Apex Jr Controller - Neptune Systems

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Apex Jr Controller - Neptune Systems

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  • Excellent product! By Sang on 11/25/2015

    This is my second Apex (I have a full one as well) and it's been rock solid on my nano tank. Neptune products just work. Thanks BRS!
  • Apex jr By Jsnide on 11/6/2015

    Had some trouble getting it setup at first. Once the problem was fixed it worked great. Love the fact the you can monitor everything from your phone.
  • Documentation very informational and asy to follow By sirtang on 9/15/2015

    First I would like to say that this is the first aquarium controller system that I have bought. So, I really can't compare it to another brand.

    However, I'm impressed and pleased with the Apex Jr, so far. The quality of the product seems very solid. I found their documentation very informational and easy to follow (I had my Apex Jr. up in running on my home network in less than 20 minutes). The alerts that it offers; e-mail, text and audible, are fantastic features.

    I initially bought this to help maintain a more consistent temperature for my 125 G reef . And, as a fail safe if the aquarium heaters stuck in the on position, which could potentially over heat the reef. I, also, bought this to add the leak-detection module in the near future.

    I must say this is not a must have product, but it is a nice tool to have that provides extra insurance and eyes for your aquarium, especially if your away from home a lot.

    The only down-side to this controller system is the price, it seems a little steep. One would think, if the company would lower the price so its more affordable for every one, they may sell more. And, therefore, make more money in the long run.
  • Great controller By Jake on 7/21/2015

    The controller was very easy to setup and to program. I really like Apex fusion, which allows me to view/make changes from either my phone and/or computer. One of the best purchases for my tank.
  • Great product By Brian on 7/3/2015

    I like the Jr model because it does all I need it to do for now and I can upgrade later. I was unable to spend the money on the full Apex. By getting the Jr. I can upgrade modules slowly and pay a little at a time instead of a lot at once.
  • The best By Randy on 6/10/2015

    Easy to setup and the software works really well. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Excellent Product By Richard on 5/24/2015

    Purchased for 30 gallon reef tank. Works great.
  • Love it, but wish I bought the full size! By AZBigJohn on 4/24/2015

    This was my first attempt at purchasing a controller, and have had it for a year now. I read all the reviews, but didn't understand how limiting the 5 module limit was going to be, and how, after your buy the expansion modules, you have spent the money for the regular Apex.

    I bought it primarily to control my Kessil lights, not realizing I had to buy a VDM module. The my auto top off unit dies, and I wanted to use the JR to control my ATO, but to do that you have to buy the IO and PM1 modules. I ended up buying an EB8, too, as the four outlets weren't enough for my larger system.

    I love the Apex system, I bought it when Fusion was just out of Beta, and to be honest, I love the internet readiness of Fusion, but when it comes to setting up and programming outlets, I use the old system. I use Fusion to check things on my cell phone when I'm not home.

    All in all, a GREAT system if you know, and can live with, the limitations. If you even slightly think you might want to control ATO or wirelessly control powerheads, etc... get the full size unit.
  • Priceless controller for peace of mind By Jeff on 3/19/2015

    Purchased the Apex Jr. to help run my new tank. I only needed the 4 outlet controls so the Jr. fits my needs fine. However, I did want the ability to control the float switches on my ATO and had to purchase the I/O Breakout Box along with the PM2 Module. The I/O port on a PM1 or PM2 module is needed to connect the Breakout Box to the Jr. controllers. The new web based Fusion software is great and fairly easy to learn. BRS has some great videos on setup, calibration, etc. Highly recommended!
  • A no brainer to a reef tank! By David on 3/3/2015

    After purchasing the Junior, I now wonder why I did not think of getting this earlier. The failsafe feature of simply being able to cut the power to the heater if it gets stuck in the on position is worth the cost alone. I also use this on my BRS dosers to disperse 2 part at multiple intervals in the day. If you don't need to monitor pH then the junior is perfect. You can still hook up to 5 modules. I plan on adding an 8 bar and auto feeder shortly. The dashboard is awesome and the tutorials online are exceptional. Not to mention if you need a program idea the reef forums are littered with them. Great investment!

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