Energy Bar 8 - Neptune Systems

Energy Bar 8 - Neptune Systems
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  • Energy Bar 8 - Neptune Systems
  • Energy Bar Graph Showing Soft-Start Feature of Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8

Energy Bar 8 - Neptune Systems

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  • Great By Ken on 1/20/2016

    Love the Apex system. I bought this EB8 to control my QT. Being able to check remotely and set program failsafes is a relief when going away for vacation.
  • Works just like you think it should. By David on 1/18/2016

    Great product! I added it to my existing system as a expansion. Synchronized right up and gave me no problems.
  • Great By Peter on 1/7/2016

    This is my third energy bar. just can't go wrong with neptune plug and play system
  • Failed in less than six months. By Mo on 11/7/2015

    Thought this was great until my GFI kept tripping when turning things off for feeding. Finally unplugged everything and it still happened. I pressed the reset button to no avail. I also tried another GFI plug and it tripped also. Hopefully, Apex will replace this defective part.
  • Great Product By thebreederscorner on 7/31/2015

    This is my second energy bar and I absolutely love them. They give me so much more control over my tank, from float switches to my protein skimmer, lights, and reactors. I would highly recommend anyone with a reef tank to get a controller and the more energy bars you have the more enjoyable your reefing experience is.
  • Wokrs great, By StarFishMan on 6/9/2015

    These are very handy. Especially when supporting more than one tank. As in sump, tank number one, tank number two, etc. Although can be a bit overwhelming at times getting every outlet programmed just right the fact that you can add several of these daisy chaining them together like this is AWESOME. There is probably a limit to the total number you can use with one Apex controller but I am three and counting without problems!

    Note I also use many of the male to male type "A" USB 2 cables. These are nothing special and actually the USB standard so "any" non active type or extension USB type male A to type male A are going to work just fine. I bought some from other sources before I realized that BSR offers these cables. In my case I am now using 25 foot and 50 foot cables for the outlets to Apex Gold controller without any issues at all. I suspect that even 75 to 100 feet is probably going to work fine with them.

    In my case I looked at 4 outlets but thought that after all the effort of running custom cables and plugs in the wall for these might as well spend more on the 8 outlets. For USB in the wall nice connectors male type to accept these I use the site They have everything you need and even offer male to male type USB cables as well as keystone connectors to make installing them in the wall nice and clean.
  • Wonderful product By Daniel on 4/21/2015

    I love this thing. Ordered two EB8 a week ago. This thing is awesome. I programmed my apex to do so much. So easy to link the two EB8 together. Awesome
  • Excellent By TanReefer on 4/8/2015

    Great addition to the Gold System. Does what it's supposed to...adds 8 controllable plugs.
  • the Porsche of Aquarium controller components By debby on 3/28/2015

    need I say more? Ferrari or Lamborghini more your style? Apex components are IT!
  • Eb8 By Vish on 3/25/2015

    Works great ..

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