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Vertex Magnetic Cleaner - Double
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  • Vertex Magnetic Cleaner - Double
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Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex

SKU: 207271

  • Excellent magnet cleaner with only one real drawback By Kyle on 3/20/14

    First time I saw these cleaners, I had to have them. Drop dead gorgeous! Especially coming from someone who's used to staring at a giant blue magfloat stuck to the front glass. Crystal clear body with VERY strong magnets (neodymium I believe). Product just oozes high end. Even the packaging feels like an iphone came out of it haha! The only real drawback that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that it doesn't float. When choosing it, it came down to looks or utility. In my case, looks won out. Other then that, this is a excellent mag cleaner. Powerful magnets, very well made and gorgeous looks. Would recommend!
  • cleans good but size is deceiving By Ivan on 1/10/14

    well i got it and the size in the pics is deceiving from when you actually have it in your hand. it cleans the algae off the glass really well though which is good but the size is disappointing.
  • Vertex Duplex By Jorge on 10/26/13

    This product doesn't just look great it performs like it's supposed to I love it
  • Meh....(Cont.) By Stephen on 10/17/13

    After further use of this magnet I've decided its not worth the money, the felt side is already peeling off....just buy a magfloat
  • Meh.... By Stephen on 10/10/13

    It definitely is much smaller than I expected (I'm using it on a custom 33g). However, it works great and isn't very intrusive, plus it looks real cool!
  • Good product By Equalizer on 8/23/13

    To the previous reviewer: Review the PRODUCT. This product now has the lowest review score possible because you ordered the wrong size, not because of the product's performance. And one - 1 star review wasn't enough for you, you just HAD to leave another. If you're curious about the size of something, RESEARCH it. Go to the manufacturer's website. Call BRS. Look at the pictures and video and form a general estimate. It's not hard. You got the wrong size because you ordered the wrong size. And that has nothing to do with the product's performance or rating.

    I do not have any affiliation with Vertex, nor BRS. This is clearly just a huge pet peave for me.
  • Great cleaner By Scffvariable on 8/12/13

    I am using this on a 40b and a 33l frag tank. Perfect size, powerfull and does a great job of cleaning and not being obtrusive in the tank
  • Very nice cleaner for 75gal. or smaller By A. grandis on 7/22/13

    5 stars if you buy for what you need!!!
    I have one for my 75gal. and I love it!!
    Smooth and works great!!
    Thicker glasses will need the next size (Triplex).
    Hope BRS gets some more in stock soon!!

  • Misleading By Upset on 6/24/13

    Wrote a review already and it never posted. Product should have dimensions in the details. Way too small for a medium tank. Okay for a nano tank. Waste of money. I purchased 2 because my tank is in a for each side and they are just way too small. Buyer beware.
  • Way too small! By Disappointed on 6/20/13

    I was truly disappointed with this product. I have a 90 gal and this magnet was ment for medium sized tanks. This magnet would be big enough for a nano or smaller tank. At 15 dollars a pop the size is way way too small for a medium sized tank. Dimensions on the product information page would have been usefull in compelling me not to buy this product. A shame for me because I purchase most of my stuff from BRS. I have to be more careful now with future purchases. To make maters worse I bought 2 for my in wall tank. Waste of money.

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