DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

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DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin
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  • DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

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  • This stuff is bad news! By DivingTheWorld on 9/13/2015

    I need to make it clear, my tank did not have an issue with Dinos. I started dosing this product to take care of Bryopsis which it clearly states it works for.

    I reduced my lighting period and removed carbon and polyfilters per instructions. I dosed 17ml every other day for 89g water volume which is the recommended dosage. With the exception of the Bryopsis, my tank was in excellent condition, fish and corals looking great.

    After 2 weeks of usage, my Bryopsis has not changed at all. What has changed is both of my cleaner shrimp which I've had over a year died. Also, a newly added Sea Hare died. Then one of my nice paired up Bangaii went carpet surfing. Over the course of the 2 weeks I have lost three of my sps and most of my others are bleaching out and losing color. A couple more are starting to STN.

    Since the only change I made is dosing this product, I can only conclude this it is this product poisoning my tank. After these two weeks I have stopped dosing, re-added polyfilter and carbon and I plan to do a water change. Hopefully I'll get my tank back to looking nice, despite the Bryopsis.
  • It doesn't work as advertise By Ramon on 9/10/2015

    I followed all the instructions and been dosing for 2 weeks now and not seeing any progress. Product is junk and waste of money.
  • It Worked! By Eric on 9/3/2015

    It just works! After two separate lights out periods, raising pH and dosing hydrogen peroxide, nothing worked to slow down the Dinos in my tank. This was my last resort. Four doses in and I don't see any Dinos. Thank you for carrying this BRS.
  • Fantastic By Randy on 8/10/2015

    I have had a this clear short hair type of algae on my rock for months barely visiable unless you are looking for it. I run everything you can run to get phosphates down. According to my hanna I have about 0.01 Phosphate but this algae would not go away. I ran this for 6 days and bam everything gone, no sign of it. I can look at my DT and not even be worried about finding this algae. Love this!
  • Works Great By Troy on 8/9/2015

    This product completely got rid of all my dinoflagellates. I love how nice my tank looks now. Nothing else worked. If it doesn't work for you, you probably done have dino.
  • EXCELLENT PRDUCT By ALEX on 6/23/2015

  • Great By larryk on 4/8/2015

    I love this stuff. Works every time 5 stars
  • Awesome! By Witzi657 on 4/4/2015

    Wiped out Dino's in 6 applications. Tank is crystal clear
  • It works By Chris on 10/14/2014

    My 80 gallon mixed reef battled dinoflagellates for almost a year. I thought i should try this since it was my last option before breaking down my tank. I went through the treatment and I am Dino free. I did not lose any coral or fish. I do recommend the largest waterchange possible once you finish treatment.
  • not worth the risk to corals By lonelyreef on 9/1/2014

    Does not work. Also some corals react negatively to this peoduct not worth the risk. Biopellets or lanthum chloride is safer and peoven long term results this is not worth it.

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