Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Magnetic Cleaner
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Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

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  • Awesome, wish I saw the "Max" when I ordered By Flyboy on 10/8/2015

    Best cleaner yet! Quickly & easily fully cleans the glass. Best thing is I have built in cabinets on the sides of the tank & the magnet is strong enough to still control the cleaner in the tank, albeit at much less strength, but still easily removes the gunk! Great cleaner!
  • Love it! By Justin on 9/23/2015

    works great on 1/2' glass walls doesn't studder as much as the other well know brand many are familiar with. when moving very fluid feeling and love that you can flip in the tank to the blade side and don't need to add/remove the scrapper part. It has done really well at removing the fine algae that grows on my new tank. I think it will do well against coraline algae too or maybe it does just never builds up enough to notice. Highly recommend great value for the price. One note it does take a little practice to flip and only real down side is the inside tank part does not float so if you miss or it becomes detached you'll be reaching to the bottom of you tank to get it back if you can't get the magnet to grab hold.
  • Best magnet cleaner you will ever get By Lukasz on 9/16/2015

    This is hands down the best magnet cleaner you will ever get. Cleans tough algae with one pass, with one flip you can clean right next to the sand. Look no further, this is the one you want
  • First magnet By moose897 on 8/18/2015

    This is my first magnet cleaner and worth every penny. Very strong magnet do be careful. Works great on glass. Great for getting below the sand line of my tank.
  • Money well spent. By Buy this thing! on 7/18/2015

    This glass cleaner is worth every penny! I no longer have to use a scraper with a handle to clean the glass. It works great to clean the edge of the sand.
  • Great product By Earl T. on 7/13/2015

    This is a great tool. It is by far the best glass cleaner on the market today. Most of the film that I get on the glass the pad will take it off, but if it is getting crusty, flip it over and it scrapes it right off. Should not be used on acrylic, it will scratch.
  • Outstanding By Bigowl on 7/3/2015

    Hands down the best algae scrapper I've ever used. It removes coralline algae with ease thanks to the blade and the felt side gets the rest. If you're tired of reaching in your tank to scrape hard algae, this is the product for you!
  • Works as I expected By Jay on 5/5/2015

    I have been using this to clean my tank for over a year now and it does a great job. I also Enjoy the ease of flipping the razor to the scrubbing.
  • Leaves scratches on my acrylic By sjohnson2152 on 4/19/2015

    Like the idea of the magnet and it works well for the most part. It has a strong magnet and is easy to flip but I have found that the scraper side (w/plastic blades made for acrylic) sometimes leaves scratches on my acrylic walls which is a bummer. When using the scraper side I find that if I turn the magnet at all (ie spin clockwise/counter-clockwise) it leaves a scratch. It does the job w/out scratching if I am very careful and use a very straight up/down motion (if magent is vertical) or left/right motion (if magnet is horizontal). If I want to turn the magnet a different direction I have to pull the outside magnet away from the tank so the pull is not so strong b/w the magnets and guide the scraper side to the direction I want which can be a bit tricky. It does take coralline right off though and I have been able to clean very close to the sand bed w/out it trapping sand under the blade.
  • Best all around cleaner By Joeboots on 2/19/2015

    This is by far the best glass cleaner on the market!! I have owned almost every other brand scraper and have scratched my glass multiple times trying to clean too close to the sandbed or by leaving the cleaners in my tank and having sand or whatever get lodged between the pad and glass. With the "flip" action of the Flipper you can get basically into your sandbed and never worry about pulling any sand granules along with it. The felt pad is much more efficient at cleaning the glass then those Velcro pads other companies use. The magnet is strong enough to clean your average build up of a few days but not so strong that you struggle moving it along the glass. I store the flipper out of my tank as you should with all cleaners so that you don't risk the chance of sand getting caught between the cleaner and glass and scratch your tank as Ive learned from experience. This also will help prolong the life of the cleaner. Great product glad I gave it a shot and have been recommending it to all my tank buddies.

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