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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock
(Sold by the Pound)

  • Best rock there is By Robert on 11/20/2014

    This is my second time ordering this. I ordered a smaller quantity this time of only 30 pounds, so I wasn't sure what I would get. They sent me about 4 huge pieces and a small one (by small I mean volley ball sized). Very pleased, the rock is very light so you get a lot more for your money. If you wanted smaller pieces and you were sent a few large ones, this stuff isn't too hard to break and manipulate how you want. You can even easily drill holes to insert pvc or acrylic rods to support your structure. BRS recently did a porosity test to compare different rocks structure and its possible filtration ability. The only thing that came close to pukani was a product that was specifically engineered for that purpose, and cost quite a bit more.
  • Great Rock By Phil C on 11/20/2014

    Reviewed previously under Hasty nickname. Nothing to add except you should be aware that, at least with my rock, that it will be loaded with dead material. It took me about 3 days of soaking in salt water to get rid of this material. My water looked like pea soup. I soaked them in a 20 gal tank and added sand and crushed coral to mix after water cleared and frequent water changes. Tank cycling for 2 weeks now. I eventually will take the rock out of this tank and put in my 40 gal reef tank, transferring the damsels in the reef tank to my 20 gal. Rock is looking pretty good as it cures.
  • Best you can get By Jason on 11/18/2014

    I bought 150 lbs of this and 50 lbs of the reef saver and this is worth the price, unlimited possibilities of what you can do with these. Watch the video and enjoy. With it being dry you can really spend the time to create an amazing aquarium habitat. Reef or fish only, this rock is the best you can get. Call BRS and let them know what you are doing and what sizes you are looking for.
  • When I think dry rock from the ocean, I think BRS. By FirstContact on 11/10/2014

    Really like the pukani, Fiji, and Tonga rock that BRS sells. Honestly, not even sure where I would purchase these rocks dry if not at BRS. I feel these are great products to use to make my tank, well, look like a reef. Nothing compares to what nature produces. The man made alternatives are just not the same. I use diamond coated drill bits from Hong Kong to create rock structures with fiberglass rodding as connectors and supports. Water means weight and weight costs money, and so does overnight shipping. I'd rather my rock become live in my aquarium seeded from another tank by a few small pieces and a cup of sand, and use the savings towards other purchases.
  • Great Rock By Hasty on 11/7/2014

    I ordered 15lbs and asked for larger pieces if possible and I was pleasantly surprised on opening the carton which was well packed and arrived in excellent shape. I got 2 large pieces and 4 medium pieces and no rubble. All looked great. I wished that I had originally ordered from BRS instead of buying from my LFS when I first started my 40gal reef tank 3 months ago. I am new to this so I did not know what to buy from LFS and got what amounted to rock. I have already chucked some of the rock out and probably will get rid of the rest. Am really pleased with my shipment and BRS service.
  • Great By Gabriel on 11/7/2014

    Love this rock for aquascaping it is porous which looks great! And love how BRS always adds just a tad more than what you order ;)
  • Quality low weight rock By jeremy on 11/1/2014

    Please do not let the higher phosphate reviews scare you from purchasing this rock. They were just uneducated reefers that thought they could stick the rock in their tank as so as they got it or rinsed it off. Treat this rock as though it actual live rock. It needs to be cured. Soak rock in container with a pump for water movement. Check nitrates and phosphates weekly. And change the water weekly as well. When you read zero or close enough for your liking then it's ready to be cut, chiseled or molded into you aquascape masterpiece and placed into your aquarium.
  • Great Rock! By Matt on 10/30/2014

    This rock is awesome! Ordered 39lbs, BRS gave me one rock perfect for the pillar like shown in their DIY video and one large 23 pound monster of a rock I was able to break and chisel into some great pieces! I'm so proud of my aquascape, thanks to BRS!
  • They ship EXACTLY what you order By Vince on 10/22/2014

    Just a warning that you will receive in weight exactly what you order. If that means they have to fill the bag with tiny useless pieces of Rock, they do. While I could never get my order to match the 50lbs I ordered, it was just shy I am happy with the rock I received. Here is what you get when you order 50lbs FYI:

  • Great Rock By Daniel on 10/16/2014

    This is the first time I've ordered rock online, so I was a bit skeptical. BUT, the rock arrived in good condition, the pieces are decently sized (they look smaller in the picture, but they are pretty big pieces). Overall happy with the product.

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