Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module

Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module in White
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  • Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module in White
  • Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module in Black
  • Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module
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Aqua Illumination Vega Color LED Module


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AI Vega Color LED Module - White
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AI Vega Color LED Module - Black
SKU: 204356
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  • Good Lighting By Christopher on 10/14/2014

    I've had a Vega for about 3 years now since they first came out and I have no major issues. The light works great and has almost too many channels to customize. The output is fairly decent and I have no problem growing SPS. Not as powerful as a friends Ecotech Radion but gets the job done with tons of color. After the recent price reduction I decided to buy a second to cover more area on my 57gal DeepBlue and the coverage is perfect. No complaints except the life of the cooling fan in the top. My fan died after about 2 years after getting clogged with dust - the light shut down so it didn't overheat and self destruct which was nice. Notified AI and they sent me a new fan free of charge which took 5 mins to install. Great light!
  • My first LED's By friartuck on 6/11/2014

    I had a really hard time trying to figure out what LED array to purchase. I watched the BRS video on how to choose your lighting. It REALLY helped. I wanted Radions but they were just too much. Once I came to terms with that, the decision was easy. AI makes a good product but did you know they have excellent customer support?. I had an issue a couple of days into acclimation, so I called their support number and couldn't believe an actual PERSON answered on the first ring! The rep walked me through the issue patiently and nicely. Their online interface could be just a tad more intuitive. Other than that things have been going well so far. I'll post an update further down the line!
  • Awesome light.....but By Mike on 3/1/2014

    This is really a great light. Very powerful so you need to be careful. My only complaint is that on the AI website they advertise 20 channels of you would figure with 20 leds you would have individual control of each one...not true. It may be capable of 20 channel control but at this point in time you can only control color groups....the same level of control you have with a Hydra.....disappointing...but the quality of the light overshadows this in my opinion. The best feature is the upgrade path provided by AI with the customizable LED pucks your options are endless
  • Second-best thing that I have purchase By Just hanging on 2/1/2014

    So far so good I'm liking it's more and more each day it's being controlled by the Neptune system and that makes it great piece of equipment to have thank you LEDs
  • Read Warranty Carefully! By S&T on 7/25/2013

    I recently got my dream tank, a custom made 215 DSA and spared no expense so I went w 3 AI's 499.99 a piece. After 4 months one unit went out much to my dismay. I was instructed to open up unit and found no water barrier/gasket which allowed for moisture to enter thus causing a short. You would think that something thats going to be over water would have taken this into account. Warranty Does Not Cover this! $60 for a New Mother Board plus installation, versus having to spend another $500. So buyers do your Homework so you wont have any surprises.
  • Unbelievable By Bill K on 7/2/2013

    I bought three of them for my 220 gallon tank.
    The colors are unbelievable.
    First time with LED lights well worth the money.
    Very easy to install and set up.
    Have them hanging down 6 inches fron the top of the tank plenty of light have them on 50%.
  • Great Product By Don on 7/1/2013

    Having 2x 250 Watt MHs for over ten years, replacing bulbs became expensive. I called AI direct (as well as the competition) and AI was excellent. They answered all my questions and sold the product for me. If they care that much up front they care down the road too.

    I was excited to see the difference between LED and MH light in my tank. I'm WAY surprised at how much brighter and "cleaner" the light looks. My hard and soft corals are doing great.

    The install was easy, setup easier, and then there's the cool factor of the weather effects. Lightening, clouds, and being able to turn the tank red/green/blue just to have fun.
  • Strong and customizable By Chris on 6/6/2013

    Produces intense, beautiful light that is easily customized. The lunar cycle and weather simulation are cool value adds, but the fact that you have to buy a $80 controller to really use the light is unfortunate. It is also a pain to mount a single unit; I had to buy a small EXT rail and cut it in half, in addition to the overpriced hanging kit.
  • Worth Every Penny! By Idol on 6/2/2013

    I have been keeping salt water aquariums for almost 40 years. These AI Vega LED color units are AWSOME. When you get you lights and the controller you should plug the controller into your PC and go to the AI site for the update. It will install the latest software and then you can install your lights. When you set up for the wireless you will assign the light units positions. When the lights are all hooked up you will see a message for you to update the software in the units and just follow the directions on the controller screen. These units are plenty strong for light penetration. LOW electric bills will follow :)
  • Outstanding Lights By Mark on 5/28/2013

    I am building out a new 125 gallon tank and purchased 3 of the Vega Colors. So far I am very satisfied with the lights. Very customize-able and very easy to set up and modify to fit your needs. Also very easy to mount with a great deal of flexibility. With the 3 lights I am getting great coverage all across the tank, no shadows even with the tank cross bars. I believe that this lighting solution has the best blend of lights, costs and flexibility of all of the solutions out there. Once they come out with the director, this solution will be flawless and would move up to a 5 star.

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