Osmolator Nano 3152 Auto Top Off - Tunze

Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO
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Osmolator Nano 3152 Auto Top Off - Tunze

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  • Would not recommend By on 12/12/2016

    I bought this with the idea it would make my life easier. The first pump failed and Tunze replaced it. The second pump ran great for @ a week then stopped filling up the tank unless I unplugged it and plugged it back in. They are now sending a third pump however I'm not holding my breath. Had I known this would happen I would have purchased another model.
  • Excellent product By on 11/4/2016

    Sure is convenient not having to add to-off water all the time. Just went away for the weekend and didn't have to worry about whether or not the gravity fed system I had always used would work or not. Many times I would come home to find the pump sucking air and the aquarium down about 4 inches. Not this time! While it is very expensive, it does save a lot of headaches and potential loss of fish and corals. Absolutely recommend it.
  • Great mini version of the bigger ato By on 9/13/2016

    I brought this for my Red Sea max 250 rimless . It has a small tank that I use a 5 gal bucket to keep full. Keeping salinity if important in maintaining a stably ecosystem .
  • Part #4017.000 Controller Osmolator nano device By on 8/3/2016

    I have written to the company in Germany to try to get a new part #4017.000 Controller Osmolator Nano device. I have to unplug the device and reconnect it every cpl days to get the unit to work properly to top off. It makes a noise like it wants to pump water to my reef tank but will not until I unplug the device and re-connect it then it works for a day or two. I hope I can get a replacement part as I only bought this from BRS beginning of July last month. I sent the scan of my invoice to the company in Germany as well so waiting on a response.
  • Great By on 8/1/2016

    have 3 of these on nano tanks 29 biocube 40 breader and 45 cube works great! have been running for 2 years now
  • Auto shut off By on 7/2/2016

    The float sensor got stuck on and the pump did not turn off. The auto turn off did not work. Luckily the story revisor was almost empty and my tank did not overflow. I don't trust it any more need to upgrade to the one with the optical sensor.
  • Great nano ATO By on 6/13/2016

    I installed the Tunze nano ATO in my Corallife Biocube 29. I placed it in the 3rd chamber with the return pump. So far it works perfectly. It has helped stabilize the tank and my corals could not be happier. Great little ATO.
  • Had defective pump By on 4/25/2016

    My experience is mix. The product works well for 10 days then stopped. Tunze customer service replace the pump and is wrking fine now. Just the trouble of not wrking and having to contact Tunze for replace part.
  • Works great! By on 2/15/2016

    This is a very nice ATO system, it works like a charm and keeps my salinity nice and stable. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a way to keep the pump sitting flat.
  • Amazing By on 1/14/2016

    i have been looking for an ato for a while, and i found tunze's products. i didnt really want to spennd $200 on the osmolator, so i tried the nano osmolator. works great, and has an auto shut off just in case it fails. another quality product by tunze