5 kg - Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+

5 kg of Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+
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  • 5 kg of Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+
  • Red Sea Reef Foundation System

5 kg - Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+

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  • Great for Smaller SPS Tanks By on 10/13/2013

    This is probably the most misunderstood supplement in the entire Reef Care Program. It's intended for small (< 75 gallons) systems, where it's dosed directly (as a powder!) into the highest-flow area of your aquarium (to make sure that the powder dissolves completely before making contact with livestock). As expected, it delivers the proper ratio of Foundation components A, B, and C, plus the equivalent of solutions A and B from the Coral Colors system. Monthly or so, you'll still need to tweak Ca/KH/Mg levels with the respective liquid supplements based on test results, but ABC+ is a quick solution for everyday dosing. Note that ABC+ CANNOT be pre-dissolved in saltwater or RO/DI, so it CANNOT be delivered via drip, ATO, or dosing pump! For the right tank, this is an inexpensive, effective, and easy-to-use supplement. Owners of large and/or highly automated tanks need to look at the other Red Sea supplements.
  • not for the newbies By on 4/5/2013

    I know the Red Sea guys are top notch and I have come to love their test kits, but Reef foundation ABC+ was not for me. I am somewhat new to reefing and run a IM Nano 8 and Mini 38. I was trying to cover all the bases with ABC+ thinking it would be easier. But I have since then come to the conclusion that I am better off dosing individual elements based off my tests rather than hitting my tank with all three at once. I am sure this works for some reefers but it didn't work for me. For me personally, I have found success using individual buffer, calcium, and magnesium supplements. I will be going with the BRS stuff next time mainly due to the support I know I will get from BRS.

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