Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Magnetic Cleaner
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Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

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  • Flipper Magnetic Cleaner By Brian C. on 3/28/2016

    This thing works great. Easy to use and does a great job. I would recommend it.
  • Great cleaner, very easy to use By dmolavi on 2/2/2016

    The magnets on this are crazy strong, and make for easy transitions between the two cleaning "modes", and to get from one wall to the next without having to reach in and move the cleaner with your hands.
  • Great product By Doug D. on 1/18/2016

    By far the best magnet cleaner I have used Gets all algae off the glass with ease
  • Best I've Used By Jessica on 11/24/2015

    Love this cleaner. I use the blade side always and it scrapes through algae like it's not even there. It always leaves my tank looking crystal clear. Product support is lacking but there are videos out there to show you how to use it and once you learn the trick it's simple to do. I simply use it, remove it from the tank and clean with fresh water and let it air dry. Love being able to scrape down into the sand without the worry of scratching my glass. I'm still paranoid and very careful but I've yet to have an issue.
  • should have bought one along time ago By Mike on 11/22/2015

    It does what it says. My first thought was it was too light to work. I use it on a 75 and it works perfectly for me.
  • Awesome product By Bruno on 11/16/2015

    Product Does exactly what it is designed to do. Takes some practice and understanding of how the magnets work. I have noticed it's easier for me to flip the sides around in an area with less water movement.
  • Ok, but there is probably better By kim on 11/13/2015

    My review may be lower than it should be based on user error, however, before writing this, I did go on Flipper website to see "how to videos" and they are probably the worst informative videos I have come across in a long time. So user error or not, I am reviewing poorly.

    1) there are almost zero directions that come with this product. Sure, it's pretty easy to set up, but I still like directions.
    2) the Flipper website is one of the worst I've come across. I tried to learn how to set it up (best way, like which way to store it, should blade be kept out of water, etc) but there is nothing.
    3) i find it near impossible to flip. obviously I am doing something wrong because everyone else does not have a problem. I also did a video search how to flip it and their how to videos are useless. Most of them just play elevator music in the background while some hand flips it with ease. There is no instruction or clear picture how the hand is actually flipping it.
    4) my tank is new, so I have not used the blade side, but the sponge side leaves something to be desired. Even after rinsing/rubbing the cleaner, I still get random white film streaks in and on my tank wherever I move the device. At this stage, it makes my tank dirtier than when it started. Again, I searched this online, and found nothing useful.

    I really want to like this product because I think it's a good idea. If any of you have suggestions what I am doing wrong, it would greatly be appreciated as I know this will come in handy in the near future when things start growing in my tank.

    For right now, I would not recommend this product. However, once I learn how to use it properly, I may change my mind.
  • Does the job well By Hobby on 11/3/2015

    I don't know if it is because I have never had a great glass cleaner, but this thing is flipping amazing! Algae came right off the glass! I've always had to use my arm and a sponge before this thing...
  • Does the job By MJ on 10/19/2015

    So far so good at getting the softer stuff off the glass. Time will tell if the blade will work on the harder stuff, but seems like it should. I like the option of blade vs pad without having to switch out to a different cleaner.
  • Awesome, wish I saw the "Max" when I ordered By Flyboy on 10/8/2015

    Best cleaner yet! Quickly & easily fully cleans the glass. Best thing is I have built in cabinets on the sides of the tank & the magnet is strong enough to still control the cleaner in the tank, albeit at much less strength, but still easily removes the gunk! Great cleaner!

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