BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
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BRS Pukani Large 20+" Dry Live Rock (Sold by the pound)
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  • Phosphates and more Phosphates By Kai on 7/27/2015

    I bought this rock about two years ago I loved it at the time lots of hiding and caves and cool holes and pieces but after the first year my phosphates started climbing and climbing and I could not find the culprit, so one of my friends told me the dead organism decay well after curing the rock. So the next month o bought 120 LB of reef saver rock and switched it out after the first week my phosphates started diminishing and within 6 month I had absolutely no phosphates. so please avoid this rock!
  • Pukani rock. Amazing By will from ct on 7/27/2015

    The Pukani is the best highly recommended
    Easy to aquascape and lowest sizt to weight ratio
    Highly recommended .
  • VERY NICE!! By TONY Tank on 7/20/2015

    I am using a mix of rock for my new tank, but if I did it over I would have gone all PUKANI. Very light. Tons of surface area, nooks and crannies.
  • Interesting shapes, lightweight, easy to work with By Evan on 7/18/2015

    Over the course of several orders, I've gotten a wide variety of different and interesting shapes. If that's not enough, I've also found it incredibly easy to modify this rock to my liking. Hammer and chisel works well, as does as drill -- BRS has a good video on that.

    And for those extra big pieces, if I'm completely lost, I've had some good luck dropping this rock off my porch onto concrete. ;-)
  • Pukani dry live rock highly recomended By William on 6/27/2015

    The Punjabi rock from BRS is very impressive , I order 30 lbs and it is a lot of rock due to its light weight compared to other rock the nooks,holes , and radon shapes of the pukani is unlike any dry live or wet live to I I have ever seen ..I love it .
  • Gigantic Showpiece and many nice medium sized pieces. By Doug Ahern on 6/25/2015

    Received my Pukani order today and was thrilled about the 17" showpiece the came with my 50 pound order. The other accompanying are very nice also there are 6 Medium and 6 smaller pieces. All very good with little breakage. Very pleased.
  • Best Rock By JT on 6/23/2015

    This rock is very porous and come in some very interesting shapes. It was fairly easy to put together a number of aquascape options that looked great. Provided a drawing and list of sizes desired and got what was specified.
  • Amazing rock By Evelio on 6/16/2015

    I purchased this rock type for the first time a few months ago. I have to say that the pieces received were just spectacular.
  • Super light By Ray on 6/12/2015

    Received several large pieces. Arrived in great shape with very little breakage. Rock is very low density. One pound per gallon will stuff your aquarium.
  • Great rock By Ray on 6/12/2015

    Lots of large pieces. Very low density. One pound per gallon will stuff your aquarium.

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