VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems

VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems
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  • VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems

VorTech Wireless Module: WXM - Neptune Systems

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  • Great product, needs technical writer for Neptune. By Drew on 5/31/2015

    TIP: Be sure to update to most recent firmware and then reset rado updating Apex firmware go mow lawn and restart everything when you get back, Your installation will go smooth.

    Plenty of control. You gain stable reliable control by abandoning Ecosmart. You lose some refinements of the unstable interface of Eco"Smart". You loose easy access to acclimation periodization and % randomness of cloudy days. Cloudy days seems fluffy but is appealing feature and looks realistic. I am sure this will be included in time.
  • Must-Have for Vortech Owners By Jason on 4/15/2015

    I use this module to control my Vortech MP-10's and absolutely love the ability to quickly and easily control the pumps. Very nice to be able to slow them down for feeding and take advantage of some of their default programs throughout the day and night. Setup could not have been easier. Highly recommended for all Vortech users.
  • Great Product By RDM on 2/20/2015

    Makes wireless connection of Ecotech Radions and Vortech pumps to an Apex system pretty painless. Highly recommended.
  • Easy Set-Up - Customer Service By 4fishman on 2/5/2015

    Set up was a breeze syncing my 2 vortech MP's. Shipment arrived and was obviously damaged. Called BRS and received the return shipping label by email. Received the replacement in about a week. Folks at BRS were very helpful.
  • Automation is cool By Cliff on 12/1/2014

    The WXM is just one more great offering from Neptune. I've been using this for several months to control my Radions and Vortech pumps. The Radions initially had a little glitch, but after an Ecotech driver update, everything cleared up. This is one of several modules I own, and would recommend this to any reefer. All hail Neptune Systems!!
  • Great product, no issues so far By Eddie KMD on 11/19/2014

    This product works as advertised. I'm glad I got it so I can use my Apex to control my pumps. Once installed, Apex automatically configures a default program but of course it's totally customizable.
  • Great product By Michael on 11/14/2014

    Now I have more control of my mp40s and it was very easy to sync!!!
  • Easy to use and endless control By DJW on 10/17/2014

    Once synced to my MP40's i was able to change the flow patterns throughout the day. Right now i have my own version of a long pulse nutrient transport mode that I'm fine tuning over a few weeks. After the first few weeks of having it I'm impressed and its exactly what I wanted it for. This product may have swayed my next light purchase to be radions... but thats yet to be determined.
  • No more dragging the laptop to the aquarium! By Alex on 9/21/2014

    Until now, I had been keeping an old crappy laptop with my tank so I could have it physically connected to the Radion lights. No More. Now my 3 MP40s and my 3 Radion lights are all connected through my WXM, and all controllable from the palm of my hand. Well worth the price.

    If I had one complaint, it is that the "weather" (lightning and cloud cover) is not as controllable as it was through the native Radion software.
  • love technology By JOE on 9/14/2014

    Love the wxm module i have it controlling my two vortechs and g3 radion pros with my neptune system and this ust made it so much better was a little frustrating setting up just if you have stuff made passed 2010 updating the wxm is really a breeze and allot of steps on the instructions you can pass up and go directly connecting pumps or lights.

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