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Lunar Simulator Module: LSM & Lunar LED String - Neptune Systems

Lunar Simulator Module: LSM & Lunar LED String
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  • Lunar Simulator Module: LSM & Lunar LED String
  • LSM Lunar LED String – 2 LEDs
  • LSM Lunar LED String – 3 LEDs
  • LSM Lunar LED String – 4 LEDs
  • LSM Lunar LED String – 5 LEDs

Lunar Simulator Module: LSM & Lunar LED String - Neptune Systems

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Lunar Simulator Module: LSM - Neptune Systems
SKU: 207501
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Lunar Simulator 2-String LED -Neptune Systems
SKU: 207502
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Lunar Simulator 3-String LED -Neptune Systems
SKU: 207503
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Lunar Simulator 4-String LED -Neptune Systems
SKU: 207504
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Lunar Simulator 5-String LED -Neptune Systems
SKU: 207505
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  • Plug and Play By Thomas on 4/6/2015

    i recently reprogrammed my Apex controller to simulate the actual timing of sunrise/sunset via the "If SUN" command. In doing so, I thought, well if I replicate the du 's cycle, why not the moon as well!

    Fast forward to the arrival of my LSM module and two-string (LED) moonlights.

    You might be asking yourself, "is it difficult to install/program?" The answer is: Nope! The product is as described in my subject line i.e. Plug & Play. The Apex unit does all the heavy lifting for you! My moonlights were up and running in no time flat thanks to the awesome design of Neptune's Apex controller.
  • Great looking moon lights By Ray on 1/30/2015

    Easy to setup. Plug in, Apex will add the program for you. The color on the lights is great. The only problem is that I would like more wire between the bulbs. It works great in a hood, but if you are using any kind of gooseneck mount, you will end up with a wire draped from one gooseneck to the other. Great system other than that.
  • easy By ward on 12/23/2014

    Pretty cool. Just plug it in and the system recognizes it. I use the default program they have on it and have found no need to change it.
  • Great lights By Mark on 11/21/2014

    I use the three light one over my 180 and it is strong enough that it lights up the tank very well.
  • Beautiful By Christian on 9/26/2014

    Have mine set to follow the season table, but also falls back to 1% when all other lighting is off. Tank is in the study off our master bedroom, and the light dims low enough as not to disturb the wife at night. With Apex, you have full control of how the LSM performs. Great product!
  • Would recomended By Mark on 9/17/2014

    I got the 3 led for my 180 gallon tank and it is perfect. Lights up the tank nicely .
  • Good but not the Best Apex Component By Greg on 8/11/2014

    While the unit is simple and easy to set up. The light strings could be better. Having a form of modularity would really have helped as the strings aren't one size fits all. I bought a two light string as it was the recommended for a 48" tank. With my Kessil pendants I've had issues placing the moonlights in a way that gives perfect coverage. Also a disconnect near the hood would have been nice as to remove the hood you have to remove the lights first. I'm sure I can rig something over time but these seem to be low hanging fruit options.
  • Excellent product. By William on 7/26/2014

    Easy to hook up. Programs itself. Awesome product. Set it and forget it.
  • Great addition By Gregory on 4/23/2014

    A great addition to my tank. Apex controls make simulating the lunar cycle very easy. I have a 48", 150 gal DT and the two strand LED cable give off a very nice low-level moon light.
  • Excellent By Chris on 4/1/2014

    I bought the 5 string of LED's for the Lunar Simulation Module and I couldn't be happier. The first thing I noticed was that when the lights go out in the tank, my fish no longer freak out and scatter looking for hiding spots. Instead, they just slowly cruise and wind down their days eventually making their way to hiding spots while the bigger fish cruise the reef to feed on any plankton or other food. Being able to look at the reef after the main lights go out is a beautiful thing. Some of the zoas stay open while others close up. It's interesting to see which corals stay open and active and which ones go to sleep for the night. Great product. I love my apex.

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