tremendous results in all my corals and zoos
  • this is truly a great product! By on 1/13/2014

    the reaction to everything in your tank when you target feed your corals is amazing! mushrooms, ricordeas,polyps, xenias, duncans, leathers, acans & favias all had great responses.. i use a cube of brine shrimp and half a tea spoon to target feed with tank water in a 8 oz cup (after i rinse the cube in rodi water of course) if want to get everything open and ready for feeding turn off your return pump and mix a1/2 a teaspoon with tank water and pour it on your power heads and wait like 5 minutes.. this stuff is crazy!!! i have a 75 gallon mixed reef.. might be running less then recommended but a lil really does go a long way…
  • First Time I used this product was tonight By on 1/10/2014

    I used about a tsp of Reef Roids in a little bit of aquarium water and i used a syringe so i could target feed everything to see how it reacted. I'm not gonna lie. Everything from the zoas, mushrooms, candy canes, ricordias, and polyps had an immediate reaction. They wanted more!! I have a RBTA about the size of a penny and after i squirted it with it about three minutes later he was the size of about a quarter. that's not to say he just miraculously grew that fast but it definitly loved it. If i keep getting this reaction from everything I wiill always have this on hand... I'm still searching for that one bad product BRS sells... hmmmmmm
  • Growth and loving By on 1/6/2014

    I have had this product for a month it my zoanthids and faviia coral love it Zoas tripled in size I suggest to mix this with reef chilli and normal pytoplanton!
  • Great product By on 12/16/2013

    I have a brain coral that was not doing well until I purchased reef roids. It is the only food I have found to elicit a feeding response from him.