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Neptune Systems Apex Jr Controller Included Parts
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  • Neptune Systems Apex Jr Controller Included Parts
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Apex Jr Controller - Neptune Systems

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  • Fantastic Controller By JS on 12/1/2014

    Easy to setup and the software works really well. Very happy with this purchase and look forward to expanding my setup in the future.
  • Great product for smaller systems By Thomas on 11/28/2014

    I would give 5 stars but the 4 module expansion limits it other than that it's great for smaller systems. Easy to setup and to control outlets. Would recommend for any new hobiest with a nano tank
  • Apex Jr. By Marlon on 11/9/2014

    I hesitated between Apex Jr. & Reef Keeper Lite as my first controller to my 28 gallon nano cube, but after doing some research and deciding on Apex Jr., I'm glad I chose Apex Jr. The free web base interface app made a huge difference on my decision. They made Apex Jr. pretty much a plug and play device. I just followed the instructions step by step on what gets plugged in first, second, etc. and I was up and running in no time. I uploaded some pictures to view while using the web base app until I get a webcam for my tank. Reason for my purchase, my chiller probe suddenly failed and it was cooling the water too much while at work. If it wasn't for a family member, I would have lost everything. Now, I'm able to control my tank anywhere and able to turn off devices that may fail. I plan on adding an EB 8 to individually turn off each device.
  • way to hard to set up By bill on 9/23/2014

    the programming was to difficult, if you a math major and computer whiz you might be ok, i used over 40 hours and still only had basic results. sold mine at a loss within a month
  • Great By eric on 5/30/2014

    If you do your research and read before you buy it and know its limits then it's great for ph dosing pump and heater so far my tank has been very stable
  • good controller By Matthias on 5/15/2014

    I have been using this apex jr for a few weeks now. Primary uses are for adding two part and temp control. Not being a computer or networking expert it took a bit of time and research to properly program the settings and especially the remote access. The Neptune website and forums are very helpful.
  • Nice, but module limit... By Bradley on 3/12/2014

    This is a great controller if you don't expect to get too extravagant in your monitoring. The apex jr has a 5 module limit (including display). I'm finding myself trying to determine which modules are most important, rather than just buying them and moving on. Great unit regardless.
  • Awesome apex By Ryan on 12/13/2013

    Don't listen to the negative reviews. The Apex Jr. is amazing. I had it all up and running in a few minutes. Even sends me a text and email when any parameters I set fall out of range. I couldn't imagine this thing being any easier to program while still having complete control of programming. If you have any questions, just look on youtube and people have step by step videos of how to set up. I've added a VDM and wireless module. Couldn't be happier
  • Apex Jr - Great Jr controller. By Brad on 11/28/2013

    The Neptune Apex Jr is great starting point into the controller world. I have it hooked up to my Nano 24g Reef tank. It is a little hard to program, I have the extra VDM module for my Kessil A360W light. After some time on the Neptune's forum I figured out how to setup my lights. It comes with a Temp prop and 4 outlets to control. Good for someone who wants control of a few things. Looking forward to the Fusion to come out, to make it even better.
  • Great Product, Insane Price Point! By Jim on 6/3/2013

    The Apex Jr. is great because for just a couple of Benjamins I can monitor the temperature remotely and my tank is protected from overheating from a faulty heater, my AC going out, etc. I just added a PM1 and I now can even monitor my pH. Now I feel much safer going on vacation. The previous review of one-star because you cannot add more than four modules is ridiculous. If you end up needing that much, just buy the full Apex and put this one on another tank or sell it. I wish there was a sixth star!

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