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Vertex Vectra Engine Universal Cleaner Unit with Lid View 1
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Vertex Vectra Engine Universal Cleaner Unit with Lid

  • I would like to see By Alex on 8/5/2014

    Would like to see offered without lid. I have a brand new never used alpha 250; lid seems like a waste to me. If only the manufacturer could (A) offer their skimmer with a lid that was easily convertible to the use with cleaner or (B) offer template so existing lids could be transformed to accept cleaner.
  • New Little Helper By Mitchel on 4/14/2014

    What more can you ask for from your skimmer? What about a little helper that reduces the need to clean it frequently. That is what this cleaner does; eliminates the need to frequently empty your skimmate. Awesome.
  • Works great but with Design flaws By Stephen on 3/18/2014

    Anything that scrapes crud out of the neck of a protein skimmer is great. And this product will do that, until it breaks. There are several design flaws. 1) Power transformer cannot be unplugged from the cleaning engine for cleaning, 2) the scraper is difficult if not impossible to get adjusted parallel to the skimmer cup, and lastly and most important, the end of the shaft that holds the "squeegee" in place is the weak link. If you put too much pressure there while cleaning the unit it will snap off making the entire cleaner useless. Mine broke during routine maintenance cleaning after only a few months of use. I ordered a replacement but feel this engine should be better designed for the price and considering its from a company like VerTex!
  • Saves Work By David on 8/22/2013

    I pretty much hate cleaning my skimmer! I put this on a SWC Cone Skimmer and it works great! I was worried that the lid and areas the blade does not touch would end up getting super dirty and I would end up having to clean the skimmer cup anyway. So this is how I set things up and it works great.

    1. I have my tank controller turn the cleaner on for just two one minute sessions.

    2. In order to deal with the typical junk that collects in a skimmer cup I decided thatwhen I do water changes I will drain all of the water off of my skimmer. I essentially put a tube on the overflow port on the bottom of the skimmer cup. Then I set the skimmer to "overflow" this increased flow results in the cup ending up pretty much spotless and had the advantage of "wet skimming" for my water changes.

    The scraper is fairly easy to install. The only problem that I had was that the arm that goes from the scraper to the motor shaft was too long. The length was longer than the width of the skimmer neck. It was nothing a hack saw could not solve. Once the shaft was shortened I could properly center the lid.

    Overall this is working great and had improved the output of my skimmer.

    I would like to see an "auxiliary" overflow container with a built in shutoff switch that would activate if it gets full. Maybe BRS can look into and review some. It would be nice to use a designated disposal cup that maybe has a carbon filter to reduce odor. In a product like this I think it would be essential to have a redundant shutoff system.

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