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FL Crushed Coral Arag-Alive! LIve Sand
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  • FL Crushed Coral Arag-Alive! LIve Sand
  • Arag-Alive Marine Live Sand - Bahamas Oolite & Fiji Pink

FL Crushed Coral Arag-Alive!
Live Reef Sand

  • Nice Looking Sand By Philip C on 11/28/2014

    Ordered this crushed coral to put over 20lbs Original Grade Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand to make a more attractive bottom in my 20 gal tank. Probably should of only put 10lbs of each in tank as I now have a deep sand bed. A couple of bristle worms showed up a few days afterwards. I took them out only because they don't look good in tank. This is a new tank with damsels that I removed from my 40gal reef tank so that I could put more peaceful fish in it . My original sand had settled down after days of horrible looking water from my new pukani live rock. I removed my rock and layered the coral over the sand and it did not take very long for the water to clear. The white coral makes a good looking bottom.
  • 12 months old By Philip C on 11/17/2014

    Would recommend if fresh sand but the 10lb bag I got had an expiration date of Dec 2013. Supposedly this bag had a shelf life of 12 months. I just wanted it to add a top cover for 20lbs of sand I had put in my tank. Even if the bag was fresher, it probably would not contain live elements because of the bitter cold it arrived on .Was ok for my purposes and makes the bottom layer of my tank nicer to look at .
    It still fell into the 12 month shelf life as it is still shy of Dec 2014. So I would still recommend it to a friend and still recommend BRS products on the whole. Good looking crush coral.

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