Libra Doser - DC Motor - Vertex

Vertex Libra Doser - Main Unit (DC Motor)
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  • Vertex Libra Doser - Main Unit (DC Motor)
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Libra Doser - DC Motor - Vertex

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  • This is just the best dosing pump in the market now By on 6/4/2013

    I bought this pump to dosing alk and Ca. Just when you take out of the box can feel than this device is a great good looking product. I recomend you use some plumbers tape around the tube when you attached to the pump, just to make an strong seal, and the device can work well. Definitely I recommend this pump you will be not disappointed!
  • Libra Dosing Pump for dosing Alk and CA in reef Aquairium By on 2/24/2013

    For the serious reefer or someone who is a detailed person:

    I highly recommend this dosing pump as a great automated tool for dosing! You can pretty much even replicate a calcium reactor and ensure that your ALK and CA are constant. YEAH!

    Just make sure you are "in the know" of your Reef Aquariums parameters. Learn how your tank needs to be dosed by testing for a month or two before automating... my suggestion. This way you wont over or under dose. Hanna checkers are awesome! Makes me a happier reefer! Magnesium is the only titrating test I own.

    Helpful hints for a prospective buyer:
    ** A.) If you are installing this pump into dry wall, I recommend the Toggler High performance anchors ( and add a washer so that this will be a solid installation.

    ** B.) When hooking up the tubing, you will use the right channel for the container and the left channel for the connection to the tank / delivery.

    I use the ESV Calcium Buffer due to the number of years this product has been on the market and feel that I can really trust the dosage.

    Currently, I dose my 28 G tank as follows and maybe this will help you.

    I start dosing the ALK at 8pm when the ph is lowest after the lights have turned off and dose calcium at 830am

    So here goes : (atleast for my JBJ 28 G w/ LED Pro hood)

    ESV 1 ALK - Start 8pm / 1.5 ml x 10 = 15 ml over 24 hours

    ESV 2 CA - Start 830am / 0.5ml x 30 ml over 24 hours

    I first test the water (especially after completing a water change) and adjust water parameters by hand, then let this tool do its thing and it saves me for missing doses and also ensures consistency.

    Also, inverst in a Ph Monitor and this will most likely be an easier task to accomplish for the serious hobbyist!

    I am gearing up for a seriously awesome refugium and filling my tank with some more beautiful corals.


    Mike from Massachusetts