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  • Neptune Systems Apex Lite Controller

Apex Lite Controller - Neptune Systems

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  • WOW! By Jim on 12/15/2013

    What a great controller. I use it to control my 120g tank and the vortech pumps on my 75g. Its nice having control of everything. I am still learning the programming aspect of it but like other reviewers have said there is tons of help out there. If you buy the lite version like I did I highly suggest buying the WDX and breakout box also. Plus dont forget the BRS lab grade PH probe. Save your money and dont get the neptune probe the BRS one is top notch. Also remember your cal solutions.
    My two tanks are right next to each other in a "L" shape so one controller controls both of them, saved me tons.
  • Would never go back to power strips and timers By Ken on 12/13/2013

    My first tank had a return pump, heater and some lights - all on power strips. It was easy, even if the lights needed two timers to control the separate leds.

    Then I added an ATO. Then a skimmer. Then an MP10 and an AI fixture. Those were cool because they had some logic to them. Then I wanted a carbon/GFO reactor and dosing pumps. And pH monitoring. And accurate temp control. It dawned on me how silly the setup might become.

    Upgrading tanks became the perfect excuse to pull it all together. Basic setup of the APEX lite was easy; the more and advanced functions required a bit of research. I scoured a few forums to make sure I understood the advanced functions. Now I have complete control over the equipment, and immediate notification when things are going wrong. It provides all the functions I wanted and many of the fail-safes that I did not know that I needed.

    All of the above gear is handled by the Apex lite, with the addition of a pH probe. I can't imagine running a tank without a controller now. At a minimum, I would run an APEX Jr. on a nano. APEX lite on anything else.

    And having smartphone/tablet access to the system is just plain cool - grab a pair of powerline ethernet adapters and you are connected to your home network through the nearest power outlet.

    Bottom line is that I get to spend more time just staring into the tank.
  • Works great if you have a degree in programing By tfs1226 on 12/13/2013

    Works great if you want to spend all your time on Neptunes Forum searching for answers.To many bugs for me.
  • Love it, just takes a few hours to get setup By Mikey on 12/8/2013

    This is my first tank controller and I already don't see myself setting up another tank without one. BRS shipped it out fast and was packed great so no damage. The only issue I had was getting everything setup. I had a lot of trouble getting the email to work and being able to log on outside my home network. The great support team at Neptune logged into my home computer and spent almost two hours on the phone and logged into my system getting it working for me. The issue was my home router not the Apex controller, however the tech stayed logged in until we got everything working right. I almost went with another company before buying my Apex Lite but I am so glad I went with Neptune systems.
  • Great controller By brian on 12/6/2013

    Awesome piece of tech. lets me control anything I want it too, and gives me access when I travel
  • Great Controller By James on 11/19/2013

    Very nice controller and easy to setup. Can be a challenge to program if you are not good with computers but it is not very hard to learn. Bought it to mainly control my lights but now adding more features to really help control everything in my tank.
  • Life before Apex? By Randy on 9/17/2013

    I have one word, AUTOMATION. Being away from home a lot leaves the tank duties to my wife. With her busy schedule, as well, we had to find a solution streamline various tasks. The Apex Lite Controller was it!

    The ability to monitor and control our tank from any location is incredible. It seems like every day I find something else I can hook up and control with my Apex. Now if only it could do a water change and feed my fish for me.... WAIT...IT CAN!
  • Takes some time By Job on 9/2/2013

    I have some computer skills, needed some help from other people and still learning on how to run it but over all a very good unit doing what I need it to but would be much more happy if I can figure the rest of the controls out with out it taking all day to do so. Must be dinging something wrong on some of the commands
  • Good choice for the discerning reefer By Mark on 8/12/2013

    I chose the lite version because I don't need ORP capabilities, my LED lighting system is advanced enough to have its own built in controller, and I don't run a calcium reactor or have Tunze pumps.

    Purchasing the PH Probe separately saves me something like $100.00 over the base version and I will use this toward the purchase of modules that will benefit me more, such as the ALD or WXM.

  • reefkeeper or apex? By Chad on 7/22/2013

    I purchased the apex lite controller to replace my reefkeeper lite plus, and I am happy to report that I am very pleased with my decision to upgrade. This unit is quite a bit more expensive, but the standard apex controller is comparably priced with the reefkeeper elite w net module.

    Pros: All apex controllers come with internet buit-in. Compatible with Windows AND Mac. Once setup, you can remotely access AND program AND control the unit from any web browser, smart phone, or tablet. The phone/tablet app was developed BY neptune for use with their apex controllers. Receive email/text alerts when something is not as it should be. Control/customization - the possabilities seem almost endless here. There is an entire user forum dedicated to setting up, programming, and controlling the apex (this may also be the case with the reefkeeper, but I don't know). Alththough I was able to control everything the way I wanted to with the reefkeeper also, the apex controller, to me, seemed to be easier and more intuitive to program than the reefkeeper. There is a module for controlling vortech pums available (sold separately).

    Cons: The pH probe is not included with the apex lite controller (I am currently using the pH probe that came with the reefkeeper).

    What I reccomend: If you are on a budget, the reefkeeper lite SHOULD be able to get the job done and I would prefer this unit over the apex jr. Otherwise, if you are debating between the apex and the reefkeeper elite, I think the apex is the way to go. Unless you need or plan on using the ORP port or the 0-10 V channels for LED dimming or tunze pumps, the apex lite controller is all you really need, but don't forget the pH probe. Also, I highly reccomend purchasing a wireless gaming adapter unless you plan on installing the controller near a router. I bought the netgear wireless adapter for my setup for $50.

    P.S. I have never rated anything 5 stars in my life!

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