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Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater - Several Models Available
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  • Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater - Several Models Available
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Eheim JAGER TruTemp Aquarium Heater

  • Best Heater EVER! By Powder Kat on 8/17/2014

    There is no better heater that EHEIM. Excellent construction (German) and keeps absolutely accurate temperature. Never had a temp swing. I've purchased every heater out there and none hold temp for more than 6 months. I use the old junk ones to heat my water for changes. I put the Eheim in the tank and never touch it. Keeps perfect temp.
  • Not the best option By Anna on 8/4/2014

    I bought 300W version of this heater and I can't understand why it is rated to heat up up to 250 gallons when it can't keep up with my 120 gallons tank. The temperature does not go above 75. I have to add more heaters to keep my temperature steady,
  • Total freakin' crap! By Michael on 6/14/2014

    I cannot fathom why people think these things are worth anything. I have two differrent sizes of this heater and both have the same problem. They can't heat for crap! If I leave the window in the room open, I wake up to a 70° tank. That goes for both of them, even though they are both connected to aquacontrollers! That's right, folks! The big one in my 150 is connected to my apex, and the little one in my 16 is connected to my Reef Keeper, and they BOTH can't keep up with an open freakin' window!! Are you kidding me? A $20 off the rack heater from a big box pet store is better than these pieces of crap. Maybe I was unlucky enough to get two different lemons, but it's more likely that they are just garbage.
  • Best Heaters By Tom F on 5/5/2014

    These are simply the best heaters you can get at these prices. They are very reliable, have protection circuit and priced well enough to get redundant ones to ensure the tank never gets too cold.
  • Good heater over all By Stephane on 5/1/2014

    At first i was looking forward to getting this heater. I loved the fact that i can 'calibrate it'. however, the instructions are ok, but i find lacks details. I sometimes have a hard time readjusting the heater. The red ring still confuses me and im still unsure if it actually does anything. At one point i was trying to adjust it over 4 days. i got really frustrated with it and was considering getting an 'old school' heater. But, i manage to understand it enough to set it.

    as for the quality itself... it's solid! very well made and you can see they did spend time making a quality product. I just wished that. It's very consisted with temperature. I use both a tape thermometer and digital and there are no temp swings. my Digital reports 80.1 consistently when ever i check.
  • Stable By David on 4/22/2014

    Does exactly what you want from a heater. Provides consistent temp with no temp swing i can tell.
  • Works well By Rafael on 4/8/2014

    No complaints seems reliable
  • Works well By Rafael on 4/8/2014

    Seems to work well. Sturdy construction
  • Not Good By Jabaar on 3/19/2014

    I have this on my 65 gal, I have it set at 78, my tank will swing to 79 then to 76 in one day. Its hard to read the dial. Plus it has this two way dial up system that maybe I really did get. Im getting a reefkeeper, witch should fix this problem. I know a lot of people like this product, and mine maybe just a lemon, but I prob won't by this brand again
  • 50W on holding tank By Adam on 2/21/2014

    No grips. Bullet proof consistency. Buy with confidence.

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