NPX Bioplastics - Two Little Fishies

NPX Bioplastics Biopellets - Two Little Fishies
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  • NPX Bioplastics Biopellets - Two Little Fishies

NPX Bioplastics - Two Little Fishies

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  • Not bsd By on 1/5/2017

    I use these in a reef octopus 90 I soaked them for 24 hrs and they worked pretty well for the first month. Now they'd stick at the top. Still keep all levels low. So anywAys they work.
  • Only brand I've tried and works well By on 2/21/2016

    I've used NPX Bioplastics in two different reactors and with flow adjusted correctly it has tumbled and I have seen a drastic lessening of nitrate level in the six months of use. Bought more to have on hand as I can see volume has lowered.
  • So far so good. By on 8/16/2015

    It tumbles well in in my Minimax, just need to adjust the flow so it does not blast the pellets all the way to the top. couples of weeks now, and the corals seem to like it.
  • Off to a fine start By on 4/18/2015

    Too early to tell if effective for nutrient removal, but wanted to mention they tumble great for me in the BRS reactor. MJ 1200 is more than enough flow.
  • These pellets are great By on 12/29/2014

    In regards to the poor review listed above...TLF pellets are the ONLY pellets I recommend to anyone using a reactor. They have worked the best out of all the brands I have tried, I develop and implement pellet reactors in many custom aquariums. I think the problem David was having was using flow through reactors on the cheap instead of recirculating reactors that are more suited for properly tumbling pellets independent of flow.
  • Must be a better product By on 11/14/2014

    I tried this product with the TLF Phosban reactor and the BRS reactor. I also switched out several pumps to include Magdrive3. I was never able to stop the pellets from sticking to the top. I soaked them I cleaned them and each time the same clump at the top. I do not think the pellets have the right consistency or weight to tumble. I did not notice a reduction in N03 after four months. Time to try something else this was a waste of time and money.