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Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity Probe
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  • Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity Probe

Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe - Neptune Systems

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  • Kinda Finicky. By Franklyn on 12/17/2014

    The probe is kinda finicky to calibrate. Took multiple times of calibrating to getting working right. After working great for a few months it began to drift. Again was a pain to recalibrate. One calibrated its pretty accurate. I compared it with my refractor and there's a very minimal difference..
  • Works great By Cesar on 12/13/2014

    It was a bit challenging to set up and calibrate but once I did it has performed great. Very precise and a great layer of redundancy to alert me if something has gone wrong with my ATO or automatic water changes.

    Get it.
  • Neptune Systems Conductivity Calibration Solution is required in separate purchase By Brian on 12/9/2014

    I wish I would have known I needed to purchase the Neptune Systems Conductivity Calibration Solution. For as expensive probe, you would think the solution would be included. Neptune should have its dealers note solution is needed. I little unhappy to have to place a second order for the solution. Contacting Neptune.

  • Please add the solution or atleast reccoment to buy it By steve on 4/19/2014

    Please notify it doesnt came with the solution, now i have to order the solution before instal this, i was thinking it came with the solution like the ph one, for the cost of this im preatty sure u can send the solution like the ph. Regards
  • Awesome product By RedReefer on 1/31/2014

    Once dialed in, this probe is rock-steady! With my Apex I can do automatic water changes and I can set my auto top off to pull RO/DI water OR new saltwater to fine-tune the salinity to 35 PPT, automatically corrected for temperature. I do this from my iPhone! :) however, the calibration procedure is tricky at first. You need to be patient with it and let the numbers "settle" for a good 10 minutes or so and keep the solution the same temperature as the tank-water. (Many people seem to have trouble initially calibrating, myself included.) Once calibrated, it will probably drift down slightly due to micro-bubbles. This is easily fixed (if placed in a sump) by placing the probe at a 45 degree angle away from bubble sources and placing a foam "barrier" a few inches a way from it. I just use a cut-to-fit filter pad.
  • Spot on! By Christopher on 11/12/2013

    This is a great conductivity probe. Some have reported problems and I to had problems initially. I found for me the key was to be patient when the probe is in the settling process during calibration. It takes some time for the probe to settle out. Another issue was placement. I have this probe in the return section of my sump where circulation is great and micro bubbles are at a minimum. One last thing is the temp probe, you must use a temp probe to gain accurate and STABLE readings. If not your salinity reading will change with temperature. Great product by neptune and great service and prices from BRS!!!!
  • Had some difficulty... By Russ on 10/1/2013

    I couldn't get mine to calibrate properly through the manual interface and had to do it on the web interface, even after updating firmware. Reading about it on forums says I wasn't the only one with trouble and a lot of people had trouble getting it to calibrate accurately. Still, it seems people (as well as myself) atleast got it really close so we can use it to monitor for changes which is all you really need. Knowing what I know now I still would have bought it, but I think they could have specified a little more that salinity isn't really exactly the same as conductivity.
  • Excellent product, accurate & dependable By Vanore on 9/13/2013

    I was put off on this probe for 6+ months due to the price. I have had it running for less than a week now, and I seriously should have purchased it with my original apex order. If you own a hydrometer, forget about it. use it for backup. This probe calibrated fast, and is spot on. It is an incomparable tool once you use it. BRS also had the best price, and shipping rates.

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