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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock


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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
SKU: 000702
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BRS Pukani Large 20+" Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
SKU: 000722
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  • Best rock for reef aquarium By Mike on 3/29/2015

    The only rock I would ever use and any of my aquariums extremely easy to Aqua scape also very lite so you get more bang for your buck. Very porous so critters have room to crawl in and out as well as great placement for corals
  • Love this rock!! By epidemiolo on 3/26/2015

    I was amazed by how much rock I got. I ordered 15 lbs but it looks more like 25. This is great rock for a number of reasons. 1. Because of the ratio of the volume to weight you get more bang for your buck. (2) The rock has lots of nice places for your live stock to call home. Great rock for us newbies on a tight budget. The rock is a dirty but I expected that based on other reviews I read before purchasing. Planning on either a muriatic acid or vinegar wash and a few weeks soaking in saltwater before throwing it in my new tank. All in all I am very happy with this purchase.
  • Quality and Processing Pukani By Chief on 3/23/2015

    I received my one 10 pound piece of Pukani. The way it was cut was great and it fits super in one corner of my 65 gallon. I would recommend this type rock over any other. As we know, saltwater tanks are work. Cleaning this rock is work but the result of its view is outstanding. I spoaked it in Vinigar watere for five hours. Used a tooth brush and cleaned it off as well at the dead critters within the rock. Rinsed and flushed it in RO and it is white. Take time to clean this rock and the benefits are outstanding. This is the ocean. My rock was delivered at my home within four days. Who ever packed the rock picked a very nice form. This is the only rock I will ever use.
  • great rock By andrew on 3/17/2015

    Great rock at a great price, it is for sure bigger than what I expected , that turned out not to be a problem for me. I do think you should talk to someone to manage expectations on size and weight before you buy. BRS staff is helpful and I will buy again if I needed to. overall it is clean not much dead matter. I am happy
  • Best Rock I've Had! By JC on 3/13/2015

    Ordered this rock and got more than my money's worth. Light, great looking pieces and easily aquascap end into any form you would like! Love this product!!!
  • outstanding By dduane116 on 3/12/2015

    Ordered and talked with customer service on the amount I would need..they where extremely helpful. We it arrived was completly amazed on the size of the pieces and there videos on sea scaping..will continue to do business with them....
  • Awesome Rock... By Lance on 3/11/2015

    Pukani rock is so awesome BRS can't keep it on the shelf... LoL I guess that a good thing. I just received my order and OMG! this rock is so Nice... It's going to rock my Tank! Thanks BRS
  • The Perfect Natural Rock By Palmetto Reefer on 3/11/2015

    I ordered only 20 lbs. of Pukani Dry Rock to add to my other rock as I was in the process of upgrading from a 90 gal. to a 135 gal. I requested large pieces and received exactly that. I received one piece that was approximately 20" x 8" x 8". I level up one end and now I have this awesome natural tower that has tons of natural small caves for fish to hide in. I received another fairly large rock that was very light weight and extremely porous which is exactly what I wanted. Could not be happier with my purchase...Received exactly what I was looking for, Awesome!
  • Great stuff By MB on 3/11/2015

    Very porous, great area for BB to grow.
  • Great Rock! By C Matthew on 3/10/2015

    The rock delivered was fantastic! We are trying to build a tank not dominated by one specific rock, and ordered 16 lbs pukani for an accent and base. We will definitely order more. The size and varied shapes were fantastic. Kudos to BRS for the way they sort and pick what is sent out, they obviously care about what we as their customer get. Very impressed by their standards and have gained my respect and future business.

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