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EcoTech Radion 3 Ft LED Lighting Kit Contents
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  • EcoTech Radion 3 Ft LED Lighting Kit Contents
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EcoTech Radion (Gen 2) 3 Ft Tank LED Lighting Kit

SKU: 300260

  • Best purchase so far By Jim on 10/7/13

    I was really up in the air over which light to buy. I knew I wanted LED, but the choices are tough. I was looking at the AI Hydro, Vega, the Apollo, and the Radions. I liked the way the radions looked on tanks I've seen online the best and the abilty to program them to whatever spectrum I want. I currently was using 4 T5HO. On my 75 gal mixed reef. I can not say enough about the radions. Even though the tank is 4 feet long I think 2 lights are perfect. Seems like 3 would be crazy. Once you figure out how to program them via your computer, which took me about 2 days to master, the options are unlimited and the look is perfect. The only negative is you have to connect your computer via USB to program them, although there coming out with a device to make them wireless for $200 retail. The computer does not need to be connected after programming and they remember the program even if they lose power. I did have an issue where one of the 2 lights was not on at the end of the day when they were set for 3%. It just needed calibrating which was simple. All my corals are doing fine and look happy. I am using acclimation mode which although adjustable, the default starts light at 50% of what you program and increases by 2% a day until the normal programming is achieved.. It shows a nice graph of you Dailey program with a blue line that shows you where you are in relationship to your acclimation.. I believe if you change the program it still remember where you are in the acclimation process and applies it to the new program. At the sale price for this light I couldn't pass it up. I did think I wanted uv, but the corals really pop all the same with just the royal blues on. The biggest challenge will be trying to decide what program to use. I personally didn't like the preprogrammed choices so I'm using a custom one. Starting out at 7 k then proceeding through 10 k, 12k, 14, 20k and royal blue for an hour before end of day. Increasing the intensities to peak around 2pm.i think 14k looks the best for all around viewing but I like variety and I think the corals do also. For this light to be maxed out in intensity it has to be in 12k which is all lights on full. Hope this helps in your decision.

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