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Vertex Rx-U 1.5L Universal Media Reactor

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Vertex Rx-U 1.5L Universal Media Reactor

SKU: 207354
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  • Needs Different Pads By Jason on 2/12/2015

    My only complaint is as mentioned before gfo does fall through the foam pads way to easily. I purchased two of these for carbon and gfo and other than the foam they are built great and preform as they should. I have yet to have an issue with the O-rings though.
  • I don't agree with the one star review. Here's why. By Craig on 11/15/2014

    I also purchased two of these units, and their well known, a top-performer Omega 150 skimmer. I had some difficulties with the skimmer, which almost all would say is unusual, but my vicce pump impeller shaft chipped and I needed to find a replacement.

    I didn't have any problem reaching Vertex. Their site lists a "sales" email address, and and I heard back from Nicolas within 24 hours. He directly referred me to the U.S. distributor, Pro-Line Aquatics. He forwarded my email directly to Jen, a tech support agent there, and we were able to resolve the problem quickly, and with a full, no-hassle, replacement. This was likely my fault, but she took care of the issue at no-charge because we weren't sure what happened. You can't beat that!

    I was so happy with the service and support, I went ahead and ordered some extra parts they make (really nice plumbing supplies too!) and two of the UF Media Reactors, and the Omega Auto-Clean System-the Vectra.

    I couldn't have had a better experience. If I didn't have the issue with the impeller shaft, I might not have found their office here, and I appreciate the terrific support!

  • Not good for GFO. By Joe on 9/18/2014

    I bought 2 of these. One for GFO and the other for carbon. They are advertised and labeled as universal media reactors, yet GFO falls directly through the foam pads. I'm not talking just the fines like usual, but the actual granules themselves...

    I became quickly aware of the o-ring at the bottom as it comes off almost every single time you raise the shaft.. A definite design flaw that's for sure.

    Pretty disappointing to tell you the truth; especially for the cost, but as with pretty much every Vertex product review, "they are built well and look good". lol!

    For carbon I would say 4 stars due to the o-ring as that was the only issue, but for GFO I give it 2, thus the 3 star rating, Hope this helps anyone interested in these.
  • No Spare Parts By Migity1 on 5/23/2014

    I have 3 of these reactors, (purchased at the same time for my 225 Gal tank). They are well made and certainly do the job. But, buyer beware, need to replace an Oring. a filter pad , a ball valve, sorry your out of luck. Nowhere could I find any replacement parts for this or I guess any Vertex product. And don't bother emailing Vertex, you won't receive a reply!
  • Not the best choice for in sump use By Neil on 4/26/2014

    As stated by others, the build quality is top notch. However, because of the placement and size (3/4") of the input/output, this design is best utilized for in line use. To use this unit in sump, you would need to bend the tubing (3/4") 90 degrees to get them to fit into the sump. It doesn't make sense to have to use a pump that requires 3/4" tubing. If you have a pump that only has a 1/2" outlet means you would need to get an adaptor to go from 3/4" to 1/2". I noticed on the BRS clownfish build that their Vertex reactor was in sump and had some form of a 90 degree adaptor. When I inquired they told me they had to go to a local plumbing supply to acquire one. For the price of this reactor you would think you would be given all the material to use this reactor in line or in sump as the literature indicated and not have to pay for adaptors to make the unit workable. If you need a reactor for in sump use, I would look at other options.

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