Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool - Two Little Fishies

Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool - Two Little Fishies
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  • Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool - Two Little Fishies
  • Using Julian's Thing to Target Feed Fish and Corals

Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool - Two Little Fishies

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  • Worthwhile purchase By Snulma1 on 12/16/2015

    If you are buying this to spot feed or target aiptasia it will work phenomenonal. But if you are buying to help suction debris up in your tank, keep looking. It doesn't generate enough suction or enough force to blow off your LR.
  • Testing By Rob on 12/11/2015

    Wow! Way better than the syringe and air hose I used in the past! It's pricey, but target feeding is fast and easy and no more getting hands wet and spilling water out of the other side of the syringe. Definitely op for extra tips for other feelings.
  • Pretty Good By Matthew on 8/7/2015

    The only drawbacks to this product are as follows. Its a little hard to put together, I feel like one of the sections should come assembled so be prepared to boil some water to assemble the tube sections. Secondly the flexible tubing is very pliable so it stretches out quickly and comes loose from the syringe. Aside from these two minor things the product is awesome and it makes target feeding very easy.
  • Must have By kyle on 7/7/2015

    Excellent for target feeding. Wish i'd bought more tips for large and small food.
  • A Very Handy Tool By Nate on 4/24/2015

    Julian's Thing has been super helpful. I have a 30" deep tank and the provided extension makes it so I can reach the bottom and throughout the tank. It has been great for target feedings and cleaning a little bit that would have been a real pain otherwise. I really recommend getting the pack of extra tips since it makes this tool even more versatile.
  • A bit Rube Goldberg, but works well By Dan on 4/23/2015

    Its a bit awkward, but has way more control and precision than a turkey baster.
  • A good thing By mah-tay on 3/21/2015

    Allows me to poof small clouds of reconstituted dried 'pods gently near the faces of my pipefish, in a more controlled manner than a turkey baster. The original hole is really tiny, so I cut off just a bit from the front, and I can use 'pods and brine shrimp. It allows me to poof a small cloud of reconstituted brine shrimp near the face of my mandarin, and after 3 poofings it has learned that the shrimp come from Julians thing. It is nice to see the mandarin actually eat one or two of the brine shrimp that come out. The pipefish maneurver themselves down-stream from the current so they get the clouds as it passes by them..
  • Saved my shrimp and Goby! By glen on 12/8/2014

    Couldn't wait for this thing to arrive after purchasing my black ray and pistol.
    After using it for a week they and my file fish are eating right from the tip!
  • Good Addition By Mario on 10/14/2014

    After reading the reviews, I feel this will help. I am also going to get extra tips based on the reviews I have read.
  • Ehhhh By David on 7/9/2014

    I really havent been able to make this work for my set-up. My tank is a column, so I needed to get something I could use for spot feeding. Too many tubes and extensions, and I still couldnt get it to work. Great idea, just hasnt worked for me.

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