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Fish Trap - Aqua Medic

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  • if you got to catch it, this is it. By on 4/14/2016

    This trap is well built and works like a charm, i had 6 spooky fish to catch in my 75gal tank, after trying without any luck to catch even one fish I ordered this product. On the first try after only 10 min I had all 6 fish in one catch, it really works.
  • Nice Trap By on 12/23/2015

    Lets see.....Trap has been in the water for 3 are just now staring to go in it.......trying to catch in a 400gal. tank a 15 year old,8inch Acanthurus Lineatus that has turned into JAWS over the past few years....anyway back to the suction cups do not hold trap very securely...had to wedge in rocks.....the trap shown working on you tube must have used paid fish actors...because no one wants to go or no food....I will be patient....there has been some recent interest in the trap by the Clown Surgeon as a new home for himself.....I believe the trap will work....patience is key.........
  • Best fish trap ever By on 8/12/2015

    It works. Really, really well.
  • Great product! By on 4/29/2015

    I just used this to catch a bi color angel that was picking at my coral. I had to leave it in my tank for 24hrs to let the fish warm up to it. After that the bi color jumped right in to eat! worked great! I would recommend this to anyone needing to catch that problem fish.
  • Great, but not quick By on 4/26/2015

    Ich in the tank. 3 tangs, 2 Wrasse, 1 Sand Sifter, and 1 Midas Blenny in there. The tangs were a snap to catch. 2 of them on day 1, the last one in the morning of the second day. The wrasse was pretty easy the next day. It took me two more days for the sifter, and a week later I tore the rock apart to get the Blenny out since he was never going to go in the trap regardless of what bait I tried.

    So overall this was great, and made it pretty easy to catch most of the fish. It does take sitting there staring at the tank, but I do that anyway.
  • Got Him! By on 4/1/2015

    Needed to catch a blue hippo tang that was showing signs of ich. Tried for 3 days with nets, but my rock work is glued together so I had no luck. I ordered this, and 3 days after receiving it the fish is in the quarantine tank being treated. The first day I put the box at the bottom and left it, day 2 starting putting food inside the box and some of the fish started going in to eat (of course not the one I needed to catch), the third day instead of using the food stick, I took a medicine syringe and attached some air line tubing to it. I then sucked up some Mysis in the airline and put it in the hole on top and slowly squirted food into the box. Finally the hippo tang went in, pulled the string and he was caught. Was skeptical about this, but after using it, does what it says. Well worth it if you need to catch a fish.
  • Awesome trap By on 2/2/2015

    We have used this trap several times and have yet to fail to catch the fish we were after. Extremely easy to use and very effective.
  • Worked very well By on 1/13/2015

    I needed to catch a yellow tang and didn't want to tear my rock work apart or stress the fish any more than necessary. The tang was very leery of the trap and I needed to leave it in there over night before he would go anywhere near it. But the next morning, I pulled up a chair, put food in the tube, and waited. He went right in and I caught him. The trap is large so you need to make sure that you have enough room in your tank for it but the good part about the size is that it easily fit the tang and then once he was caught, you can tip back the trap, let the water drain out the side vents, and then pull the trap from the tank with enough water left in it to hold the fish for a while.
  • Worked Quickly By on 1/7/2015

    I caught my Kole tang within 5 minutes of placing the bait in this trap. I put it in my tank 24 hours ahead of time to get the fish used to the trap's presence. It worked perfectly and quickly to remove my bully.
  • OK - but there has to be a better design By on 11/7/2014

    First off this does work. It's expensive for what you get but it works.

    Downsides 1) Instructions are crap. Do a youtube to see how to use this, but it's really sad how such an expensive product gets such poor instructions.

    2) it's difficult to set the trap. You have to use two hands AND see it at the same time. Thus here I am with two arms deep trying to see the hole to set the trap. The trigger is not easy to set. Yes you will be able to set it but it's a pain

    3) this is big - need a big level area to set this in. I think it would have been nice to have some included suction cups

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