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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Submersible Heater
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  • Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Submersible Heater
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Cobalt Aquatics
Neo-Therm Submersible Heater

  • Nope By Everett on 8/17/2014

    I would not buy one of these again. As mentioned in other reviews this heater stops working and takes out anything else its plugged into. For me it was my heater controller. it also leaked voltage into the tank.
  • 4 heaters. product FAIL. By Subodh on 8/6/2014

    An otherwise neat looking product; This **was** what I once thought the best heater in the market. On my 200 Gallon with a 50 Gallon sump, I've tried almost every other brand and they all eventually fail within 6 months. This one lasted a bit longer than that (about a year). Average life of the heater seems to be around 6-8 months. I've had 4 of these (200 W) explode in my sump and trip the GFCI.
    Yes, I understand salt+electricity is a bad combo to begin with itself but I hate the smell/stink when these blow. They aren't cheap by any means so I might as well switch back to the glass heaters. At least they visibly get dirty and don't explode like these.

    For those who're interested, these heaters all fail at the bottom plastic edge with a big crack (weird considering the top is what most people would assume to fail first) and if you're not running a GFCI + probe on your aquarium, these heaters (and most likely most all other brands) can leak serious voltage.
  • So Let Down By Aaron on 7/8/2014

    The heater exploded in my sump. All the fish are dead. All the shrimp are dead. The coral looks very bad.

    I have never felt so let down my a product.
  • like the flat design (150) By shawn on 7/2/2014

    Keeps temp in my Nuvo 38 gal within 1degree of setting. Nice flat design with snap in suction mount. Working well and would recomend.
  • Love this heater By Lionel on 4/10/2014

    Although the cost is slightly higher than other models, after having 4 glass heaters fail on me within the first 6 months, there is good value with a 3 year warranty.
    Also nice to have a heater that has the indicator and sleek design
  • So far works great By Ryan on 4/7/2014

    Have only been using it for 1 week but the product has been working as advertised. Currently using the heater to heat a tub to cook rock in m,y garage and the temp has bee really steady even in the morning when it's pretty cold.
  • Busted within 2 months of purchase By Kailua-Kona on 3/24/2014

    The 200W Neo-Therm is a great product when it's working. The plastic shell busted within 2 months of service and now the heating element is dead.

    I have tried to contact Cobalt customer service, but I am still waiting for a reply.

  • These are very solid units!! By Sean on 3/20/2014

    Cobalt has done a fantastic job with these heaters. I got two 200W units and am very impressed with how solid they are built. The only thing I could ask for would be better suction cups that hold them to the inside of your sump or tank.
  • Great product! By Luis on 2/24/2014

    Great product! My temperature used to swing +-1 degree with my old heater. Ever since I put my new neo therm heater in my swings dropped to +-0.2 degree. Very accurate, indestructible, small footprint and easy to read thermometer.
  • Leaks Voltage By Worm5406 on 1/21/2014

    I bought 4x 200 watt versions of these. I have now had 2 of them die and leak voltage into the tank. They not only leak voltage they both would not light their own lights and even show they were on. I took a voltage meter and tested it numerous times, and replaced it and the 90VAC in the tank disappeared. I would understand one... but two within a week time span in unacceptable.

    I have had one get a thermal barrier around it in bubbles and stop heating.

    I do NOT think these are what they are cracked up to be. I had high hopes for them but with 50% failure, I am sure I will be sending them all back and switching to the old standby, glass... Even though I do not wan to, I can not stand being shocked.

    After I left the two bad ones outside the tank they turned back on and stop leaking voltage.

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