Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Magnetic Cleaner
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Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

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  • Not bad By on 3/21/2017

    Competitive price. Works reasonably well but disappointed wet-side does not float. Need to reduce flow for best flipping.
  • Flips perfectly By on 2/27/2017

    read the instructions, a little hand & eye coordination - wala - Love it
  • Love it! By on 2/9/2017

    Finally can clean the glass around the rocks where I haven't been able to reach with the wand style. Very well constructed.
  • Works great By on 1/30/2017

    works great and fairly easy to use! I use this on all my customers tanks and it really saves my arm when I have to do multiple large tanks a day! highly recommend
  • Clean more often = neater, healthier tank By on 1/1/2017

    Steel blades on glass work well, plastic on acrylic a little less. On smaller tanks the magnet is strong enough to cause some tank movement (maybe smaller flipper is needed. Going around corners is fairly easy, flipping takes a little practice. In all it does a good job with less effort so I'll clean the tank more regularly - a winner.
  • WOW! By on 12/16/2016

    I've had stick scraper and various window cleaners and NOTHING comes close to doing a good job as this thing. It takes a bit to learn how to flip it but once you get the hang of it, its pretty sweet! it scraps off coraline with 1-2 passes and regular algea in 1 pass. AWESOME product
  • Worth the money By on 12/14/2016

    Picked one of these up for my 12 MM glass. Cleans away dust on the glass with ease on the felt side. Flipping it can be a bit tricky, but it works well.

  • Great product By on 12/12/2016

    The flipper magnetic cleaner has a strong magnet that allows for effective cleaning of the tanks glass/acrylic. I will be purchasing another when the time comes.
  • Works but acrylic owners /w caution By on 12/8/2016

    I have used this, with replacement acrylic blades over the past 2 years and it has delivered some nasty scratches inside my tank from simple use. It works so I gave it two stars.
  • Not for half inch glass, but otherwise pretty good By on 11/22/2016

    I bought this for an aquarium with half inch glass and before long gave up - despite what the manufacture's ratings say, go for the MAX model for half inch. However, I switched this to my other tank with 3/8 inch glass and it works well. The simplicity of being able to switch quickly between scraper and scrubber is great, the magnet is plenty strong enough for 3/8 glass, and the ability to clean down into the sand is good. The scrubber side is just OK, its pretty soft (for glass) so if you get lazy like me it won't clean the glass if you have a few days buildup and start getting the tougher stuff - gotta use the scraper. Cleaning every day or so, it works good, but I prefer a bit rougher scrubber like on some of the other brands overall. Second, its pretty "fuzzy" for lack of a better term, and tends to catch bits of sand that get thrown up while using the scraper side - watch for them when you flip it over. Finally, the scrubber seems to be not replaceable - I've only had it for a month so I'm not sure yet how it will hold up, but this is a point of concern.