Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite Reactor

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  • Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlith Media Reactor View 1
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Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite Reactor

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  • Well made By on 2/26/2016

    Definitely recommend this reactor. It is well made and comes with an adjustable flow rate pump
  • Why pay twice as much for KZ?? By on 12/13/2015

    this thing is awesome! pumps easily, great quality build. Why would anyone pay substantially more for KZ reactor??
  • Looks nice, not to tall fits in my stand easily and I can fit my hand in the chaimber By on 3/26/2014

    Its a nice reactor, I also had the o ring fall off on the bottom right away, It doesn't seem to fit very well, it also does not seem to have much of a purpose either. Small zeolites easily fall through the holes. Not entirely the reactors fault kz likes to cram about 1/3 of the bags full of pebbles. Kinda lame but it is what it is. I might try putting the small stones in a media bag at the top of the reactor on my next change out to avoid them falling through. Its nice for the compact size aquamaxx is thinner and taller, probably couldnt fix my hand in there so i went with vertex. dimensions 19" tall by 5" wide on reactor rod extended height 22"
  • Great Product! By on 2/17/2014

    I bought this reactor to jumpstart a new zeovit tank, and its built very nicely, and works very well. Adjustments can be made easily to pinpoint your flow rate.

    Only reason why I gave it 4 stars is due to the fact that my o-ring on the bottom of part of the reactor came off, and also the holes are too big for the smaller zeolite rocks. Both have easy fixes but for the price I should not have to worry about it from the get go.
  • Top Quality By on 12/5/2013

    I'm extremely impressed with the build quality of this reactor. Just the packaging alone was impressive. I will definitely look into Vertex's other products.
  • Epic Quality By on 3/15/2013

    Very High quality product. You can easily tell that this reactor was very well thought out. The box reminds me of Apple signature packaging style, simple yet beautiful.

    The pump seems to be a little small for the reactor but hopefully it packs a punch.

    I have yet to run the reactor in my tank but I'm hoping for the best!
  • Excellent Zeolite Reactor By on 1/27/2013

    The build quality of the Vertex RX-Z reactor is second to none. It is packaged in a white box that is impressive as the reactor itself. It was extremely easy to assemble. The pump sits snug against the bottom plate, and when turned on it is absolutely silent. I would recommend this to anyone considering using the Zeovit Zeolite system.

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