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  • Neptune Systems Apex Controller with Lab Probe

Apex Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems

SKU: 207491

  • Great product! By Ed on 8/13/2014

    At first I was a little frustrated setting up,however most issues were mistakes I had made. Apex fusion works seamlessly so far. I have added WXM and leak detection. I am very happy with the web access and email warnings. WXM is a must have accessory if you have Ecotech lights or pumps. It's expensive but we'll worth it . Just think about the piece of mind the next time you are on vacation.

  • Great Product By Chris on 5/28/2014

    I've been using the Apex for about 7 months now. I started out with a ReefKeeper.. This product is much easier to use, as well provides much better customization. I have it controlling everything in my tank from the float switches, to the door switch to turn the sump lights on when I open the cabinet.
  • Good products except for damaged lab grade ph probe By Rafael on 5/19/2014

    Good products except for damaged lab grade ph probe, I called Andy Customer service and he shipped the replacement immediately . Excellent customer service will buy from them again thanks
  • Wonderful product By LUCKY2B on 5/16/2014

    I have to say that the product does everything and more just a matter of imagination and cash. The only reason I gave it four stars is the set-up can be a little convoluted but I do have to say there are many resources to get back on the straight and narrow. I'm not your average reef junky, just your usual high tech planted discus tank junky and being able to monitor temp and Ph to the tee is a god-send. THANKS NEPTUNE!
  • Worth every penny By Nick on 5/10/2014

    This Apex controller brings aquarium automation to next level. I really like how you can write simple if else statement to control outlets. Season table is fantastic.
  • Good to have By Anneke on 4/30/2014

    This is relatively easy to set up and has been very reliable. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it here is plenty of help on the internet. I only wish it came with the break out box functionality.
  • Reliable By waterflyer on 4/26/2014

    I have had this set up on my 75 gallon reef tank for 6 months now. It is an excellent product. The lab grade PH probe is always accurate. I calibrate it every few months just as a precaution. It take a little bit of reading and studying to fully understand how to access it via your phone while away from home. Well worth every penny. Gives you piece of mind and control over your reef. Love this!!!
  • A must have By Nick on 4/13/2014

    When I was looking at this hobby I decided I had to have a controller. I made up my mind with the Apex and I don't regret it. It was easy to setup, but the instructions are a joke. They recommend you to mrsaltwatertv. Additionally the display screen stopped working after two weeks, I had to ship it back and they returned it, took maybe 2 weeks without a screen.

    Anyways, if you are reading this, buy one. The monitoring, control and safeties are a must.
  • Good product easy to set up By DTACTION on 3/14/2014

    This product was pretty simple to set up, for a tech guy like me. The apex gives a lot of options and covers just about everything one can think of. So far so good It's been up and running for a 3 weeks and no problems.
  • Awesome By Andrew on 3/6/2014

    This was worth the money spent. No longer have to worry if I forgot to turn something on our off while I'm away. I wouldn't get any other system to control and monitor my tank.

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