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  • 5 Stage Chloramines Upgrade Kit Product View

BRS 5 Stage Chloramines Upgrade Kit

SKU: 200146

  • Easy to upgrade By Jschoen on 3/29/14

    This system is as easy as swapping the filters in the canisters. Very easy to use. Removed all the chloramines from our water. Quality USA made product.
  • Chloramine removal By Bob on 10/9/13

    Based on your video on chloramines, I discovered that our water treatment facility was now using chloramine so I added a 5th stage to my RO/DI system. Noticing improved tank conditions already.
  • Good deal By Nish on 10/2/13

    It was a good deal and a great combo, everything was packed well and I got everything I needed in one package.
  • Replace all the filters and get the cholramines out! By Michael on 7/19/13

    I recently bought a 2nd hand BRS 5 stage plus unit from a reefer exiting the hobby on the other side of town. His filters were a bit old and putting out about 2 TDS. I know my district uses cholramines, so I knew I needed to upgrade the unit. Installation was a snap and it replaced all cartridges except for the RO membrane.

    Emailed BRS with a few questions and they replied very fast! Thanks BRS!

    Great kit. Worried me at first I had left over filter media, but BRS explained it's just extra, better to have a bit more than not enough.

    Input: 148 TDS, Output: 0 TDS now.
  • Works Great!!! By Jackie on 7/16/13

    Got this to replace the existing media in my BRS Chloramines RODI filter, Works great as expected.

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