Red Sea Reef Energy A (Carbs Nutrition) - 500 mL

500 mL of Red Sea Reef Energy A
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  • 500 mL of Red Sea Reef Energy A
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Red Sea Reef Energy A (Carbs Nutrition) - 500 mL

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  • A must for anemones By on 11/21/2016

    Immediate coloration in flower anemones. Zoas multiply faster. Just give it some time on the acros.
  • Great product By on 6/22/2016

    Great product can see a improvement in growth since the start of using it.
  • Noticeable Growth By on 6/11/2015

    Read and follow instruction carefully. Noticeable Growth
  • So far so good By on 1/29/2015

    So, I have been using this since I set my tank up and added coral. Its easy to use, read bottle do math dump in tank. I am using A&B together. I have noticeable growth in my corals. The coloration is good in my SPS and I surprise some of the guys in the area that have been at this for much longer than me. After we move I plan on setting two systems side by side and documenting the growth using A&B in one tank and not in the other. If I notice a difference or not I will redo my review at that time.
  • Good product By on 1/25/2015

    I have been using A & B for about two months and have seen better colors and extension. I would recommend this product
  • Success! By on 1/23/2015

    I have tried several other products out there and I have only seen a response from my corals while using A&B. Good stuff.
  • Great Product By on 1/8/2015

    I use both A and B with great results It is easy to use and i have seen Huge growth and way brighter colors.
  • Bad batch By on 9/1/2014

    I have used the smaller bottles of Reef Energy A & B with good results , so I decided to buy the 500 ml bottles.
    However, I found algae or an algae like substance in the A bottle.
    I wonder if others have experienced the same because the bottle was sealed, meaning it might have been a bad batch.
    I still would use it again.
  • Impressive!! By on 4/24/2014

    I've used other products in the past with little notice to its affects on my mixed reef . After using Red Sea A&B product I have seen double growth rate and overall healthy looking colonies and the polyp extension on my sps , WOW! The only thing that disappoints me is that they don't offer 128 oz. since I have a 200+ gallon system this stuff doesn't last me a month so I have to dose every other day to every three days to make it cost effective for me. Even by under dosing from the standard I see great results. Just buy it and you'll see!
  • My corals absolutely love this stuff!! By on 2/27/2014

    After using Reef Energy A and Reef Energy B for two months now I can absolutely say this stuff works. I have two systems, my main display and a frag system. I use the same lights, light cycle and similar equipment on both tanks. I use Reef Energy A and B every other day in my display and not in my frag tank. I wanted to see if this stuff truly worked as it stated or snake oil. Corals in my main display have greater polyp extension, brighter and bolder colors. I will definitely continue use this product in the future!!