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BRS Pukani Dry Aquarium Live Rock
(Sold by the Pound)

  • shown here at all By nick on 9/25/2014

    got one big piece that looked like a chuck of cement. Looked nothing close to advertised.
  • Awesome rock for an even better price By Nathan on 9/25/2014

    ...What else can i say. i only ordered three pounds of this rock, but, man i sure got a lot! it looks awesome in my tank. and it fits very well with other pieces. plus, the texture is just awesome!
  • Great Rock By Travis on 9/22/2014

    The pukani rock is great you get more for the pound than I have ever seen. The greatest aspect of it is how porous it is. It is also the only draw back of it also. I would recommend this rock to anyone just handle it a bit easier than you normally would. Being so porous also makes it more breakable. That being said it is still the greatest rock Ive gotten to work with.
  • Very Nice By Orlando on 9/17/2014

    Very porous and light. Tons of little holes and caves for small fish to hide. Looks great.
  • Pukani rock By jrshew on 9/14/2014

    Everything I have purchased from BRS has been top notch. I was a little surprised at the pukani rock I received reading the reviews previously. Although I had one piece that I would consider a showpiece, the remaining 40 pounds was small (~6 inches) and will be difficult to build up to the size that I need. I guess I was expecting larger pieces. Disappointment.
  • Great Rock By Keith on 9/4/2014

    I've started the aquascaping of my new tank build with this rock and it is very easy to work with. It's very easy to blend one piece with another making a fluid design. Make sure and watch the BRS instructional video on aquascaping if it's your first time. It really helps you get a natural looking tank in stead of a "stack of rocks".
  • Get Reef Saver By Mark on 8/28/2014

    I had previously purchased the Reef Saver rock and loved it. Anxious to try out the other rock offering from BRS I ordered some Pukani. The rock came to me very dirty and unattractive. I only got a couple useable pieces. I still love BRS but I'll be sticking with Reef Saver.
  • Looks great! By Maxwell on 8/27/2014

    This rock looks great in my aquarium. All the holes make great hiding places for my crabs from my Triggerfish. I will continue to buy more and more of this rock!
  • Great rock By Richard on 8/25/2014

    Just as advertised, this rock is very easy to work with. Without any difficulty, my son chiseled a nice cave through it on his first try. Love that it is so light.
  • Excellent rock! By Earl on 8/22/2014

    Just like the BRS videos. First order of 50 lbs was awesome with a huge 30 lb piece and several cool looking smaller pieces. Second order of 60 lbs ... the UPS guy dropped the box from waist height onto the sidewalk. I could hear the rocks inside shattering. Great job by BRS, as usual. Maybe get several smaller orders so UPS guy doesn't have to strain and drop your rocks.

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