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VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems
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  • VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems

VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems

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  • Make A Great Product Better By Mitchel on 4/12/14

    Vortech powerheads are already a great product. Make them better with the WXM from Neptune. Gives you more control of your overall system (you have to love accessing from a tablet/smart phone). Would definitely recommend this module if you have Vortech powerhead(s).
  • Another great product from Neptune By Mikeyz on 4/4/14

    Another great product from Neptune, plug it in mount it and your done. BRS once again shipped it out fast and safe can't ask for anything more. The only issue was the instructions are for the older software ( not Fusion) so I had to figure it out on my own, but it wasn't hard to do.
  • Very useful By Brian on 3/31/14

    A very useful tool now that you can integrate your Radion lights along with the pumps. A little difficult to pair the pumps with the WXM but if you follow the directions carefully it works fine. The new Fusion software from Neptune is very good as well and makes the WXM seamless.
  • Very Happy By Tim on 2/6/14

    I had a bumpy start with the unit but I believe that is due to purchasing the Apex only days before. Once I understood the whole process things went very smoothly. The directions that come with the product are adequate but to me not perfectly clear.

    With that all said I contacted Apex and within 12 hours they had responded and helped me out completely.

    Great customer service with Apex. Makes this purchase a total win for me
  • Even More Control By James on 1/14/14

    If you have an Apex controller and any Vortech pumps you should buy this. The extra level of control and ease of use this adds to the already great pumps is worth the price. You will have to set up profiles on the Apex so if you're not familiar with that it may take a little time. It's not difficult, but will require a few more steps than you might be used to. After that though, you can schedule various modes throughout the day and even change them for feed cycles. Really simple, or complex it's totally up to you.
  • Works, but you need to understand profiles By Jeff on 12/31/13

    I was excited to receive this and had a bit of trouble getting it to pair with the MP10w. One thing that isnt very clear, is that you need to go into setup in your apex module and setup profiles that match the MPs abilities and then determine what intensity you want. Once you figure it out, it works, but it does take a bit of work on the front end.
  • Brings my setup together By Corey on 12/24/13

    Using this to control my MP40's. Now my entire system is controlled by my Apex. Binding everything together with the feed modes is very slick. I really like all of Neptune's products, well made and well supported.
  • recommended By Jason on 12/17/13

    Very easy to setup and a breeze to use.
  • Easy Setup - Great Control By Stephen on 12/11/13

    I've read forum posts about folks having difficulty getting the WXM set up and updating firmware and such. As long as you carefully follow the step by step instructions from Neptune it's actually pretty easy. I set mine up and programmed it in under an hour.
    The level of control over your pumps that this provides amazed me. You actually have a finer level of control then through Ecotech's ESL. I highly recommend this item.
  • Like a Magic Wand for your tank By Alex on 11/25/13

    Works great. Easy to set up. I can now make adjustments to my MP40wES's from anywhere in the world. Great product.

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