BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
SKU: 000702
BRS Pukani Large 20+" Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
SKU: 000722
  • Excellent purchase By OnalaskaBill on 4/23/2016

    I really like this rock. I received 4 huge pieces and 3 medium pieces in my 60 lb order. Perfect for my new 75 gallon tank. It is very easy to "customize" these rocks with a small wood chisel, hammer, and hack saw. I made caves and tunnels, and flattened the bottoms of several pieces to get them to stand the way I wanted. So many places for critters to live in. The pieces that I have touching look like they belong there. Easy to hide seams. Not to mention the flash shipping I received.
  • As advertised By Daniel on 4/17/2016

    Even though I'm a newbie to reefing I chose the pukani not only because of the price but also because of it arriving free of pests and unwanted organisms in a new tank. I've placed 3 to 4 seperate orders ranging in different weights. Each order arrived within 3-5 days in well packaged boxes and with the correct weight of rock. Also, while inspecting the rock I have found very little dried up organic materials like sponges or algae. Pukani is super easy to aquascape with and I feel it looks the best in my reef aquarium. Couple more orders of pukani to go before my build is done and I will only get it from BRS.
  • The ideal rock for every tank By Millz on 4/17/2016

    This is my 2nd attempt at the reefing hobby. My first trial was semi successful, however it wasn't until I started following BRS that I started using during the full concept. With that they recommended Pukani and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The rock is extremely light and very porous. It's ideal for every situation.....if you're looking for intricate wow your eyes rocks, this is it. They have so many crevices, alot of caves, overhang and highly resistance to nuisance algae. I would love to have a 5000 gallon tank just because last love the way the rock looks.

    I've ordered Pukani about 6 times and is very satisfied with the rock. Also roughly 60 lbs was good enough for my 90 gallon reef. You will not be disappointed......I know I wasn't.
  • Nice looking By Roy on 4/16/2016

    One piece of this Pukani resembled the nicest advertised piece except no where even close to as clean. The other pieces looked like just any other rock but light and easily worked for tunnels It was nice size and I am satisfied. Lots of critters and most of rock dark stained. Requires a lot of cleaning I even pressure washed and soaked in chlorox solution.
  • Love the rock! I will be getting more for my next tank set up. By Andrew on 4/7/2016

    Ordered 30 pounds of the larger rock and 60 of the normal size. I got way more than I imagined I would. The larger rock was huge. Atleast 25-30" diameter.
  • Great Barrier Reef! By Jordan on 3/31/2016

    I received my Pukani Dry Live Rock last night. All I can say is wow! I ordered 60 pounds for my tank and I was a bit of a skeptic at first glance. When I opened the box I knew that BRS delivered. I had one rock about 12lbs, 4 rocks at 8lbs and a few smaller ones. They all look great and were way more than I expected. I can't wait to get these boulders in my tank!
  • awesome rock. By robert on 3/28/2016

    i just got my 70 pounds dry rock. it was delivered on time. i absolutely love it. I am about to order another 70. .
  • really easy to work with By brian on 3/25/2016

    This is my first try with setting up an aquarium with dry rock and I really liked how easy it was to aquascape. I haven't filled the aquarium with water yet but so far I am really happy with this rock
  • Read before purchasing By Joe on 3/18/2016

    The Pukani I received was damp (not dripping, just damp) and had a pretty foul smell to it.

    I will agree with this comment "The rock wasn't even close to the classic 'Pukani' rock".

    The best way to describe it would be a hybrid of Pukani and Fiji.

    Nothing "wowed" me unfortunately and it weighed significantly more being damp over other Pukani I've acquired.

    Quickly after working the rock I noticed TONS of dead and rotting organics inside. It was collected in the pockets of the rock and resembled dirt compost.

    This would DEFINITELY be the cause of the Pukani dry rock Phosphate leech issues this rock is notorious for. Maybe that is why it is labeled "Dry Live Rock"... and why BRS lists this disclaimer:

    " NOTE: This rock does come out of the ocean and may have some dead material on it such as sponges or other critters. We strongly suggest soaking or curing the rock before use in an active aquarium. "

    ^ I will thoroughly have to rinse and flush prior to curing. (Curing is a must with this rock)

    If this will effect your timeline in starting your new tank you might want to consider an alternative rock such as Reef Saver.

    This will save you both time and headaches down the road; ESPECIALLY if your just starting out.

    All in all if you can get past what is mentioned above, Pukani is a decent rock for your tank.
  • A rock that build the foundation By Garnett on 3/16/2016

    I absolutely enjoy working with the Pukani Rock. Unlike those heavy rocks you buy at your local store that filled with brittle worms and hard to aquascape; this will forever change your mind. It's light and very porous. Worth every penny

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