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Vertex Dosing Vessel Storage Containers - 3 Sizes
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  • Vertex Dosing Vessel 2.5L Tall - Disassembled
  • Vertex Dosing Vessel Storage Containers - 3 Sizes
  • Vertex Dosing Vessel 2.5L Tall with Packaging
  • Vertex Dosing Vessel 2.5L Tall with Packaging - Disassembled

Vertex Dosing Vessel Storage Container

  • great vessel By mike on 5/3/2014

    Felt I should write something after reading all the reviews.
    1. The little diaphragm valve is really to keep the vacuum low as liquid is pumped out.
    2. Those who can't keep primed use a check valve.
    3. only leaking I've had is when pushing the top on, the air displaces and forces water out, however a custom threaded hole and stem with valve works great.
  • Aesthetics without Utility By RecentlyPurchased on 3/12/2014

    These are beautiful cylinders that hold liquid.

    Air bubbles in my lines
  • It Leaked!!! By TimK on 2/8/2014

    I purchased 2 @ 5.0L and 1 @ 2.5L. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that they apparently don't leak test these things.... I filled it up.. went to get my Soda Ash came back to almost .5L on my stand. This just happened to me so I can't speak to the return process or company experience but at $85 you'd think they would have taken the time to check for leaks on each unit.
  • For this price it should hold water. By Saltyhog on 2/7/2014

    Love everything about it except both of mine started leaking within a few months. Not fast but enough to leave calcium and carbonate residue that almost cements the container to the stand.
  • Works fine By Bruce on 1/22/2014

    I have had no issues with mine. I am using the BRS 1.1 ML pumps and - although I had some air bubbles in the lines - they seemed to work their way out. Expensive - but very nice looking.
  • READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!! By newbie on 1/18/2014

    So I got two of these tall skinny vessels which hold about 1.5 Qts each. They look great but they have a problem. If you are using a low pressure doser like BulkReefSupplys 1.1ml/min like I am then they won't work without a fix. There is a rubber air inlet gasket on the top which I assume is for pressure systems where you pump air into the vessel to force the fluid out the straw. If you do this then go ahead and use the vessels as is but if you are like me you will have to get rid of these. I took a sharp skinny spike and worked it a little until I created a hole for air go easily pass into the vessel as I withdrew fluid. Make sure to do this of you have peristaltic pumps pulling fluid out of these. Mine work great now and have a great skinny foot print.
  • Clean Design works as described By Tim on 1/9/2014

    I can't speak for those that have issues but I can say that I have experienced none. Granted I have had these setup only to test but they have worked flawlessly for days on end... Love the look of them and they are definitely the quality you'd expect from this manufacturer

  • air bubbles air bubbles air bubbles! By Ty on 1/3/2014

    when if first got the containers, the build quality and packaging was A1!
    As for real world use........from day one I was constantly fighting air bubbles forming in the discharge lines, every morning id be repriming the lines trying to flick with me finger the air out as it primes. its forsure the JG 1/4 on top, they are designed for pressure applications not vacuum(I use them for work all the time).
  • Great looking vessel and easy to stack By RickyRicardo on 12/25/2013

    Great design, it looks good and works well. From the moment I received the box I was in awe. Does take some getting used too to open it without splashing, but with the design you should have nothing left in it!
  • Not working By Joe R on 10/6/2013

    No matter what I try I cannot get and keep the fluids drawing from these containers. If I simply put the flexible tubing into the fluid it draws immediately. As soon as I connect it to the lid it will not draw. I must be having the same issue with air bubbles because all of my lines were empty. Is it the connection? Wish I knew but I'm about to just use some milk jugs!!!!

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