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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock


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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
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BRS Pukani Large 20+" Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
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  • Not as advertised By Mike on 5/5/2015

    I just received my order today in the mail of 50lbs of pukani. I was a little disappointed with the selection I got. Some nice size ones, but some of the medium size ones looked like they were broken off from another larger piece and put in the box. Not what I thought or seen from videos or pics.
  • Pukani rock By Vetteguy on 4/28/2015

    Best thing I can say is " I should have ordered MORE and just rinse off in water and place in tank. Lots of nice holes for frag plugs !!
  • Don't buy anything else! By Alex on 4/22/2015

    I have bought other types of rock, even from BRS, and every time I kick myself for not waiting for the Pukani to come back in stock. This time I didn't make that mistake... I ordered 75 lbs and recieved some huge, gorgeous rocks. I had some friends who aren't even reefers see them and say "wow, those rocks are beautiful". On top of that they are so light and porous.

    I soak them in lanthanum chloride a couple times to make sure there are no phosphates that will leech out and that makes them perfect for my reef!

    The best part is how big and beautiful the rocks are. My 75lbs came in 7-8 rocks... 5 were massive, basketball to beachball size, the others football size.

    Don't hesitate to buy these, you will thank yourself (and BRS) for years to come!

  • This rock rocks! By Timothy on 4/18/2015

    I ordered 10lbs. and it came as one large piece. So light and porous you get a much larger portion by weight than you would think. After watching the how to video I had no problem chiseling an intricate cave network into the piece I ordered to give it a custom look. I'll definitely be ordering more!
  • Good stuff By Cody on 4/17/2015

    Seems as advertised.
  • Monster Rock By MrJoshua on 4/13/2015

    50lbs ordered - Giant chunks of rock love received. Really porous, light, large boulders with minimal rubble/breakage from shipping. I'll never order anything else for a display tank again.
  • GREAT ROCK FOR THE PRICE! By Los on 4/13/2015

    Received some great pieces for my tank. Was pack well and had very little breakage if any. I was able to aqua-scape for small caves in my rock without any problems. I recommend this to anyone looking to get dry rock.
  • Great Rock...Poor Packaging By Barry on 4/13/2015

    Pros: The rocks I received were awesome!

    Cons: The single-walled box they were shipped in barely survived the journey. The UPS guy left a trail of packing peanuts behind him when he brought what was left of the box to my door.
  • Awesome Rock! By PukaniMonster on 4/12/2015

    This rock is fabulous..I ordered 30 lbs and got 3 really nice pieces..I was very happy with the sizing. Very little dead matter to remove. Looks gorgeous in my display tank! Thanks BRS!
  • Looks Good and Price is Perfect By Scott on 4/11/2015

    very porous, great designs on pieces regarding how it grew in the wild, and pieces were perfect size. out of the 65 lb that i ordered there was like 5lb in little pieces the rest were big and full of character. very easy to chisel out and make caves and do some great aquascaping if and when i get another tank i will definitely order more of this rock!!

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