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Original Grade Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand Up Close
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Original Grade Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand

  • Do not freak out when you first add this sand By Joey on 12/6/2013

    I needed to add more sand into my tank after regular sand maintenance and bought this sand when I saw the good review.

    This sand is roughly 4x finer than caribsea Fiji grade which was the sand I had before. It contains random shells & some pieces of wood (I really do not know how those wood got in them).

    I immediately went to put the sand into my aquarium after I got it, no rinsing what so ever. The tank went crazy, it became a milk tank! There were foamy layers EVERYWHERE.

    I really panicked for a little bit, here is what I did to make the water CRYSTAL clear in 2 and half hours:
    I turned my skimmer to wet skim and put a bucket underneath it, the skimmer will go crazy once you put the sand in, it literally collected 2 gallons of muck in that time frame.
    I then added extra layers of filter socks + filter sheet on both the sump and the over flow, then I turned my vortechs to full speed and left them at that.
    Lastly, I added 2 bags of carbon.

    The sand is beautifully white, I believe it looks much nicer than the Fiji pink sand, I love it after all the milky stuff cleared.

    Last note, I recommend you suck those random pieces of wood out with a turkey baster, otherwise they'll keep on floating around your aquarium and never seem to settle, or get stuck onto your vortechs/overflow.
  • Super Sand By MICHAELO on 9/30/2013

    Great deal and coming in bags of 40lbs was a plus. This stuff looks just like it came off the beach and is clean right out of the bag, BRS packed it like the pros they are and it looks great.
  • Be very careful! By Charles on 7/24/2013

    I am writing this review so others don't have to go through what I have in the last weeks. My tank is over 7 years old and was very stable. Most of the fish in the tank had been there for over 5 years. My sand bed was low from occasional syphoning over the years ( I had a little bit of cyano on and off.) I decided to add 40 lbs of live sand to the tank to replenish the sand bed and increase the biologic filter. A few days after doing so, my tank had an ammonia spike. I have been doing extra water changes, carbon changes and monitoring nitrite and nitrate every day. The nitrates are still at 5 and they had been 0 for years. Nothing else changed. I strongly believe the new "live sand" is not quite as alive as advertised. I believe the existing sand bed with its working biological filter was too covered by new sand to work. Until the new sand cycles, the tank is in danger. I have lost a large lime green wrasse, a sailfin tang, and a mystery wrasse. All were 100% healthy a week ago!
    I don't want anyone else to repeat my mistake so please read this review and be very careful! IF the live sand is not as alive as advertised, then you are adding a lot of dead bacteria to your tank and covering good, colonized sand. This may be a recipe for disaster.
  • Great product By Joe on 7/8/2013

    Great product...been using this product since it came on the market.
    Shipping was super fast and the price was right!
  • Cant go wrong By KRaney on 6/4/2013

    Excellent live sand! The best I have used.

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