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  • Neptune Systems Apex Controller with Lab Probe

Apex Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems

SKU: 207491

  • A must have By Nick on 4/14/14

    When I was looking at this hobby I decided I had to have a controller. I made up my mind with the Apex and I don't regret it. It was easy to setup, but the instructions are a joke. They recommend you to mrsaltwatertv. Additionally the display screen stopped working after two weeks, I had to ship it back and they returned it, took maybe 2 weeks without a screen.

    Anyways, if you are reading this, buy one. The monitoring, control and safeties are a must.
  • Good product easy to set up By DTACTION on 3/14/14

    This product was pretty simple to set up, for a tech guy like me. The apex gives a lot of options and covers just about everything one can think of. So far so good It's been up and running for a 3 weeks and no problems.
  • Awesome By Andrew on 3/6/14

    This was worth the money spent. No longer have to worry if I forgot to turn something on our off while I'm away. I wouldn't get any other system to control and monitor my tank.
  • Tank Control By Matt on 2/17/14

    This is a great piece of equipment to have. It allows you to set up automation for your whole system. I have the PH probe, as well as the Temp probe and all my equipment is connected to my Apex. It allows me to monitor and make changes to my take remotely and can even alert me if it detects anything unusual. The only reason I gave it 4 starts out of 5 is because it can get a little complicated setting everything up until you get used to how everything works.
  • The manual is absolute crap! By Michael on 2/15/14

    Both manuals for this thing are pure garbage. WARNING: In the manual they suggest turning on a Microsoft Windows protocol called Telnet. DO NOT DO THIS! Not only is it completely unnecessary (seriously, you don't have to do it at all and the controller will work), if you turn on the Telnet protocol you will probably (almost certainly) get a virus on your PC. Also, on the Energy Bar 8, 6 outlets are solid state, and 2 outlets are controlled by a mechanical relay. The solid state outlets MAY NOT TURN OFF with a low voltage appliance (you a DOSER!). If you have to plug in a doser to one of the solid state outlets, get a extension cord with an extra outlet on it. Plug in your doser, and in one of the other cord outlets plug in a old cellphone charger. That will bring the total voltage on the solid state outlet up high enough to turn n and off when you want it to, but isn't anywhere near too much to overload the outlet.
    Somehow, these guys make the best aqua controller on the market right now. If EcoTech makes one, these guys might be in trouble. Also, their app for Android is crap, too.
  • Works as described By Bruce on 1/22/14

    It took me a little time to get the email and text messaging working - but the tech support is great. Plus lots of on line help.
  • Don't Reef Without It By Joe on 1/16/14

    I was concerned about the cost, but a few months later, can't believe I ever lived without it. Worth every penny. Even bought a second 8-bar unit and a 50-ft USB extension ( to hook it up to my infinity edge on the other side of the room with a conductivity probe. Now I don't have to worry about salinity fluctuations in that horribly difficult aquarium!
  • Only a little intimidating By Robert on 12/18/13

    Well worth the price for lab grade, if you dont want to read instructions just remember, aquabus ports are not for usb devices haha. Wish i got this years ago!!!!
  • Excellent product and a must have for vacations! By Jeff on 12/13/13

    Mr Saltwater Tank setup videos were a huge help! So far with a little research I have found what I needed for the Advanced Control Type option. Now to find time to read over the huge online manual!
  • SUPER CONTROLLER By Eric on 12/12/13

    I am just beginning to understand the capabilities of this controller. Thats what I love about it. The possibillities are almost endless. This removes tons of headaches in managing my tank. I am very happy I got this.

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