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MiniMax Midsize All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine

MiniMax Midsize All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine
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  • MiniMax Midsize All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine
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MiniMax Midsize All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine

SKU: 206920
14 Review(s)
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  • Nice little product. By gldnegle76 on 5/14/2015

    Well made and compact. Fits nicely into my crowded sump. I have 50 gallons total volume, so the mid size appears to handle it well.
    The only negative is I have 9" of water in that section of my sump, and as the water exits the inner chamber, it drops about 3" before it hits the water level in the outer chamber causing a dripping sound.
    Other than that, great little reactor.
  • Solid Product By Martin on 4/10/2015

    This is a high quality product. Seems solid and well made with good acrylic and nice finish. Easy to setup and adjust. Easiest piece of nano aquarium equipment I've ever installed and used.
  • Bio Pellets By Burto on 3/11/2015

    Bought this for a VERY crowded 10 gallon sump under my 29 g Nano. After very good results with bio pellets in other tanks, that was its purpose. BRS calculator suggested 1/2 cup of pellets for my system. The pump wouldn't quite tumble that much, but after reducing the amount a little, it tumbles like a champ. Runs cool and quiet. Very easy to service and appears to be very well made. Adjusting the tumble is a snap.
    I don't know about using it for carbon / GFO, or other media, but for bio pellets (in a small tank), it works great.
    Time will tell how the pump holds up.
  • It works just great. By shornik on 1/28/2015

    I needed a slim media-reactor to fit in my AIO tank and this fit the bill perfectly. I'm using it with Phos-Ban and after just some very easy tweaks to the flow it's working just fine and reducing my Phosphate as advertised. It's very convenient to be able to adjust the flow within the reactor my simply twisting the inside tube and not needing to fiddle with anything in the water.
  • Great Quality, needs better pump By tonyc4s on 6/2/2014

    Overall the quality is great. I use two of these on a 75g that has limited room on the sump so I am probably pushing its limit. I run carbon on one and phosban on the other. I have been using them for some time and I did have to replace the pump, in fact when I did I got pumps with a little more power. However the space and the quality of the tubes are impressive. Highly recommended.
  • Needs tweaking By Partagas on 5/15/2014

    So I grabbed one of these for my 38g mini. Looking at the instructions it says it fits in the column next to either left or right filter chamber. Come home and there's no way it fits. So I have to place it in the main sump comp w the return pump. I follow the instructions on their FB page, gfo and carbon separated by their sponges and both leaked out of the reactor even using the double sponge method. Now I have to come up with a way to prevent this from happening. Also while fine tuning the flow the nylon screw stripped and now won't hold the cylinder at the level I need it to. Not a good beginning. On a positive note the pump is adjustable and more than enough for my application. I'll be calling IM for a replacement holder. I expected more from the Apple of the Aquarium hobby.
  • Great for bio-pellets, decent for GFO, not so great for carbon. By ChuckR on 2/28/2014

    This reactor is simple to use and has plenty of flow to tumble BRS bio-pellets.

    I tried GFO and even when using 2 foam pads on top and bottom chunks of GFO were passing through.

    I tried carbon...this was a disaster...the sponges would not keep the carbon packed in well thus the carbon would begin to tumble.

    Dont even think about trying to pack both GFO and carbon together. The sponges won't hold the carbon in place.

  • Know what you're using it for By Scott H on 1/20/2014

    I initially decided to try biopellets, and this was the reactor of choice due to size restrictions (I put this in my HOB refugium). Great fit, and good tumble on the biopellets, but ran into other problems associated with carbon dosing, so I switched to GFO.

    As indicated by another review, this reactor has issues with GFO...barely any movement at all, and no results after a few weeks, no change in water parameters.

    For biopellets on a smaller tank, this is a good product. For other media, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Pretty great By paulo on 11/5/2013

    I recently ordered this for a 75 reef that I'm running which has had it's battles with NO4 and PO4. At first i ran GFO in this reactor, the little pump didn't seem to get a good tumble; i could see flow, but after 2 weeks, I wasn't happy with it and the NO4/PO4 still tested.

    I then removed the GFO and half filled the tube with Phosguard and the top half with Purigen. I saw immediate (next several days) results. The little cyano outbreaks stopped. And in less than a week the NO4/PO$ is untestable (0).

  • Mid size reactor pump not suitable, its only 13 to 92 GPH. By Emil on 10/18/2013

    I got the midsize, and put the biopellets, but cant even push half of a cup. They should put more power on the pump, and should be ok.

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