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Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer

SKU: 207356

  • Excellent skimmer By J-Rod on 12/15/2014

    Great skimmer. Heavy duty, quality workmanship and super quiet. Only have had it for 1 1/2 weeks. Broke in very quickly.
  • Great skimmer, very happy! By Jim on 12/10/2014

    I upgraded from a Coralife 220 skimmer to this recently and I could not be happier! The volume and color of the skimmate coming from the 150 compared to the Coralife is unbelievable. The build quality is also far superior and setup was very easy. I ran it with the lid off for 24 hours as the instructions say, and it started skimming off nasty gunk the next day with very little adjusting. I have it sitting in 8.25 inches in my main sump compartment and this seems to be the sweet spot. I picked this up on Cyber Monday sales for $250, which is a great price for this quality skimmer so even better!!
  • This skimmer is in a different league. By Romain on 12/9/2014

    This product is just awesome, from the packaging to the build quality. This is my first skimmer but compared to the ones at my LFS its just how people described it, you can instantly tell the difference just by touching it.

    Had a small problem with the screws that came to install the base onto the pump, but thanks to BRS customer support they quickly got me the number to the Vertex warranty manager and she got it taken care of very quickly.

    Thanks again BRS for having great products and great customer service!
  • Great product By JB on 12/6/2014

    Great skimmer. Heavy duty, quality workmanship and super quiet. Only have had it for 1 1/2 weeks. Broke in very quickly and producing a nice skim
  • Amazing reef upgrade By Bodegus on 12/5/2014

    I was expecting a great improvement even when going from my large economic skimmer (rated to 250g) to this one.

    I was still blow away. This thing works amazingly well... best purchase I have ever made. I will only by vertex products from here on out.
  • Great By Jordan on 12/5/2014

    Great skimmer, and producing skimmate within 48 hrs. Only downside was the pvc piece that attached the air hose to silencer came broken. Both BRS and supplier were helpful and had a replacement piece in the mail the next day.
  • Very high quality By Virgil on 11/28/2014

    Very high quality skimmer, easy to tune, and very strong. Hands down the best skimmer I've ever owned!
  • Excellent Skimmer By Ben on 10/29/2014

    I have had two decent economy skimmers on my setups in my 5 years of reefing. The Omega 150 is my first high end skimmer, and there is absolutely NO comparison. I bought it on BRS's recommendation, for my well stocked 120gal reef. It turned out to be an EXCELLENT choice.
    The only things I wasn't sure about at first, was the 48 hour to 1 week break in period in the instructions. After the 48 hours, it was performing the same as my old skimmer. After a week, it far out performed anything I have seen.
    I love the super solid, heavy duty construction, well thought out design, and the large collection cup.
  • Best Skimmer I have ever owned By Serge on 10/11/2014

    The construction is solid and it doesn't make a lot of noise. I was amazed of what it can pull out of the water. It took a few days to break in, but it is working well. It has been running in my tank for a few weeks now and I have noticed a drastic reduction in Nitrate.
  • Outstanding By Dinoflagellates on 5/22/2014

    This has been one of the best Decision I have make while setting up a tank. This skimmer (Omega 150) was working within 48 hrs and helped with my water clarity at the same time...!!

    Fully recommended,


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