250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System - Hamilton

250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System with LEDs
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  • 250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System with LEDs
  • 250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System with LEDs View 2
  • 250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System with LEDs - Available in 3 Sizes

250W Metal Halide & T5 High Output Cebu Sun Lighting System - Hamilton

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2 Ft Cebu Sun 250W Lighting System
SKU: 207545
3 Ft Cebu Sun 250W Lighting System
SKU: 207551
4 Ft Cebu Sun 250W Lighting System
SKU: 207559
6 Ft Cebu Sun 250W Lighting System - Drop Ship
SKU: 209795
  • WOW By on 1/8/2016

    This light fixture has a quality build, very impressed. This fixture comes ready to plug and play..( Hamilton 250 watts 14K bulb and 4 blue T5 lamps. I was shocked that this fixture comes with 4 power cords, one for the fan ,one for the MH bulb, one for the first row of T5 and one more for the other row of T5. The ballast itself DOES NOT have an on/off switch, you would have to manually unplug each plug or you can use a timer or some type of controller.

    I'm glad i pulled the trigger on this buy.
  • great light By on 12/12/2015

    I think everyone by now knows the benefits of MH/T5 light fixtures. I replaced my current LED light with this as a brighter, better coverage, and light that will grow corals faster. It's been just 4 weeks and start to see better polyp extension and believe I have faster growth. Not yet enough time to really tell the LED/MH growth differences. My only complaint about this light is that it's not the radium option. I would have preferred to get the radium ballasts and bulbs than regular single ended bulbs. Something I can upgrade to later but it wasn't an option when buying this one.
  • Eceptional By on 4/16/2015

    My Acros, Green Slimmer, Montis are growing like weeds under this light. I have to frag them back all of the time. Sometimes I wish my corals would grow slower. Just took out my red monti and glued some pieces to a new rock. It had grown to the top of the water and was spreading so much it was about to crowd out other corals. love this lighting system.

    I bought a 48" Cebu Sun System with 2 x 250 Watt Metal Halides and 4-T5 from my local fish store a year ago. I LOVE IT. The corals have grown under this light better than any lighting system I have used before, especially my SPS. My pink birds nest Acros are growing like crazy. Nothing has given me better coral growth. I have been a reef hobbyist for over 16 years and have used Custom Sealife Power Compacts, SLS Tek T5 HO, Radion LED lights and now Metal Halide with T5. Metal Halide with T5 is an unbeatable combination. The halides give you a good shimmer effect to the water. The 10,000K bulb is high par and looks good with the 460nm T5 bulbs that come with it. What's nice is that you have a lot of control with this light as to how you want your tank to look which is a big plus. You have a power cord for each metal halide and a power cord for each two T5 bulbs. The two MH ballasts are small - about 7" x 5". I use one dual outlet Apollo timer for the halides and two timers for the LEDs. I warm up my tank with two T5 actinics for 20 minutes, then have the other two T5 bulbs come on and then about an hour into it have the two metal halide lamps come on for about 8 hours. There are two fans - they're not noisy - and are important for extending bulb life, especially for T5 bulbs. Fan cooling T5 bulbs makes a huge difference in their performance and life span. I have not had to change out my halides or T5 bulbs yet. The T5 Actinics really give the tank a lot of "pop". My green maze brain corals and my green frogspawns really show off well under the 460nm T5 lights. This is the best lighting system on the market right now for anyone looking to do a reef tank.
  • Big, bulky, PITA By on 3/21/2014

    I searched for quite some time looking for the number of cords for this unit prior to purchasing. I found one comment claiming it comes with one 10' lamp cord and assumed that it meant there is one cord. WRONG! Turns out there are 5 plug-ins, a HUGE ballast and there are no actual on/off switches for this light. To turn each individual light component on/off, you have to unplug it. The T-5's do not fully illuminate, the fans are very loud and there is only one LED moonlight on the left hand side to illuminate HALF of my tank while the other half is left completely dark. The glass cover is a pain to slide on and off to change light bulbs as you have to remove the legs and it does not fit under the metal lip that holds it in place. I had horrible customer service from Hamilton (once I actually got a hold of them) and was unable to return this light to Bulkreefsupply for anything more than store credit. If BRS had a 3-in-1 light with one cord and built timers (such as the Marineland model) I would be ok with that however they do not. If I could rate this product 0 stars, I would have. Very disappointed first time customer
  • Excellent light By on 4/15/2013

    Nice fixture works great nicely built

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