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Pan World 30PX

SKU: 202001

  • Great little pump By Brent on 8/16/2014

    I am using this for a saltwater mixing tank I picked up from Den Hertog. It's a little noisy but in a closet so I cannot hear it while it's mixing away. I echo other comments about heat as it does get quite warm to the touch. However, I have not seen this heat transferring to my 20 gallon mixing tank yet.
  • Awesome pump By David on 6/1/2014

    Using two of these for my saltwater mixing station they work perfectly will not use anything else. They are extremely quiet.
  • Excellent little pump By chris on 1/15/2014

    I have this pump on my saltwater mixing station and its job is to move water between my two brute trash can system for mixing and storing water for my tanks as well as pump either type of water about 15' to my tank for water changes. This pump is very quiet and for such a small pump is perfect for this application.
  • Great pump for the price By Charles on 6/4/2011

    This is a great pump, i use it to circulate my 125 gallon rodi water holding tank when im making my saltwater, it does a excellent job for such a small tank.
  • Great little pump, little hot, but silent. By Patrick on 8/3/2010

    I've currently got one of these as the return on my display, it's a great little pump and silent. Unfortunately the only side effect of it being a fanless, and silent pump, is that it gets a little hot to the touch. Not burn your hand, but rather maybe a bit hot to hold for extended periods.

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