Apex Classic Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems

Apex Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems
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  • Apex Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems
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Apex Classic Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems

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  • Absolute waste of money By on 11/1/2016

    I've had my apex gold for just under a year and I've had consistent problems with the system for the past six months. The controller never stays connected to fusion (even though it is hard wired directly into my router via Ethernet).
    First off, the brain went out. I had to pay out of pocket to ship it back to California for repair. Once that came back, customer service decided that the EB8 was bad. So I had to pay ship that back to them as well. After that came back I attempted twice to hook the controller back up, and now I'm still having problems. I woke up this morning to a tank that wasn't running for hours due to it's inability to stay connected/he EB8 continually clicking on and off. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but for an 'insurance plan' for your aquarium, I would certainly recommend a different product. Had I'd known what I know now, I NEVER would have purchased this overpriced piece of junk.
  • Awful By on 7/19/2016

    I've had my Apex for almost a year now and I absolutely hate it. It disconnects from Apex Fusion constantly and getting support is a huge hassle! I've been on the phone with them for over an hour three times. Each time is because it won't connect to Apex Fusion. It takes them forever to fix the problem and they have me manually restart it over and over until it works. They said it was because I had it connected to a wireless router and to use a powerline adapter. I got the adapter(another $70.00) and it seems to disconnect even more(I have great internet too as I work from home). Now I'm waiting for them to call me again because the whole system keeps restarting about every hour and I can't connect to Apex Fusion. This thing is total JUNK! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  • Poor Quality and Service Issues By on 7/8/2016

    Bought the gold package. The energy bar had parts rattling inside. I contacted Apex but had to purchase another energy bar to get one for a replacement. Apex was supposed to credit me when they received the rattleing unit. No they ship me the other and charge me. Then I have to email to straighten the mess out. Then the cable on the display was not held in by the strain relief and internal cable wires are exposed. I send back to Apex on my dime for what I believe should be warranty repair, but wait now the want to charge me for what should be a warranty repair. I have had the system sitting in a box for 1 month and have been unable to use this controller. This may seem like a superior controller to the reef keeper controller (which I also own) but I can at least operate the Reefkeeper out of the box. Do yourself a favor and go with the Reefkeeper controller!
  • will let you down!! By on 6/4/2016

    had this controller for a year now and has let me down twice! the first time the display went blank and had to be sent back. now just the other day the whole controller locked up screen is blank I cant sign on to it and was just lucky the main pump stayed on. fair warning both times the issues started with power outages this thing does not do well at all with interruptions! I will be going to another system I would never recommend this
  • Apex is great, could be better By on 4/4/2016

    I love my Apex, I have had an aquacontroller running on another tank for 10 years untouched and it just keeps going, and it has the old web stuff.

    I like the new fusion interface and the alarming. I wish their add on components were a bit cheaper, and there were more variable speed ports by default. I used mine up on two leds (with full spectrum/blue) and need another one to control my new dc return pump.

    The other thing is dosing, man they have a cool doser but good god $350 for two dosers. The problem is you have to be careful with the switched ports on your energy bars if you use low power dosing pumps like the BRS pumps. If you don't use the relay ports they may not turn off and will.. fill your tank with dosing.. not ideal!!!

    Finally.. I tried to recalibrate ORP .. big fail, watch the brs video on that and don't bother, now I just wish I could default the ORP back but.. not in the software.

    So.. can you guys thin the margin on the cool add ons like the doser!
  • Worth. Every. Penny. By on 3/23/2016

    This controller is absolutely worth every penny that I have spent on it. Updating the firmware went fairly smoothly. I have the unit plugged into a wireless access point (TP-Link N600 model) that I set up as a Wireless Distribution Bridge (WDS) and have had zero connection issues with the model. Im docking the score by 1 star because I would like to eliminate the head unit display and be able to configure all settings via Apex Fusion. Some setting appear to only be accessible via the display though. Please note that I have a tremendous amount to explore so I may have overlooked some setting in Fusion.
    I recommend being technically versed with computing to buy this though. While this can be plug & play to an extent, the real beauty lies within the configurable / programmable options.
  • Display screen and updates stink, everything else is great. By on 3/3/2016

    The Apex controller is an amazing product. Once everything is programmed into it your life becomes easier. Im the type to test for everything 3 times a day so just looking at screen and my measurements are there is great. I could only give 4 stars because I am an apple kinda guy and in order to update the firmware you must be hardwired to your router. My macbook air has to ethernet port and customer services response was to borrow a computer. That and my display screen always malfunctions wether its an all blue screen or a flashing screen. Overall I think the positives outweigh the negatives and the Apex is an important part of my valuable reef tank.
  • Great product By on 3/2/2016

    By far the best imvestment ive made in this hobby nothing beats worldwide fingertip control of you aquarium and almost complete automation of everything.
  • pricey but worth it in the end. By on 2/21/2016

    i have wanted one of these for years.
    finally managed to buy one and i will never go back.
    i purchased a second EB8 to put over the tank for light control.
    in total, installing everything eliminated 7 individual light timers and an 8 outlet individually switched power center.
    the week worth of graphs on the computer led me to discover my heater was starting to fail too.
    that discovery itself almost paid for the apex system since i have over $1000 in live stock.
  • Simply THE BEST ! By on 2/8/2016

    You will realize you can't live without it when you get it !