Solid Surface Advanced Leak Detection Probe - Neptune Systems

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Solid Surface Advanced Leak Detetection Probe - Neptune Systems
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  • Solid Surface Advanced Leak Detetection Probe - Neptune Systems

Solid Surface Advanced Leak Detection Probe - Neptune Systems

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  • Great product By andrewnemeth3 on 6/4/2015

    easy to work with
  • Should i buy some of these? By TWANG on 5/18/2015

    If you are reading these reviews you must be debating whether or not to purchase some of these sensors. When i first saw the price of these things i said to myself WOW these are super expensive! Are they worth it? Well, i ended up purchasing 4 of them and sleeping better at night. I know what you are thinking, so what made me purchase them? Well, let me tell you, hold your horsie. A week ago my skimmer went haywire and water overflowed out of the collection cup. My skimmer collection cup was sticking over the side of my sump and the water was everywhere. The damage was not that bad, i had a water bug sensor that went off in the middle of the night. Since we normally don't check what is going on in our tank stands all the time there could be a water leak going on for days. So take my advice, purchase a couple of them. $100 to pay now for these can save you thousands in water damage.
  • Works good By Andrew on 5/12/2015

    This is great insurance. Works well and the alarming through email and text is awesome
  • Very sensitive! By Kendall on 4/9/2015

    I can't believe how sensitive these sensor are! Works better than I thought!
  • Works well. By MarkO on 2/28/2015

    Durable. Detects water every time.
  • Must get item By icereefer on 1/11/2015

    Plain and simple a must have if you want to prevent water on your floor.
  • So Worth the Money By Derik on 11/7/2014

    After my overflow failed and my dart pumped 30G of water onto my floor I realized that could never, ever happen again. So I bought the ALD module for my Apex and it's awesome! I wrote a simple program to kill my sump, skimmer and chiller if the ALD switch triggers. For a dry run (ha!) test I poured about a tablespoon of water on the floor of my cabinet and the ALD caught it immediately and shut everything down as well as generating an alarm. I have no worries about flooding anymore.
  • Works By Jim on 6/27/2014

    Like the LD module it just works. Now I just need to buy at least one more.
  • A must have for Large Systems By Griseum on 1/9/2014

    If you've ever seen just a few gallons of water spread out across the floor, then you know what a nightmare a large flood can be. I currently have (x2) ALD modules on my Apex with 2 Solid Surface Probes on each (x4).
    Having them spread out, and in strategic locations, I can tell where the water on the floor is coming from based upon which probe sends the alert first.
    Having it laid out this way gives me a good idea of which device is failing, allowing me to remotely turn off the outlet of the suspected piece of equipment, preventing more water from leaking.
  • WORKS GREAT By Jeff on 12/15/2013

    Haven't need yet, but tested and works great shutting off the pumps that I set up.

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